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Week of June 5 to 11

Medicine from the Sacred Wound

Sunday Mercury squared Chiron, and today (Wednesday) Chiron turns retrograde. With Neptune still moving slowly after turning retrograde last week and Venus squaring Neptune on Friday, we are experiencing a synthesis of these two planet’s energies in the sign of Pisces, a reminder of the ongoing Neptune/Chiron conjunction, with exact hits in May of 2008 through 2010.

Many of us are feeling acutely aware of broken dreams and a shattering of our idealistic visions for the future of humanity and the Earth. When we have access to strong Neptune or Pisces energy we are tuned into the spiritual dimension of things, and the underlying current of love and connection that binds all things together. We expect to see this version of reality mirrored for us on Earth and when instead Chiron shows us the Sacred Wound at the heart of the human experience–separation, pain, struggle, conflict–it can break our hearts.

Both Chiron and Neptune are best approached through the avenue of surrender, rather than struggle. By this, I mean that instead of using up our energy trying to make everything “alright,” we do well to accept life on its own terms. And I believe that when we engage Chiron and Neptune from this place of surrender; we can begin to allow every experience–of pain as well as of beauty–to break our hearts open, making us more present, more awake, and living more from the moment and from the radiance of our hearts. The Lovers Still Connected

This week Venus and Mars complete their intimate dance in the morning sky. On Sunday they will have moved to 10 degrees apart and over the coming months they will continue to distance from each other. Take time over these days to focus your attention on the most significant relationships within your life, honoring them, strengthening them, celebrating the growth and nourishment that they provide for you.

Thursday, Venus passes the Pleiades and enters the sign of Gemini. Mercury has already passed this point and Mars will soon pass through as well. The Pleiades represents a threshold into an area of the sky known as the Sacred Hoop to the Lakota, and as a place of birthing to many cultures through time. It is also Galactic Edge–the place in the sky where the ecliptic and our Galaxy intersect, forming a Great Cross. The center of the hoop–0 Cancer–is where the Sun will rise on the Summer Solstice on June 22.

So let us consider that in May and June–a period where Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus were all lined up extraordinarily close to one another in the morning sky–represented a Great Council. The Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, and the Collective Mind were receiving a dose of visionary wisdom and strength from Jupiter, and the electrifying expansion of consciousness from the Great Awakener (Uranus.) At the same time Saturn in Libra was opposing them–illuminating a path toward new forms of relationship and a collaborative culture on Earth.

Now imagine that they are all entering the portal where they will give birth to a new version of themselves over the coming days. We can focus our energy and attention on all the beautiful new expressions of the masculine that are emerging and blossoming at this time–nurturing, loving the Earth, courageously vulnerable. We can continue to enliven and celebrate the new versions of the feminine–strong, self-valuing, and empowered to take action in the world.

We can imagine the collective Mind–transformed most recently by downloads from Chiron and Neptune-allowing in wisdom and genius from the Heart, and generating brilliance from an awakened cognizance of the Oneness of All Things.

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