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Week of July 2 to 12

Super New Moon in Cancer

Today (Friday)’s New Moon in Cancer, which we can work with ceremonially through the weekend– is especially meaningful because it is also a partial lunar eclipse-the final of three within 31 days. It is also magnetized by the dynamic aspects surrounding it–including a square between the Sun and Saturn, and the recent Uranus/Pluto square activation.

On the night of Solstice, I slept out under the stars in a wilderness area outside of Albuquerque. When I rose to greet the morning Sun I meditated on the deeper meaning of Solstice. The simple, rather obvious hit I received (that I had never really considered before!) was that the Solstice Sun-which rises at 0 degrees of Cancer, is a profoundly nurturing presence, and that this time of year is about allowing ourselves to be nourished by Great Mystery.

This nurturing dynamic is strengthened by the fact that Venus, Mars, and Mercury as well as the New Moon are currently also within the Sacred Hoop–which for many cultures represents the area of the sky where new souls come forth to be born. So in the midst of all the dramatic events playing out on the world stage, we are provided with an undercurrent of nurturance and support for our young, emerging projects, ideas, dreams, visions–that can bridge us into a better future for ourselves individually and collectively-and for the Earth. The Grand Cross–Uranus Pluto and Saturn Activated by Sun/Moon/Venus The Cross–within many traditions including Christianity–is a symbol of the intersection of Heaven and Earth/ Divine and Human/ Spirit and Matter. Now we have all the inner planets (Venus, Mars, Mercury) as well as the Sun and Moon moving through the portion of the sky which holds a “Grand Cross”-the intersection of the Milky Way Galaxy with the Ecliptic (the line along which the planets travel around the Sun).

We also have the New Moon (Sun and Moon) triggering a “Grand Cross” in the Cardinal (or householder) signs–as they oppose Pluto and square Saturn and Uranus within just a few degrees of each other. Over the course of the week and just prior to her disappearance into the Underworld (within 10 degrees of the Sun), Venus will also trigger all of the outer planets, activating the Grand Cross as well.

I see this Grand Cross, which is ignited by the nurturing energy of our Sun and Moon and the Sacred Feminine (Venus) in Cancer–as an opportunity of extraordinary potential. We can begin to release a certain Christian understanding of the Cross (earthly experience) as being about pain and separation–and instead open to a new awareness that as spiritual beings we can resonate with, and magnify the sacred on Earth–by actively seeing and engaging with the spiritual dimension embedded within the material plane.

As we move to the center of the Cross, and to the center of our very being–which is where the Heart of Reality lives; it is possible to release all fear and allow ourselves to be LIT UP at every dimension. We can become awakened by Uranus, deepened by Pluto, and grounded by Saturn. We can embrace the Sacred Feminine within ourselves as she prepares for a Holy Rite of Passage–and allow ourselves quiet, ceremonial spaces over the next few months to honor her transforming process in the Underworld. Uranus Pluto Square-Dive Deep, Fly High

In particular, this week Uranus and Pluto are the closest to an exact square that they have been since the 1930’s. They were conjunct during the ’60’s, which gives you an idea of what the synthesis of these two outer planets feels like–revolutionary, liberating, intense, game-changing, consciousness-raising.

When we have the liberating and awakening dynamic of Uranus coupled with the intensifying, organic and penetrating pulse of Pluto, we are asked to dive deep, and fly high. I have imagined lately that Pluto is the force that ignites a kind of Kundalini awakening at the deepest core of collective humanity as well as the Earth body itself. And Uranus draws down from the celestial realms the most electrifying, awakening spiritual energy into the body of the Earth (and each of us within the collective). Together these energies transform and enliven the entire Earth experience.

A square between Uranus and Pluto unfolds over nearly a decade (from 2007 to 2015 they are within 10 degrees of a square)–so their influence has been felt in the background for the past 4 years already, with an intensification or cresting of the energy this week. As Uranus begins traveling retrograde next Saturday, it will slowly distance itself from Pluto, then once it goes direct, they will come within a degree in late summer of 2012–the closest they will have been in this cycle.

Last week we were experiencing more of the Underworld dimension–Pluto opposing the Sun, among other Underworld aspects. This week we are experiencing more of the Celestial dimension, thanks to Uranus. When Uranus turns retrograde, its energy is intensified as it appears to “stand still” for several days before and after, slowing its motion in the sky.

So we have the ability to tune into Uranus consciousness–the vision of the Eagle, who flies close to the Mind of God, and transmits a higher vision and perspective from that place. We are given some breathing room, some degree of detachment, from which to experience all of the energies swirling around us.

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