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Week of June 12 to 18

Saturn Breakdown and Breakthrough

The past few days have been focused on empowerment in relationships–Sunday evening, Saturn turned direct after being retrograde since late January. Also on Sunday, Venus and Mars distanced to 10 degrees from one another for the first time since early May. When Saturn is turning direct, it is extremely slow moving and so can be felt with great intensity.

My experience over the weekend was that Saturday and Sunday were like a pressure cooker for relationship issues–bringing to the surface what doesn’t work for us. By Monday/Tuesday, Saturn was moving more strongly in direct motion and Venus and Mars were continuing to distance from one another–giving us access to greater detachment and perspective, enabling us to resolve our issues with more clarity and ease.

Flowing beneath the more “middle world” experience of Saturn and Venus/Mars have been two Underworld aspects. On Sunday, Mercury was conjunct the Sun–and thus in the deepest depths of the Underworld. So we have been able to tune into the most profound “shadow” dimension of life, and to mysteries that had up to this point been hidden from our awareness. Venus squared Chiron Tuesday evening–opening us to greater sensitivity to the wounded places within ourselves and others that cause friction (and an opportunity for healing).

Full Moon in Sagittarius-Ignite the Vision

About two hours before I posted this email, was the exact Full Moon in Sagittarius–and the Total Lunar Eclipse. This “Super New Moon” carries extraordinary visionary and forward moving energy–as it is in the sign of Sagittarius conjunct the North Node–which represents the destiny point, or area of most beneficial forward progress for humanity.

Add to this Mercury’s movement through the heart of the Sacred Hoop on Thursday, followed by its square to Uranus on Saturday, and you have a lot of expansive, growth-oriented energy to work with.

And do we ever need it! These past 2 weeks, as we’ve been compressed between two eclipses, have held a great deal of intense, transforming energy. This is the point where we get to come up for air, look around, and refresh our vision.

From today through Summer Solstice (exact next Tuesday) is a window of time where we can clearly see and release another layer of old debris from our lives and from our perceptions–and immediately experience the sense of liberation and renewed perspective we gain in the process.

This is a very powerful time to gather together with others in ceremony and consciously invoke, energize, and hold a container for our most joyous and integral vision for an emerging human culture in balance with the Earth. We can invite into our ceremonies, dreamscapes, and meditations–strong, clear, viscerally felt images, sensory perceptions, and feelings of the New World that is arriving.

It is very important for us to begin asking ourselves what we truly want–in our individual lives, in our relationships, in our communities, and on the Earth. We need clear access to our powerful desire and immense longing–which we have been covering up with our defenses and armor to avoid disappointment and pain. As we uncover our soul-thirst for a new way of being in the world, it is that powerful wanting that will propel us forward, into a world beyond our imagining.

We will begin to glimpse the possibility of relationships of tremendous joy, freedom, and intimacy. We will begin to sense into a new human culture–in love with the Earth experience, and capable of harmonizing with it. We will begin to feel, at the level of our bones and our cells-a re-uniting of the sacred with the mundane.

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