Birth Chart Interpretation for Beginners

Informed by the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm

Five Week Intensive

October 7 to November 11

Thursdays 7:00 to 8:30 pm CDT



Are you madly in love with astrology?  Would you like to learn to read birth charts using a simple, clear, intuitive and highly effective system?  Do you feel more alive and filled with magic when you spend time under the living sky? I am so excited to finally be sharing the elegant, simple, intuitive and soulful system of chart interpretation derived from the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm as well as my 12 years as a practicing professional astrologer. 

You will learn the basic building blocks of astrology including the architecture of the birth chart, the twelve astrological signs/archetypes, inner and outer planets, houses, personal angles nodes and essential asteroids, modalities, elements and aspects.  You will learn to decipher the symbolic language of the natal chart, seeing the "sky in the chart."

I will also introduce you to a myriad of resources, tools, and specialists who can help you take this knowledge to the next level.  All of my Earth Sky Woman Academy Courses are facilitated in a ceremonial container where we create a dreaming field to engage the mysteries behind the form of the celestial bodies. 

Each weekly 90-minute class will include tutorials, handouts, Q and A and breakout sessions where you will apply what you have learned in reading the chart of your classmates.  It will also feature home play over the course of the week to get the most out of the class. 

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Hygieia Intensive:The Planet and the Goddess

The Minor Planet/Asteroid and possible Dwarf planet 10 Hygiea is a mysterious, little discussed asteroid, considering her "weightiness" as the fourth largest asteroid by volume and mass after Ceres.  

As a Goddess, Hygiea had cults dedicated to her in 450 BC Athens during the times of the plague.  She is a very relevant and powerful guide for us in our time and knowing how to work with her in our own charts as well as those of clients is life-changing, as I know very well from personal experience.

I refer to her as White Snake Woman after having a very powerful and transformational encounter with her in 2018 as part of my own healing initiation.  She's been coming through strongly for the past 4 years after I facilitated three intensive dream research groups to work with her in the sky and in our charts. 

When Venus appears as evening star in her Capricorn Cycle around December 3, 2022 she will be accompanied by Hygiea in the early degrees of Sagittarius.  It's vital we now learn about her and tap into her healing medicine to transmute the toxic layers of our overculture. 

This course will include 3 live classes and 2 live dreaming circles.  All of my Earth Sky Woman intensives are dream laboratories where we collectively enter a dreaming field to explore the emergent archetypal layers of the planetary bodies and activities.   This is a three week intensive preparing you to work with Hygiea in your own chart, in the sky, and with clients. 

Stand Alone Course: $333

Course with personal 90-minute  Hygieia Reading including life review: $550 


Venus Life Review Group Work