To be honest, I think I was a little bit in shock, but in a really good way. SO much of what I have studied on my own in astrology was nothing like what you shared with me. It was as if you were like, hey, let's take off these old glasses for a moment and here, here is a new pair of frames through which to see. For me, it reminded me of the first time I wore glasses, I was like, oh! so that's what the world looks like! It's so clear and colorful!  R.T. 

I have had several astrological readings in my life: Vedic, Archetypal, and Western, all of which have been useful at the time. The Shamanic Astrological work with Tami Brunk, however, has proved to be the most accessible and helpful system for me.

What I find most resonant in Tami’s approach is her deep reverence for the Mother and her connection with the Divine Feminine. At the same time, she is completely balanced and in tune with all aspects of the cosmic forces involved in astrology. Her feedback is clear and easily understood while providing profound insight into personal, collective and cosmological forecasts.
—Dr. Judith Yost, Dean of Students, Wisdom University

If Tami was a movie star, I’d tell you to see her every movie. But, she is a shamanic astrologer, so I’d say “don’t miss a word she says”. I really think she was born that way. Her connection to what is happening out there and how it may influence us is the most natural of phenomena in my experience.

If Tami had only informed me of one major aspect of my chart, it would have been enough. Sometimes when I need a bit of extra support in life, I listen to my session with her and hear things I never heard before. Are the Stars and Planets in such a close relationship with her that they added info to my reading? Or is it possible that she created a space for me to go to and receive the information on a level of my psyche that I am not used to having access?

There is no doubt that choices I have made in my life have been influenced by experiencing Tami Brunk’s Shamanic Astrology. My own work in the field of consciousness has transformed from the knowledge I received in my readings. It became obvious to me that certain qualities in the heavens were either trying to get through to me, or, the opposite; they were so much a part of the way I operated that I couldn’t see or feel them. This was no ordinary ‘reading’. This was being cared for by a higher intelligence which embraced the Earth as well as the Heavens.

I always look to see the way a person ‘walks their talk’ in life and I feel comfortable to say that this woman, goddess, person, not only knows what she is doing, she was born to do it. We are the lucky recipients!
—Reginah WaterSpirit

Tami’s readings have been the most useful, thorough readings I’ve ever experienced. She is insightful, unique, full of spirit and a gifted astrologer. She showed me a whole different way of looking at my chart and my life. I loved the Shamanic Astrology compared to other forms of astrology I’ve encountered in the past. Highly recommended!
—Jen Prosser

Tami’s intuitive and compassionate practice has transformed the way I think of astrology and, indeed, the way I think of myself. Her readings are revelations of the spiritual dimension, helping me to ground myself and to expand more confidently into my true nature. 

—Tracy Barnett

Tami Brunk’s astrology readings supply juicy life affirming snapshots of what each of us are working with. The Shamanic Astrology approach really spoke to my sensibilities, as it was supportive and inspiring. In the past, I have had Ayurvedic and traditional western astrology readings and both interpretations focused on highlighting the negative parts and left me feeling inadequate.

Tami’s interpretations of my chart focused on my strengths and used archetypes to exemplify them. I love the Goddess archetypes used to define my tendencies and they continue to give me a focal point for both my strengths and weaknesses. My partner and I got a synastry reading as well, which is great fodder for us working through our differences and understanding the charges that bring us together.

I would recommend Tami to any person trying to make sense of things that are not easy to articulate, current life trends, and synergies of partnership. I appreciate Tami’s intuitive, loving manner as she presents her work in a way that feels honoring and aware of the complexities of being human.
—Julie Brown

Thank you so much for the amazing reading! This is SO helpful and exactly what I (and we, me and my partner) needed to hear to provide the tools to further our growth and ease transitions in the present and the future. You are such an amazing miraculous super awesome being. Thank you again! 

—TaraStar Barnett

Tami’s inquisitive, positive approach to astrology feels very generous; to her, everything is interesting and full of potential. Her practice of interpreting astrological aspects and elements in terms of the Divine Feminine is unusual in my experience, and offered me a different take on planets and aspects that are typically considered masculine.

This approach also forges a link between modern-day experiences and ancient myths and practices, so that I felt newly connected to the Divine Feminine—even to faces of the Goddess that I hadn’t necessarily felt drawn to before.

Tami’s method encourages one to embrace even the most challenging aspects; I left our consultation feeling that I have the power to meditate on her observations for a long while, using them to my benefit, and as I see fit.
—Becky Holtzman

I had the amazing opportunity to have Tami do a reading for me on my Birthday. I was a bit nervous and skeptical at the same time. I know very little about Astrology. However, her reading was right on track of all the questions I had about my path spiritually, professionally, and family. Her readings validated the current decisions I had made. I came away with clarity, strenght, and most of all faith knowing that the stars were aligned with my spirit. Her gift to me is valuable beyond words. 

—Laura Alonzo de Franklin

Tami gave me a reading during an extremely stressful time in my life. Her reading helped me understand where I came from, what my strengths and goals were. It helped me focus during a rocky time. She also noted that I was not going through any major cycles in my life (astrologically). The pressure I felt regarding my situation eased and I could relax into the experience and move forward in my life. I am extremely grateful for Tami’s work and know she will help many others on their paths. 

—Rasa Lila

I received a powerful transformation from Tami’s Shamanic Astrology Reading. This transformation came from the interpretation of the position of my Cancer Moon. From this reading I was able to make sense of and put two and two together—of why I had a life long struggle of “having” to be a nurturer—giver while at the same time having a stronger urge and need to be a seeker of my own self truth and individuality.

This revelation was so impactful and powerful that I entered into a day long infusion of etheric golden blessings. A new doorway opened for me that day. 

—Gloria Cano

Thanks for the wonderful reading, Tami. You have a great ability to point out important things to know about and pay attention to—in a very grounded, supportive and knowledgeable way. 

—Tree McElhinney

THANK YOU for helping us see that there are reasons we have dilemmas inside us, but that we don’t need to struggle against ourselves. You give us permission to be ourselves, with all our odd and kookball parts. And in doing so, you bring a relaxation into oneself… it isn’t the information you give that is so hepful—it’s the way you tie it all together. It’s like you help people see why they have all these parts to their journey that seem so disparate, but in fact weave together beautifully to create a tapestry of a life’s work… 

—Becky Dahm

I don’t want to be overbearing, but what we did just so appeals to me. I guess mainly because it would be so great if everyone could see all of the different aspects of themselves too. What completely beautiful complex interactions we’d all be having. 

—Becca Bewick

Even after years of self-exploration, your reading provided new insight into who I was as a child, where I am moving away from and what I am growing towards. It was so affirming to see so many recognized aspects of myself explained in an integrated and holistic way. It helps me to understand divergent pieces of myself and integrate them into a whole-being self concept with purpose, meaning and direction. 

—Diane Kuschel

What you’re doing is making a big difference. Big and small, not just in my life but many others. Thank you for your words. You give us strength to do great things. 

—Dana Blanton