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Wednesday May 11 to Monday May 16

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Extravaganza

For the next week, early risers should be able to see Venus and Jupiter at their closest to one another in the morning sky–Mars and Mercury are close by as well, visible depending on light pollution. Tomorrow morning should be especially dramatic to see Venus and Jupiter, as they were conjunct today. Mercury is also conjunct Venus and Jupiter this week.

Here is the range of magnitude for each of these planets in the sky at this time: Venus is the brightest, Jupiter is about 10X fainter, and Mars is about 100 times fainter. So look for Venus first, then Jupiter, and finally Mars. Mercury is hit or miss-being the trickster-like entity that it is! Whether or not you can see all of them, it’s exciting to know they are all there, so close to one another in the late degrees of Aries–with Mars just moving into Taurus. Sweetness Lost and Gained

We are feeling the Sacred Feminine (Venus) very strongly at this time, as she is so close to the Earth, and has just been activated by Jupiter–which expands all it touches. She is transmitting her wisdom to us through Mercury, which she joined up with on Monday–and will again this Sunday. She is currently activated at the level of the 2nd or Sacral Chakra. In Sanskrit the word for the 2nd Chakra means “sweetness.” It is where we process emotions, and sexual energy. It represents the place of gestation and creativity.

We are still in the window of time where the Goddess (Venus) is descending into the Underworld, after passing through the 6th. Gate, where she is stripped bare at the 2nd Chakra. So even as we are accessing more and more “sweet” and sensual Taurus energy and may well feel that; we might also experience periods where we wonder where the sweetness, the emotional balance, and the sexual aliveness have gone.

Be willing to pass through these moments of contrast–the intent is for us to let go of our old relationship to these things so that we can welcome and embrace joy, sweetness, sensual aliveness–on a level far surpassing what we have experienced in the past.

Aries Tilts the Balance as Mars Moves into Taurus

Today (Wednesday) Mars moves into the sign of Taurus, joining the Sun in this sign. Next Sunday, May 15, Venus and Mercury will both have moved into Taurus. Aries fire and Taurus earth combined provide us with the will to act and the endurance to follow through to completion.

For now through Sunday the balance is still very much with Aries, so continue to take note of what most inspires you, what actions you have been taking that have made you feel alive, happy, and of benefit to your community (and the Earth). I’ve recently stepped into new terrain, co-founding a new community organization.This week’s Aries lineup is almost exactly conjunct my natal Ascendant in Aries, and I’ve been really feeling the benefit of Aries’ wisdom on this risk-taking path. Here’s what I’m learning:

“Don’t worry about “knowing it all.” Simply act on what you are intuitively guided to do. Practice coming from a place of innocence and exuberance. Release the need to compare yourself or “be somebody (else) and instead, practice being the only “you” that will ever be. Be willing to make mistakes–and to laugh at yourself when you do. Aries acts from an internal fire, a flame that is linked to the flame of existence, the beginning seed-spark of all life.

Give of yourself to others willingly and with abandon-act on your creative ideas, share, be willing to expose yourself with your vulnerability, your imperfections, and your fully present gorgeousness. And perhaps most of all–enjoy yourself! Release the persona of the martyr, the burdened one, he/she whose life is dictated by “should’s.” Keep your momentum alive by tuning into what feeds the flame, and leaping from that place–wholeheartedly!

Mercury leaves Retrograde Shadow

At about 4:00 am MST this morning (Wednesday), Mercury left its retrograde shadow by passing 24 Aries. This is where it was located when it began its retrograde cycle. So now is a fabulous time to just move ahead with plans, to make things happen, to not hesitate. And of course, as Taurus is increasingly accessible to us, when we practice first rooting and grounding ourselves-then acting from THAT place, we can accomplish a very great deal.

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