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Week of May 17 to 22

Scorpio Full Moon

We are still resonating with yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio, which has been so gorgeous and bright for the past two nights. Venus is currently in a Scorpio cycle, and the Full Moon energy is still permeating our world, so we are really feeling the Scorpio dynamic. These past couple of days many of us have been feeling acutely aware of the overwhelming destruction and death occurring across the globe.

I’ve recently been jolted into realizing the horrifying extent to which the living creatures in our oceans are dying due to toxic agricultural runoff, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and across the globe as well as dispersants that have obliterated many forms of ocean life. Now the ocean surrounding Japan are contaminated with nuclear radiation, which is expected to continue leaking from the plants for up to 6 more months.

I’ve experienced such a strange mix of emotions and impulses over the past week. I’ve felt so strongly the Aries desire to charge forward and affect change in my community. Yet part of what happens when we take action to influence the world as it is, we bump into the resistant, dense patterns of inertia that have held things in place as they are–functional or not.

So these last days I have been feeling the bruises of this “bumping up against what is,” as well as a flood of grief and sadness over the immense devastation of the waters, soil, air, creatures, and wellbeing of human communities. Sometimes I feel very small and ineffectual when I consider the scale of things, and when I meet initial resistance to change.

What Scorpio can teach us is the value of surrender. It is important for our sanity and wellbeing to recognize that there are so many things we have absolutely no control over. Once we realize this, we can access the wise Aries/Scorpio synthesis which says-okay, but this is what I CAN do.

I can’t just apply my will and ambition to instantly remake the world as I’d like it to be. But I can practice living more from my heart, seeing every day as precious, always moving closer to my goals and appreciating that even if I fail this time, or miss the mark in some way, I am better for having tried, I have learned something new, and I am closer to my heart’s desire than if I had not taken the risk.

Of course there is also the spiritual dimension of change which Neptune and Chiron in Pisces can invoke within us. In situations and circumstances over which we have no direct control, we can choose to send light, love and healing.

Spotlight on Relationships

The balance is now tipping from Aries to Taurus now that Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are in the sign. So even as Jupiter and Uranus remain in Aries, driving us forward toward our independent mission and goals; we are feeling the desire to slow down and connect personally and with sweetness with others.

Also, from the first of May to June 12, Venus and Mars are within 10 degrees of one another. Early this coming Monday, May 23, they are conjunct.

Within Shamanic Astrology there is the understanding that Venus and Mars go through distinct cycles in relation to each other-and that these cycles reflect relationship dynamics. The current Venus Mars dance began January of 2010 and ends June 12. It can be described as the Great Saga, the cycle where the two planets spend the most time visible near one another in the night and morning sky.

This cycle, compounded by Saturn in Libra (Saturn moved into Libra just 2 months before the Venus/Mars cycle began) has been a time of “making or breaking” many relationships. As my teacher Daniel Giamario puts it, relationships operating from the old paradigms of codependency, or rigid gender roles, etc., are not passing the test. And of course, there is also the simple fact of growth and change–sometimes we outgrow relationships that were for a time very healthy for us.

Despite the many breakdowns in relationships there have also been many breakthroughs. As we have been consciously choosing to activate and live from their greatest authenticity and aligning from that place, we have developed closer, more intimate relationships with our partners and other loved ones. We have also attracted new partners and friends who are fully resonant with our life purpose and mission.

This next month it is beneficial to consider what we are truly wanting to create in partnership, and how we can best support our loved ones on their own paths.

But the dance of Venus and Mars is not only an external affair. This is also a beneficial time for each of us to meditate upon the balance of masculine and feminine within our being, and to consecrate the sacred marriage–a full embrace of the masculine and feminine within.

And at the collective/inner level we are challenged to empower the universal masculine and feminine (beyond gender) dynamics within and without. The feminine aspect (beyond gender) is deeply immersed in the Earth experience, receptive, and skillful in the sensory and emotional realms. The masculine dimension is more expansive, detached, and focused on the big picture.

We are in the death throes of a masculine-oriented culture and our only hope for continued human thriving on Earth demands a re-integration of the feminine. We must activate our masculine capacity in service to a re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine. In other words we must use our intellect, our brilliance, our technology, innovative thinking and visioning to benefit the wellbeing of the Earth and future generations.

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