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Vision Carrier Immersion

Image Credit Olivia Marie Oso

Five Week Immersion

November 4 -Dec 2

5 Live Classes Thursdays 7-8:30 pm Central EXCEPT Tuesday Nov 23 Thanksgiving week

3 Dream Circles Friday Nov 5, 12, and 19

Classes and Dream Circles Meeting Time:

7:00-8:30 pm Central

This five-week immersion is the second offering of my Earth Sky Woman School curriculum. It will be an incubator to explore, map out and initiate Your Great Vision for 2022 and beyond--with all the support of the astrological and dreaming fields!

Because now is our time to shine from our soul essence and gather all the steam and strength and joy and collaborative support to make our dreams real. 


And while moving toward our dreams can bring up all our fears and triggers and initiate great healing,, when we move toward our Soul Vision life actually becomes LIGHTER, not heavier.  Suddenly we have energy we didn't have before, and we are empowered by forces larger than ourselves.


Your team of support--in the seen and unseen realms--is waiting for you to claim your soul-led vision so they can uplift and empower you beyond your wildest imaginings. 

The astrology is perfect for this process.  We begin in the window of Samhain and the Scorpio New Moon, with support from our well ancestors and our deep desire. in an Eclipse Window where we can jump timelines and activate in this dimension and many others.


Mars is preparing to be born as Morning Star in Scorpio as Warrior and Initiator.  Venus begins near Galactic Center in Capricorn close to the Earth and at her brightest, grounding visions that serve the Earth and future generations.

The North Node is with the Pleiades. providing us with beneficient support from the Star Nations. 

The South Node in Sagittarius gives us access to the most nourishing wisdom and vision from the wisdom cultures of our past.  And Jupiter is completing its year in Aquarius, activating our inner Vision Carrier to serve the New Earth Dream. 

Course Includes:

  • Five Live Circles with the following themes:

    • Nov 5 Scorpio New Moon--Claim Your Desire

    • Nov 11 Moon with Jupiter in Aquarius--Elevate your Vision

    • Nov 18 Lunar Eclipse with the Pleiades--Gather Your Council

    • Nov 23: Mars Rises as Morning Star--Map Your Journey and Take Action

    • Dec 2: Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius--Amplify and Magnetize your Vision

    • Small group Master Mind style support

    • Group Active Dreaming Tools including Vision Transfer and Vision Re-entry

    • Option to choose a check-in partner

    • Three Live Dreaming Circles

OPTION FOR 1 or 2 One on One sessions for me for added intuitive, astrological, dream support.

Suggested Guidelines for Happiest Outcomes

  1. Have daily practice to keep you grounded when your stuff comes up OR integrate my suggested practices that appeal to you (for example meditation, journaling, tapping, self directed EMDR, chanting, breath practices, tree sitting, etc.--I will share in handouts.)

  2. Daily embodiment practice--can be walking, yoga, somatic, dance, Qoya, Essentrics, etc. I will provide my suggested resources

  3. Commit to self-love and self-bonding through this process, building into its design and implementation priority for your own emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and financial balance and wellbeing

  4. Be able to join at least 3, ideally all live classes.  Dream Circle is optional but highly encouraged. 

  5. Be willing to PLAY! Explore, take risks, take action and be willing to let this process actually be fun.

My facitation style: I will have a clear outline for each class that I will send out prior.  Because we will be using many nonlinear tools--intuitive astrology readings, embodiment practices, guided meditations and guiding stories as well as prompts and large and small group sharing, I like a very clear strong outline to hold the process. 

Also we will start right on time.  If you are challenged with time--I am!--set your alarm for 30 minutes before class to be sure you're ready when we start. 

Limited Number of Scholarships available

20% of proceeds of this course will go toward development of Sisters North and South, my offering to empower indigenous female leaders across Turtle Island. 

Three Options For Participation

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Full Course WITHOUT

1:1 Sessions






Full Course Plus

ONE 1 Hour Astrology Session






Full Course Plus TWO 1-Hour

1:1 Astrology Sessions