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Moon of Great Bounty--Taurus Lunar Eclipse of the Century November 19, 2021

Tomorrow, Friday, November 19 features the longest partial Lunar Eclipse in 580 years and the longest of this century at six hours total with the visible eclipse lasting 3 hours, 28 minutes. At 97.4 percent, it is as good as a Total Lunar eclipse in effect and visuals.

Technically the Eclpse begins at about 12:02 am central Friday morning and ends at 6:02 am. The peak of the eclipse is at 3:02 am Central. The visible covering and uncovering of the Moon can be seen from 1:18 to 4:47 am.

I see this Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus as THE big event of 2021 because of its extraordinary length of duration as well as its activation of the Pleiades, Algol and the North Node. A Lunar Eclipse helps us leap timelines and accelerate our deepest desires and intentions as the Moon accomplishes in a few hours--all the phases from Full to New and back to Full--what would normally take nearly 30 days. Moon of Star Magic

The North Node supports positive forward momentum and the Pleiades are known to many indigenous people's as their original home star system. The Pleiadians have been the source of some of the most illunimating channeled spiritual insight over the past century and are seen as strong guardians and advocates for humanity's evolution of consciousness and the wellbeing of planet Earth. Yet this Lunar Eclipse is not only a Moon of light and sweetness... any Lunar Eclipse by its nature will bring up light AND shadow as can be seen as we observe the reveal and illumination dance of the Earth's shadow upon the Moon's face. This Eclipse also activates Algol, a fixed star of ill repute in ancient Europe, often called the "demon star" because of its location in the third eye of the head of Medusa as well as its strange twinkling pattern as an eclipsed binary star which, about every 68 hours blinks on and off for eight hours. I personally love this star and believe it points to the reality that we must become opened to the tenderness, the poignancy, the loss and pain of life if we are to become vessels as well for joy, delight, and pleasure. So in this eclipse we find both medicines--much as the great Dream Healer Aesclepeus used the blood from Medusa's head to both heal and to take life. It also just so happens that we have the Leonid Meteor Showers occuring at the same time as this eclipse--so this triples the Star Magic! I speak much more in depth about Algol and Star Magic in my Earth Sky Woman Podcast here.

The three-day period surrounding the eclipse is a time of high magic and alchemy where the more space we can create for our dreams, visions, and practices of stillness and deep listening, the better. Thursday evening and Friday morning especialy we benefit greatly when we take time and create the sacred context to hear our higher guidance. Moon of Great Bounty

I have seen this as the Eclipse of Great Bounty and Sensual Delight as it lasts so long in the sign of Taurus. In this Samhain season in the north where the wheel turns from fall to winter, the Full Moon in late Taurus reminds us of the abundance and sensual season of Beltane, moving from Spring to Summer. Take time to savor the pleasure of life in this eclipse window and let your turning inward be toward gratitude and recieving of the pleasures of being fully alive. I was inspired to see it that way as I surveyed the earthly delights I have been able to buy and savor at my local Feria (Farmers Market) Verduderia (Local Vegetable Store) just within a miles walk from where I am staying now--vegetables and fruits all grown locally and homemade tortillas, cheese, and yogurt! Enjoy this Beltane feeling delicious medicine sent to you from afar in the visual medicine realms!

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