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Morning Star: Eight Month Venus Leadership Training Course

An Earth Sky Woman Academy Program

Doors Close at 12 Participants – this is an intensive small group, high touch offering for leaders who already have a dedicated community.  

Is This Course For You? 

Are you a healer, coach, therapist or astrologer? Do you serve women and help them reconnect to feminine wisdom – for example astrology and ceremonial timings, divination, oracular insight, priestess arts, sacred sexuality, womb healing, plant medicine, ancestral healing, blood mysteries, or dreamwork? 

Have you heard of the Venus Cycle and its connection to Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess whose Descent and Rebirth Initiation path has informed the feminine mysteries for thousands of years?

If so, this new leadership training program might be for you. For the first time I am offering this in-depth training designed for female leaders who wish for a container to deepen their own ceremonial practice while gaining the tools to guide women through the Venus mysteries themselves. This course is designed to support you in guiding your women through the Venus Cycle and offering Venus Readings.​

I am co-founder of Venus Alchemy with Cayelin Castell.  I have devoted the past 13 years of my life to helping women decipher the wisdom of the planet Venus in their lives and in the larger societal reality. In my own work and through this organization I have initiated thousands of women across the globe into the Venus Mysteries. 

My work has been transmitted through hundreds of personal Venus Readings and on podcast and YouTube interviews with leading experts in astrology and women’s wisdom.

I have also offered live retreats from the heart of the Midwest to the Costa Rican rainforests. Now I am making myself available to train the next cohort of guides in the work of making Venus more accessible to the next generation of female entrepreneurial leaders.

Eight Ceremonial Intensives

Sundays 10 am to 3 pm Central 

Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, March 3, March 30 (Saturday)


18 Group Calls/Initiations   

Fridays 3:00 to 4:30 Central

August 18 * Sept 1, 15, 29 * Oct 13, 27 * Nov 10, 24 * Dec 8, 22 * Jan 12, 26 * Feb 9, 23 * March 8, 22 * April 5, 19 

What You Will Receive:

  • Working knowledge of the Venus Cycle with competency to deliver Venus Readings, guide women through the Venus Cycle as an Initiatory Pathway, and to support women through their personal Venus return cycles.  

  • Competency in 8 Active Dreaming Techniques and participation in an Active Dreaming Community

  • A Venus Morning Star Manual to support you in guiding women through the Morning Star Phase of the Venus Cycle as an initiatory pathway with tips on other four phases

  • Special Teaching on how Venus shows up in the charts of men and nonbinary charts

  • Special Teaching on the Mars Cycle and the current Mars Venus Saga

  • Video overview of Venus Cycle as it relates to the Inanna Descent Story with detailed PowerPoint

  • Interviews with Guest speakers to deepen knowledge of the Venus Mysteries, Morning Star Journey, Inanna Descent Myth, and themes of each Chakra Gate:

  • One on One Personal Venus Mentoring Sessions

  • 9 Sunday Monthly Ceremonial Initiations. Each Session will include:

    • Venus Moon Gate Chakra Theme for the Month​

    •  Core Competency to work with the Venus Cycle

    • Core Competency to Cultivate an Active Dreaming Practice

    • Living Sky Astrology Transmission and Teaching

    • Guest Teachers

    • Embodiment Practice to Anchor Venus Mysteries

  • 9 Bi-weekly Group Calls For Deeper Study of the "Venus Signature" – how Venus shows up in the individual chart and for the collective. These calls will weave practices and insights where you can reflect on Venus's role in your own chart and Venus Returns as well the broader implications of the Venus Cycle for the collective.

  • 9 Bi-weekly Group Calls to cultivate a Sky Dreaming Community weaving astrology with Active Dreaming

  • Private Community Forum

Why I am Teaching This Venus Morning Star Course Now

I've been asked many times over the past few years when I would begin actually sharing the Venus work in a comprehensive way.  As many of you already know, I've been devoted to the planet Venus and deciphering her mysteries for the past 13 years.

The original Inanna Descent Story/Venus Cycle connection and in depth training in the Venus and Mars Synodic Cycles--the basis for this Venus work--first came through Daniel Giamario, who sourced the material for the Shamanic Astrology/TOTAMS paradigm. I will always be immensely grateful to Daniel for this pivotal work, and to Cayelin for her added insights and experience over many years working with the Venus cycle prior to Venus Alchemy.

I was the first to guide live groups through the entire 1.6 year Venus Cycle via the Inanna Descent Story as a ceremonial initiation after being introduced to this material while in training within the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (now TOTAMS) developed by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.


I then conducted extensive research into the Venus Return through intensive interviews with a cohort of several dozen clients, research I've continued in the years to follow through hundreds of individual Venus Readings and study of the lives of clients and public figures.


I have transmitted the Venus mysteries to thousands of women and men across the globe through intensive online trainings, podcasts and interviews, personal Venus Readings, live Venus retreats and trainings from across the continent.

In 2014 Cayelin Castell and I founded Venus Alchemy.  Through this container for five Venus Cycles over eight years we guided circles of close to 100 women and men through each Venus Cycle – each guided by a specific Meta-Goddess or Feminine Archetype as an online initiatory journey guided by the Inanna Descent Story.  


We also developed the Venus Signature Series – an extensive, in-depth curriculum exploring Venus's role within the individual birth chart as well as the significance of the four phases of Venus's cycle and the “inner phases” including her Moon Chakra Gates and retrograde cycle.   


In 2021, I felt called to draw back from this work for a time as I dropped deeper into my own life passages catalyzed by a health crisis and two major surgeries in one year, the death of my brother and an initiatory relationship requiring soul mending, as well as onset of perimenopause and my Chiron Return.  


While still and always an original co-founder of Venus Alchemy and the beautiful community we cultivated together, I knew a time would come for me to teach these mysteries through my own transmissions and style.  This would include integrating dreaming and visionary practices so participants could engage in receiving direct transmissions from the Earth, Venus, the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars through our process together. 


That time is now.  I've received enough promptings from Venus herself, my extended community, and my own dreams and transmissions that I know it in my bones. This is the moment for me to share from my own body of experience, and most importantly, to create a well-held container within which a small and intimate group will journey through the Morning Star Venus Cycle. 

Together we will build a community guided by Venus in an embodied, grounded and cosmically guided way, creating a source of healing and growth for ourselves, for our families, and for the planet. 

Morning Star Offering Through Sisters North and South

Over the ages and throughout many cultures, Morning Star Venus has had associations with making a sacred offering.


For this purpose, a vital practice that we will integrate into our time together is to make land offerings on the territory we inhabit. 

Also, I will be offering 10 percent of proceeds to Venus Alchemy as it informs this work, and 10% through my program Sisters North and South to indigenous led organizations including the Esperanza Project.

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