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Wednesday May 23 to Tuesday May 31

Integrating Wisdom–Pisces Immersion

From the first of this week we have been infused with a large dose of Neptune/Pisces energy. On Sunday the Sun squared Neptune in Pisces, yesterday (Tuesday) was the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, and Thursday the Sun squares Chiron in Pisces.

Now we have an opportunity to revisit issues that came up in March through early April when Chiron moved into Pisces followed by Neptune. Of course the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all moved through Pisces during this period as well.

We often imagine clear-cut Endings and Beginnings of cycles. The Rapture happens exactly on May 21 2011, the end of the Mayan Calendar is December 21, 2012, etc. Real life seldom works this way–it tends to be messier. This is a good thing, because it allows us time to integrate change.

So we are clearly in a cycle of endings and beginnings-at the SAME TIME. The “new beginning” cycle sparked by Aries and rooted by the present Taurus planetary lineup is now integrating the “completion” energy of Pisces. This makes me think of the special bond that can form between the elderly and the very young–both are closer to Spirit, and so share a kind of innocence and wisdom.

Something passes from elder to child when they spend time together–through words, touch, or energetic exchange. As the courageous young pioneers that we are, I feel that at this time it is important to know that we, too, have tremendous access to an outpouring of support from our “elders.”

Our higher selves, our ancestors, the angels, plant and animal allies–among many others. It is immensely important at this time to take time out for prayer, contemplation, and meditation so that we can actively tune into and receive this support.

Relationships Still Activated

Monday morning Venus and Mars were conjunct in the morning sky. They remain within 10 degrees of one another through June 11. For many of us, relationship issues are “up” and this is a good time to tune into them. Considering all of the Pisces energy occurring this week, and our immersion in the Balsamic Moon phase of release, it is quite feasible that many of us are either releasing relationships themselves–or old patterns surrounding them in a very profound way.

Ask for Divine assistance in this process, it is available to you now. The relationship patterns you are healing and releasing at this time extend far back through your ancestral line–and benefit all the future generations. You are helping to clear the way for new, inspired, authentic, liberated and full-hearted ways of being in relationship.

Morning Sky Aries and Taurus Lineup

Also on Thursday, the waning crescent Moon begins its activation of the Aries/Taurus lineup in the morning sky. On Thursday morning, the Moon is conjunct Uranus in early Aries. By Sunday, it is conjunct Jupiter in the very latest degrees of Aries. On Monday the Moon is conjunct both Venus and Mars and on Tuesday, the Moon is conjunct Mercury.

The Moon is transmitting, over just a few days, all that we have been learning over the past 2 months as we integrate Aries and Taurus energy. What risks have you taken over this period, what projects have you initiated, what new lessons have you been learning as you moved out of your comfort zone?

Now is a good time to assess what has been working for you, and what has not, and to release any approaches that have proven unsuccessful. As we assess and calibrate our new ways of living, working, and playing in the world, we have begun to establish a Taurean foundation from which to move forward, with greater enjoyment and ease.

The Disrobing of the Goddess

Monday Venus is conjunction the Moon for the 7th time since the beginning of her current Scorpio Overtone cycle, which began in November. This represents the 7th Gate, or the point in the Sumerian legend where Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, removes her robes immediately before entering the Underworld. This represents the Sacred Feminine within each of us (and within the collective) that is willing to strip down to her humblest state, in order to achieve ultimate transformation.

This is not the action of a weak individual–but of a Queen who understands the necessity of the Death Rebirth cycle and approaches it with reverence and humility. We must be courageous and humble in order to strip down to our naked, raw truth and vulnerability, as we experience the challenges of our lives in these times of such great change, and the dismemberment of old relationships and old patterns of relating.

On a larger level we can see the startling truth of our own planet’s vulnerability. We can pray wholeheartedly that the devastating tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis will bring about a cleansing and balancing to support our Earth’s wellbeing into the future–even as we send love and light to all those who are suffering in the wake of these disasters, and do what we can to be of assistance.

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