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Week of June 1 to 4

Super New Moon in Gemini and Solar Eclipse

Today (Wednesday) at 3:03 pm MST we experienced the New Moon in Gemini and a Partial Solar Eclipse. The eclipse was visible across parts of Alaska and Canada this afternoon as well as China, Russia and Northern Europe-experiencing the “midnight eclipse” phenomenon.

We are truly in the thick of “eclipse season”–this is the first of 3 in just 31 days! The Full Moon on June 15 will be a Total Lunar Eclipse and the July 1 New Moon will be another Partial Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse can be understood as a “Super New Moon.” The next few days are an extraordinarily powerful window to ground, reflect, and set intentions for the coming month.

Gemini can be understood as the Divine Trickster, or Muse. When we engage with Gemini energy we access a magical perception outside of the bounds of “real” time and human-made rules. Gemini has a close kinship and affinity with the natural, wild world–as it is connected with the fairy and devic realms; “Puella Eternis–or eternal youth; Coyote and Kokopelli in Native mythology.

This is a good time to tune into the magical child within to see if we are creating a space for him/her to thrive in our imagination and daily lives. Literally, it can be helpful to imagine that we are in the company of a 4 year old-and see how our daily choices would feel for them (readers with small children–you know what I’m talking about!)

Do you create time in your life for daydreaming, for nourishing and expressing your creativity, for taking in new experiences just for the fun of it and with no agenda attached? Gemini also teaches us that it is alright to try on new masks and costumes from time to time–to take off our old, serious roles and identities and try out something different–just for the heck of it!

As a Gemini Moon woman myself, I have found that the most magical, inspired times of my life have been those where I fostered the space to create through writing poetry, painting, or making music. It helps very much to set aside regular opportunities to create in a circle of supportive friends. A precious part of our soul is usually stifled by our “mature” minds, which tells us to grow up and be productive–not whimsical, and playful. Our lives become so much richer when instead we learn to coax our magical child out, and give her or him free reign to play.

I have been seeing clearly how, at this time, when we embody the Gemini qualities of the “wise fool” and are willing to be innocent and to not know it all, we are in a much greater position of strength and resilience than when we get caught up in ego and trying to prove our worth or our expertise. It is, in fact, a very wise decision to relinquish our seriousness and rigidity–and instead to welcome the fresh, innocent, experimental and creative energy of the Child.

Attuning our Minds to the Universal Heart

As if we were not already immersed in the energy of “Mind”–which is also associated with Gemini; Mercury is truly center stage this week as it moves into Gemini tomorrow (Thursday), then squares Neptune on Friday, just 20 minutes prior to Neptune turning retrograde.

The Mercury square just prior to Neptune turning retrograde is an extraordinary event and highlights our ability to tune into a much higher dimension of consciousness than usual–i.e., we are invited to tune into Higher Mind, and to access solutions, visions, and new possibilities from the many spiritual guides and helpers that surround us at this time. We do well to allow ourselves more time to sleep, to “do nothing,” to slow down, to engage in creative, meditative, contemplative, and prayerful activities, and to track our dreams.

With Neptune involved, we are invited to shift our thinking patterns into the realm of the Universal Heart. How might our minds serve us differently if they began to operate in service to the whole, and out of a sense of connection and transpersonal love for All That Is? Because the Gemini New Moon energy is still resonating with us, we can experience empathy for the suffering we see and feel within and without–while at the same time understanding life as a game-intended for our full joy, delight, and multi-hued experience.

Jupiter enters Taurus

Saturday morning Jupiter leaves Aries and enters the sign of Taurus, joining Mars and Venus in this sign. It will remain in Taurus for almost exactly a year, until early June of 2012.

What a blessing we have been given–the opportunity to balance Mind (Gemini) with Heart (Neptune) and Body (Taurus) even as Uranus in Aries gives us the energy and inspiration to move boldly toward our dreams, and Saturn continues to assist us in consciously creating healthier, more vibrant and more authentic ways of relating in close relationships and in community.

When we embody Taurus we personally begin to activate Heaven on Earth. We experience ourselves as worthy of the good things in life–and so we draw them to ourselves. We slow down so that we can fully experience the pleasure of having bodies that can feel, taste, touch and be touched. We praise God/the Goddess through our exquisite receptivity and experiencing of the many gifts of earthly experience, and the great beauty and wholeness of the Earth herself.

We allow ourselves to receive all of the good things that have been wanting to flow to us–financial support, time to daydream, projects we can work on that brings us joy in the process, dear friends, lovers, children, and family to love with our actions, words, and full presence; food that delights us with its texture, scent, and taste; beautiful music, art, and stories that awaken secret places within us–which we had not known existed.

No one can experience life on Earth in just the way that you do, or I do. No one else can filter it through our eyes, or feel it through our skin, or express our unique experience through our own words, or stories, or images, or songs. Our gift to this Earth is in being willing to receive and filter life through our bodies and our experience–and to learn to celebrate this capacity as the artists and lovers we all are.

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