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Oracle of the Libra Goddess Speaking Now

Throughout 2019 we have been feeling the ongoing square of Jupiter to Neptune. Jupiter expands what it touches so among other things the widespread flooding across the U.S. can be credited as a physical manifestation of this transit.

From the perspective of psyche and spirit, Neptune is the planet opening us to a deeper source of intuitive knowing, empathy and compassion as well as night and day dreams and visions.

Neptune “Neptunizes” Jupiter in Sagittarius also, so we are literally flooded this year with ancient and new sources of spiritual knowledge, coming at us in the form of endless online courses and seminars.

Occurring at the same time as the Age Change Trio–South Node Saturn Pluto Convergence in Capricorn, it’s as if we have access to the Greater Dream of Humanity, opening into portals of past present parallel future lives and human relationships all at the same time.

Relationship dynamics that feel bigger than this life and have a sense of deep entanglement and challenge are widespread. Sometimes space is required, and deeper self inquiry.

Through the entire Jupiter Neptune transit, Venus has made two very significant hits to the pair, aligning with Jupiter on January 20, a day before the Leo Total Lunar Eclipse and within the window of the Jupiter Neptune Square. On April 10, just before Jupiter stationed retrograde, Venus joined Neptune, activating the square.

This past Sunday-Monday morning (June 23-24) Venus in Gemini formed a T-Square to Jupiter and Neptune. This square remains active within 10 degrees through this weekend. The Goddess herself is ready to speak to each of us, if we’ll listen, of the deeper insight she has been gaining in her current Libra Cycle.

What new and startling visionary insight does she have for you now? Have you been hearing her voice? Do you know how to listen and speak in the language of symbols and the dreaming worlds? Now is the time to open to that practice.

Two nights ago, just as Neptune had stationed retrograde, I dreamed of a small bird up on a fence, which I believed to be a sparrow. On looking closer, it appeared a small burrowing owl, and then it opened up into a Great Horned Owl. It raised its wings and spoke in its owl tongue. When I woke, my forehead was throbbing and I was finally able to re-enter and resolve a powerful dream I’d had near the time of the Venus Jupiter conjunction in April.

What is she saying to you in your dreams? In your meditations? Where is your awareness opening to the world behind this one? How is the female oracle awakening in you? Check through your Dream Journals and see what you were dreaming near the dates of January 20 and April 10. Ask for Guidance from the Goddess in your dreaming tonight.

And when you hear Her, speak for her. It is time to speak. Whether this means sharing your dreams in circle of with close friends, opening into a higher vision for your life that has been calling you, it is time now for sharing your voice.

According to energy healer Cyndi Dale, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the power center for those claiming masculine gender, while those of female gender find their power center in the throat. That is why so often we experience great fear as we begin to speak of those things that hold greatest value for us.

Know that when you speak there are many of us who gain a great deal through the listening. Speak in the voice of the Goddess that only you are able to access. What are your deepest dreams and visions now?

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