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Many people come to me in times of deep transition and change. You may feel as though your life is falling apart, yet have begun to sense that this breakdown can also be a breakthrough. You seek a deeper level of wisdom and knowledge about what your SOUL is here for. You long to create a life of greater color, purpose, and meaning.

Maybe you have lost your marriage, your job, or both. Maybe you have lost a dear one or you yourself have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Perhaps you are in spiritual crisis, changing on the inside so that your old life no longer fits. You sense that deep change is necessary but don’t know how to take the first step to create a life that matches who you are becoming.

Know this: beneath the grief and overwhelm a soulful or “greater self” is stirring inside of you. This wiser part is always tuned into the Ultimate Source. This self knows that your losses are a doorway to profound transformation and can give you the strength to step over the threshold into the life you have always longed for. It is calling to you, just waiting for you to claim its guidance.

Birth Chart Consultation

Through the wisdom tradition of astrology, I can help you hear and translate the messages from your soul. Your Birth Chart is a map of the sky showing the unique pattern of stars, planets, Sun, and Moon at the moment of your birth. Its pattern reveals your spiritual DNA, the building blocks to help you grow into your greater self and claim your grander story.

When I give a Birth Chart reading, I help you see and hear this wiser self.  A Birth Chart reading provides you with a powerful mirror where you can see this self with clarity. We will review your life from its larger perspective, and explore empowered choices in every area of our life including relationship, career, and location.



Planetary Cycles (Transits) Consultation


If we do not understand the bigger cycles impacting us, we can feel as though we are victims to life.  Knowledge of the mysteries means that we increase our personal power because we know the best strategies in any given moment.  When it is time to slow down and trust the flow of life, we don’t push and waste our energy.  When it is time to put our shoulder to the wheel and move forward in business or relationships we know, and act accordingly.

Our Birth Chart always remains the same, yet from the moment of our birth the planets are changing position.  Throughout our lives they trigger our Birth Chart, activating our “spiritual DNA” with precise timing and specificity, opening opportunities to step more and more into our full potential and contribution.  This planetary activation is called a Transit.  Some feel good, while others can be experienced as challenging—much more so if we don’t have the tools and knowledge to work with them!


Couples Consultation

Are you just beginning a new relationship?  Are you or your partner changing in ways that demand the relationship also shift and grow?  In my couples readings I provide practical, heart-opening tools to empower your most loving, mutually honoring relationship. Each session begins with an overview of each partner’s natal chart, followed by the synastry of combined charts. I help you use all your connections—of ease as well as dynamic tension—as the springboard toward greater wholeness, transformation and liberation within and between each of you.


Baby Consultation

Each child coming into this world is born with unique gifts, knowledge, and potential that flourishes best when parents honor and acknowledge them.  A reading for your new baby can provide guidance in how to best honor your child’s innate wisdom, while gently supporting new areas of growth he or she is here to develop. I consider these readings a great honor and my intention is to bless and hold the mystery of who this young person is in their soul and essence, while suggesting the pattern or blueprint of their soul journey as articulated by the natal chart.


Venus Consultation (For Men and Women)

This reading includes your Birth Chart and Transits but I bring in special insight and guidance focused on the role Venus plays in your chart and your life. This reading requires special preparatory time of at least a week prior to the reading itself. If you have already received a birth chart reading from me, we can schedule this reading for an hour.


Birth Chart Star Consultation

In this special new reading we will explore the major constellations and stars in your Birth Chart, and how they impact your life. Western astrology has forgotten the power and import of the stars and constellations in our birth charts, yet it is time for us to REMEMBER the insight and guidance that can be found within the starry realms–and our specific starry blueprint.


Active Dreaming Consultation

Bring 1-2 dreams that we will explore in this dynamic session, where I will support you in extracting the greatest meaning from this dream, and taking action to bring the energy of this dream–and future dreams–more powerfully into your life. This session will include preparatory work on my end prior to the session, where I receive the written account of your dream and do a “dream re-entry” to support you in deepening your relationship with this dream.

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