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Meet Tami

Tami Brunk, MS, BA is a Wholehearted  Empath and Earth Visionary helping humans grow an intimate and friendly relationship with the Earth and Sky.  She is a fully Certified Shamanic Astrologer and past president of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, and fully certified Active Dreaming Teacher.

Her life passion is to call in and re-awaken the Priestesses and Earth Mages through ceremonial work with Venus and her cycles and by marrying the worlds of Dreaming and Shamanic Astrology.

She was the first, since 2010, to begin leading circles through the entire 19-month Venus Cycle as ceremony guided by the Inanna Descent Myth.

She has conducted in-depth research into the Venus Return Cycle for women, and is co-founder of Venus Alchemy with Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founder Cayelin Castell. Through Venus Alchemy, Tami and Cayelin lead a dynamic global community of women and men through the entire 19-month Venus Cycle as a re-enactment of the Inanna Descent Story.

The inspiration for this course emerged from Daniel Giamario’s research into the Venus Synodic Cycle, which linked the Venus Synodic Cycle and the ancient Sumerian Descent Myth of Inanna.


Tami’s greatest teacher is the living night sky. She has visited Chaco Canyon, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza among other sacred landscapes. The site where she received her most illuminating insights during her training as a Shamanic Astrologer was in a small canyon in the Ojito Wilderness, surrounded by hoodoo rock formations, and the beautiful silence.


Tami was born into a family of 9 children and was fascinated from an early age by the diversity of personalities within her household. As a Neptune empath with a Gemini Moon mastery of duality, she could connect to and appreciate the often contrasted and conflicting values and needs of her parents and siblings, seeing the truth in each individual’s preferences.

Astrology for Earth Renewal

Tami has always felt a deep kinship with the natural world, learning the names and uses of native plants in the land surrounding her parents small Missouri farm. She would lie out under the stars every August, watching the Perseid meteor showers. This awoke within her a fascination for celestial cycles, linking her love for the land with an appreciation for the vast yet intimate sky, and the cycles of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

She has worked as a naturalist, environmental writer, field biologist, Earth Guardian and permaculture designer across the U.S. and the globe and co-founded the Marda Permaculture Farm in Palestine, as well as Querencia Green, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She loves to approach life as a grand adventure, and to stretch her limits. In her twenties she fell in love with the West, backpacking the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the flanks of Mount Rainier, Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness, Hell’s Canyon, and Denali National Park. She has explored the landscapes and rich cultural traditions of the Peruvian Andes and Maya land in the Yucatan as well as the sacred landscape of Israel and Palestine.

She has always sought a healing interface between the natural world and modern human culture. She sees equal importance in liberating the wild and magical impulse within each human being and protecting the wild landscapes that so nourish her own spirit. She believes each human possesses an indigenous soul—the capacity to tune into Earth consciousness and align their life in service to the whole. It is toward awakening this consciousness that she dedicates her life.

Shamanic Astrologer &

Active Dreaming Teacher

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