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Pay what you wish.
Suggested Donation $25-$80
50 percent of proceeds go to Sol y Luna

Venus Earth Star Eclipse Ceremony with special Guest Dr. Laura Luna

Sunday, March 31, 3:00-5:30 pm PDT


This ceremonial event we will gather to plant the seeds for the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse to restore the Spiritual Blueprint for the U.S., for the Americas, and for our beloved Mother Earth. What I have been seeing in my visions is literally that it is time for us to “plant our feet” or “put our feet down” in such a way that we deeply and lovingly root into a peaceful, creative, beautiful future for all our lands and peoples.  This vision is confirmed by the astonishing reality that the Moon and Venus meet up in the Morning Sky activating the Earth Star Chakra Gate located beneath our feet the day before the Eclipse!

Restoring the Spiritual Blueprint for the U.S. from 2017 to 2024 Eclipses

If you have been following my work you will know that the August 2017 and April 2024 Total Solar Eclipses have been a focus of my Earth Sky Woman Podcast, the inspiration for a Restore the Spiritual Blueprint Webinar I did back in 2017 (REPLAY HERE) and for the Restoring Sacred Culture Across the Americas Convergence I convened in the summer of 2022 REPLAY HERE. Most recently I convened a special program with my dear friend Jeffery Grundtner to feature his epic 3-month journey across the Eclipse Line in the U.S. planting prayers. REPLAY HERE.


We will begin with an opening prayer by my wonderful friend and mentor Dr. Laura Luna, whose Luna y Sol project is empowering landback for indigenous women and communities.  She will share about her project and how we can get involved.  We will also share a bit about the Earth Gridding work she has been facilitating to support a Land Back project in California, a project I was deeply honored to participate in recently.  


The remaining two hours of our time together I will share deeper insight about the April 8 Eclipse and the little known Venus Earth Star Gate that will be activated on April 7.  This Eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity for each of us to fully receive gifts of healing, spiritual insight, and loving support to guide us through the year to come. 


In our time together you will receive tools, insight, and practices you can take back to the lands where you live or will travel for the eclipse--whether you are in totality or not, wherever you live, our prayers and intentions together are amplified at this Total Solar Eclipse!  We will end with community sharing where all are given prompts to share with each other more about the lands where they live, their visions for the future, and how they can make an offering for the April 8 Eclipse.


Sisters North and South Vision Carriers Twelve Part Ceremonial Series Kickoff!


This event will be the first of monthly ceremonies to take place near the Full Moon, each featuring a Sisters North and South Vision Carrier offering her wisdom, her vision, and her medicine for our circles.  Twenty two percent of all ceremonial proceeds will go to the featured speaker and her project. 


All Ceremonies will include the following:

Offering of Prayer, or Blessing, or Teaching from a Sisters North and South Vision Carrier.  These are indigenous female leaders who have a big vision they are bringing alive.  I will donate 22 percent of all proceeds of the ceremonies to these projects and also offer opportunities for participants to “adopt” this project for a year in ways that can be supportive. 


The majority of our time together will be spent in a ceremonial container offering you support in navigating and making the most magic from the astrological events of the month to come, in community, while always also offering community sharing opportunities.

I will also be offering a limited number of special readings for those who would like 1:1 support for the month.  Learn more and enroll in this stand alone event OR for the full series below.

BIO FOR Dr. Laura Luna


Dr. Laura L. Luna (Dr. Ana) is an Indigenous Wellness Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (2014), an M.A. in Psychology (2007), & a B.A . in Psychology with a minor in Spanish (2004). She is a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 500 HR), Holy Fire Karuna ®Reiki Master Teacher (2012). She is an initiate into the Munay-Ki Shamanic Healing Arts & trained in Ayurvedic Counseling. She is also an IHS SACRED Practitioner, an energy management technique to promote wellness.


She is currently the Founder & President of Luna y Sol Sanctuary (501c3)a nonprofit designed to provide holistic healing services to underserved communities. She was born in Banning, CA and raised in San Bernardino, CA. Her parents were born

in Barstow, Ca & Aguililla, Michoacán, Mexico. Her grandparents are from Jalisco, Zacatecas, & Michoacán, Mexico. She is Xicana & reclaiming her Indigenous heritage as Chichimeca/Purépecha, original peoples of the Americas. Dr. Luna currently resides

between California & Nevada. 


She is a social justice activist currently working on land back movements alongside Indigenous tribal communities that are returning to their role as original stewards of the land. She is also inspired by Indigenous lead food sovereignty projects that promote sustainability and regenerative practices for the people, water & the land. She is a published author in topics of wellness, education & mental health (journal articles, book chapters & a book is on the way).


Her favorite things to do are be outside in nature with her husky dog, observe and gather plants for medicinal use; she loves food, music, and sitting around the sacred fire for connection, community & personal growth.


“When we Heal Ourselves, We Heal the World!” “In Lak’ech hala ken”


For more information or consultation please visit Dr. Luna on the web: &

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