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Welcome to the Celestial Realms: Be Wilder

We’ve been on a wild ride this week with Mercury Retrograde and Uranus opposite Venus and squaring the Nodes, as well as with Comet 46P/Wirtanen in its closest approach to Earth.

Add to that the Venus Crown Chakra Gate Tuesday, where Venus at her brightest in the sky met up with the crescent Moon in a visual feast for all with clear skies.

The Great Queen of Heaven is beginning her journey of releasing the cultural conditioning, the chains of civilization, beginning with her direct connection to Source.

And We–for She is We–are likewise invited to offer up any and all barriers to a full and ecstatic connection with the Beloved Divine, streaming down to us, filling us with the nectar of life, of light, of love, of pleasure and bliss.

And today, the Sun square Neptune as Mars in Pisces approaches conjunction with Neptune as well. All of this preparing us for the Sagittarius New Moon square Neptune Thursday night/Friday morning depending on your time zone.

These energies all have one thing in common: Surrender, Surrender, Surrender. Step into radical trust. Know that in the face of what might look like a big and holy mess, Grace will and is having its way with us and we will come out the other side more filled with love and light and insight than when we entered the maelstrom.

The ecstatic Persian poet Rumi offers this advice which is perfect for us today:

“Sell your Cleverness and Buy Bewilderment.”

I love the word bewildered because as a Neptunian individual myself, I have had ample opportunity to embody the hidden message to allow the bewildering facets of my mind, my life experience, my heart, my relationship with life to open me up and help me to: Be Wilder.

How might your life open up if instead of struggling with what is–all the uncertainties, all the messups and mixups, all the things you believe to be off and wrong and out of order–instead you chose to embrace them as giving you the gift of your wilder self?

The Wild Self who doesn’t have to control everything because she knows that just like any wild creature she has a place in this world and it’s a GOOD thing for life to surprise you?

What if you truly chose this moment to practice the belief that the Universe is actually friendly and much wiser than your limited mind, and everything is unfolding precisely as it should?

What if you made it your game to practice radical gratitude with a special focus on ALL the things that have gone awry over the course of the week? And this might include the areas where your mind has played tricks on you, or you feel you made choices that were not the best for you.

How can you alchemize the broken, sad, neglected and rejected experiences, insights, events into gifts and treasure helping you to move forward into your lives with greater aliveness and joy and a stronger sense of resiliency and inner unshakeable strength?

We didn’t incarnate in this time of such Great Darkness and Great Light, this moment of true magic and wonder and beauty and pain all together to bow our heads and say–life is just hard and I’ll keep struggling along.

No. We came to be continually broken open into more light, more beauty, more truth–to be honed and burnished and polished and ignited into the most potent, awesome and joy-filled soul expression of ourselves that we can be.

So shine my beautiful friends. Take what has been in darkness and bring it into the light. Honor the courage it takes to be the truth of who you are in this world and shine that truth ever brighter.

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