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Vision Quest Full Moon

August 11 to 16

Tune into the Universal and Personal Heart

With retrograde Mercury remaining near opposition with Neptune and close to royal star Regulus, we are in an extraordinary window for prayer, mindfulness, meditation-and whatever other practices might help us to listen better to the voice of the Universal Heart (Neptune), and its resonant harmony with our sovereign, personal heart (Regulus).

However, there has been a bit of a jackhammer effect this week in the midst of this Neptunian, Mercury Retrograde backdrop. We have been jolted by an activation of the Pluto/Uranus square, as Mars squared Uranus on Tuesday, and opposed Pluto late Wednesday night. This may have been literally experienced as physical accidents, and it has been exacerbating the technological glitches expected of a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

I have been feeling it as an underlying intensity–a raw energy that can create internal anxiety and stress in the body if we do not take time to “blow off steam” as well as to consciously ground ourselves. If we have been maintaining our balance, we might have used this burst of energy to our advantage and gotten a great deal done. If not, we can feel burnt out and exhausted right now.

It is never too late to rebalance our systems and start new. For those of us on the burnt-out end of the spectrum, we can take extra good care of our bodies beginning now, so that we can become open channels for spirit-awakening Uranus, and the internal transformative processes catalyzed by Pluto. Gentle does it.

Vision Quest Full Moon

Where the Mars activations this week may have caused stress and frustration at the personal level, the Aquarius Full Moon, exact at about noon tomorrow (Saturday August 12), is an opportunity to tap into some much needed detachment and spacious awareness. My teacher Daniel Giamario refers to the annual Aquarius Full Moon in August as the “Vision Quest Moon.”

The Full Moon has a ceremonial window of about 3 days, so from now through Sunday is a very beneficial time for retreat, meditation, renewal and receptivity to receiving our vision. The backdrop for this Vision Quest Full Moon is extraordinary. Neptune is near exact opposition to retrograde Mercury and Regulus; the Mars activation of Pluto and Uranus still reverberating, and Venus very close to the “Heart” of her Underworld journey–she is conjunct the Sun next week.

This weekend we are immersed in the most profound Underworld processes (regeneration at the cellular level) as well as the Celestial (Grace, spiritual guidance and support).We may have plenty of free time, or we may be required to focus on mundane tasks– “chop wood, carry water.” Whichever the case, it is good to allow ourselves some moments, however large or small; for stillness, for retreat, for feeding our creative muse, listening to our dreams, spending time in the natural world-whatever helps us create the space for life to more easily transform and renew us.

This is a weekend to actively focus on miracles and magic–and invite them to become a more active presence in our daily lives. It can be challenging for those of us struggling with depression or anxiety–and we live in a moment of time where it is very easy to fall into these states. If we find ourselves unable to muster the energy to shift our awareness from all that is wrong in our world, we may need to reach out to our community for support- -even if that is just one friend who loves, cares for, and believes in us.

If we are already beginning to feel the very real presence of beauty and miracles in our world, this is a great time to fortify its presence in our lives. I am creating a list of magical moments I have experienced personally–to support my remembrance that I am not alone, that I have support, that miracles are commonplace in my life. I am also practicing looking at my most painful and challenging patterns and asking what gift is held in them. These are just two of a multitude of practices we can engage right now, to anchor our sense of trust and celebration of our lives and our world.

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