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Virgo New Moon at the Heart of the Lion

Night Sky Magic Saturday August 24 to Saturday August 29 all times PDT

Monday night, August 25from sunset until the two planets set about three hours after, look for Mars and Saturn, closest to exact conjunction (exact at 12:30 pm), setting in the western sky.  They are within the Scales Constellation, extremely close to the brightest star in the scales, Zubenalgenubi.  On Friday night, look for the beautiful crescent Moon about 5 degrees NNE of Spica in the western sky below Saturn and Mars.

Week of Saturday August 24 to

Saturday August 30

Virgo New Moon at the Heart of the Lion

The Virgo New Moon is exact at 7:13 am, so the most potent times for inner ceremony, meditation, prayer and invoking of intentions for the remainder of the month are either Sunday night or Monday morning/afternoon, with eight hours on either side especially potent.  Creating space for ceremony, meditation and inner reflection remains powerful however for a full 3 days-1 ½ days on either side of the exact New Moon.

Gathering with others and or voicing our intentions aloud to the crescent Moon, accompanied by creative expression of song, dance, or drumming is a wonderful way to more fully “plant the seeds” of our intentions when the crescent Moon first appears, as soon as Tuesday night, though for some Wednesday, signaling the moment where the internal begins to express as more external.

The Virgo New Moon is within two degrees of Regulus, the brightest star at the heart of the Lion Constellation.  Regulus is one of the four stars that mark the four directions called the Watcher of the North, also connected to the mysteries of Archangel Rafael, patron saint of healers and marriage.  It is the “Heart of the Lion” signifying the true heart of nobility.

Three years ago, for the first time in 26,000 years, Regulus moved into the zodiacal sign of Virgo after about 2000 years in Leo.  Regulus now marries the mysteries of the Lion Constellation and its symbolism-primarily yang or the Masculine principle, to the Virgo Mysteries-primarily the yin or Feminine Principle, as well as Gaia herself.

This is yet another indication that 2014 is the year where the Sacred Marriage between Masculine and Feminine is taking place within and without.  The masculine is activated with especially great potency on this New Moon because Mars (Sacred Masculine) and Saturn are conjunct just hours after the exact New Moon (see below).

New Moon intentions for the next month can be powerfully focused around this theme: How can I find and embrace a deeper layer of my Sacred Work (Virgo) the work that is sourced from my own great and noble heart, and which is a healing medicine for me, and all those whose lives I touch?

We might also meditate in these next days on what it is that is wanting to be “married” within-perhaps the areas of great conflict and unrest we have been struggling with over the past weeks and months are ready to begin working in concert, to use the energy they stir up together to fuel joyful creativity and innovation rather than inner strife and sabotage.


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