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Leo Venus Cazimi Beyond the Lion’s Gate: Let Her Roar!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We have begun to feel the accelerated intensity of our awakening with Sirius’ heliacal rise from mid July to late August in the northern hemisphere. Our initiation deepened with the Leo New Moon with the Beehive Cluster and the Lion’s Gate activation of 8.8.

All of this has been occurring in alignment with the Capricorn Confluence of South Node Saturn and Pluto. SO, if you have felt paralyzed, overwhelmed, powerless, and silenced in this past month know that this is because you have needed to feel with great intensity the experience of subjugation, oppression, power over and servitude experienced by your ancestors.

This is precisely so that you can now choose, with great vehemence and determination, to break the chains of inter-generational trauma, poverty and subjugation to spiritual heirarchies passed along to you.

A big part of the problem in our world today is that those who have healing medicine, the new visions, the ancient truth emerging from the depths and current for our time, are far too often addicted to false meekness and humility where we should stand strong.

We have humbled and prostrated ourselves to other humans in our concern for how they see us. We have forgotten what we are truly to BOW to… which is the Divine Presence alive and awake in this Garden of Earthly delights we call Home–and the deepest bow to the place where she lives, awake and alive, within each of us.

It’s time to call her forth. The Feminine Divine, She who animates Earth and Sky with her Shakti life force. She who is the indwelling Spirit in Matter… she is in the Heart of Great Mystery now. As are we all.

She–and We–are invited to ROAR from the depths of our darkness, to discover the key to the riddle that what we thought we had lost we have found.

Where we believed ourselves to be in the deepest darkness we are in fact simply blinded by the light of such fierce truth penetrating us to our core, blowing up the lies, the deceit the self flagellation that has kept us buried, burned, hidden, yet now revealed.

We are to SPEAK with the authority of our own hidden, deepest truths now. After a long period feeling powerless, paralyzed and mute, I found the words to speak yesterday before I had the realization of this Lion’s Mouth Activation.

May these words that rose up in me ring as true for you as they did for me:

The whole Universe is waiting for you. Will you offer yourself? Will you claim and make use of the gifts you’ve been given? Don’t allow the many voices of doubt to diminish your light. You are exactly the medicine needed, right here, right now.

Don’t hold your breath, don’t hold your tongue, don’t hide from life. Don’t wait any longer. We are all waiting for you. The words you speak, the love you offer, the perspective only you can give–someone, many, are waiting for exactly this.

–Tami Brunk


IF you would like to experience a ceremonial initiation facilitated by myself and Cayelin K Castell, co-founders of Venus Alchemy to empower your voice and gain deeper access to the Feminine Voice within, sign up for tonight’s free webinar HERE.

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