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Virgo Full Moon & Week of March 16 to 22

Night and Morning Sky Magic

The big events in the night sky this week are the gorgeous Virgo Full Moon visible Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night, as well as the lineup of Mars, Spica, and the Moon on Monday and Tuesday nights. Mars is extremely bright and beautiful in the evening sky, rising a few hours after sunset  as it travels retrograde, and thus closer to the Earth. On Thursday night, the waning Moon occults Saturn at 9:11 pm MDT.  On Friday night the Moon can be seen very near Antares, the Eye of the Bull. 

Virgo Full Moon  

Tonight (Sunday) the Full Moon is at its brightest, though it was exact at about 11:00 am MDT this morning and by 6:30 pm will have moved into the sign of Libra. So at the moments where the Moon was reaching its peak of fullness, it anchored a deep energetic polarity between Virgo and Pisces. This evening we will experience the polarity between Libra and Aries.

So we can work productively in this coming week with two major themes, summarized in these questions:

  1. What would it take for me to fully devote myself to my Sacred Work and allow it to be nourished by an ecstatic communion with Spirit, my dreams and higher visions?

  2. What would it take for me to bring into balance intimate relationship with a practice of standing in the truth of my personal essence, my I Am Presence?

With Mercury moving into Pisces this week, and conjunct Neptune, it is a very powerful time to tune into the celestial, to practice prayer, meditation, visualization, and a deeper connection to our dreams-both night dreams, and patterns of synchronicity. With Mars continuing its retrograde journey until May,  we do well to assess carefully what our big life choices will be in the months to come, but hold off, if possible, until after May 20.  This applies especially in the realm of relationship, but in other areas as well.

The Big One: Approaching the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 21

From January 1, 2014 we’ve been experiencing the underlying energetic of the Cardinal Grand Cross. T his dynamic builds to a crescendo on April 21 when Pluto and Uranus make exact square number five since their dance began in 2012.

This square will be amplified by Jupiter and Mars, which create an almost EXACT Grand Cross right at the moment of the Uranus Pluto square.  Of all seven Pluto Uranus square activations, this is widely believed to be the most potent and world-changing.

Last week (March 8 to 15) featured a kind of void effect with very little new planetary activation. This moment of silence seems to have given us the space to feel more palpably, more acutely, the enormous energy beneath the Pluto Uranus square dynamic as retrograde Mars and direct Jupiter come into position for the April event.

This April Uranus Pluto event triggers the natal chart for the U.S. so we are feeling it perhaps the most here.

Something Big

I have heard so many people talk about difficulty sleeping through the night, an underlying sense of anxiety, the impression “something big is coming.”

Many of us are learning to face our fears in a whole new way. We have experienced vulnerability, uncertainty, and the recognition that our true preparation and strength must be built from the inside, and radiate outward.

Part of what is happening is that, with the return of the Divine Feminine, we are being plunged more into our bodies, our hearts; our in-the-moment experience. We might not like all that brings up for us.

We may prefer to remain safely hidden behind the fortress of our minds, and our illusion of security there. So much is coming up for illumination and release right now that we feel the deeper healing and transforming happening in our energy bodies in our sleep, and it keeps us stirred up in the half asleep awake state.

Awakening and Healing of the Masculine and Feminine

This is a necessary preparation for the middle world changes already occurring and accelerating around us. Not only is the Capricorn Sacred Feminine emerging powerfully into our lives, consciousness, and ways of being (and it is she who will transform our culture), but the Libra Sacred Masculine is awakening, initiating the dance of healing between Masculine and Feminine.

We feel it first within, as we look at the ways our inner feminine and masculine are developed, or not, and the relationship they have with one another (or not!).  We feel it in our primary relationships, as old issues flare to the surface, old wounding between the genders (for LGBT individuals, the patterns of wounding between the masculine and feminine are also quite present so this applies to us all).

We have a very strong sense that old patterns must be seen and transformed, witnessed and surrendered for healing if we are to move forward as conscious equal partners and allies in the times ahead, where we need our full strength and grounding.

Possibility and Despair

This can feel like a time of wild extremes on the inside, demanding practices to witness, digest, and be transformed by experience of things.  One moment we feel the taste of newness, of the fresh new possibility in our lives, in our way of being, in the world surrounding, and it delights us.

The next moment we feel the waves of despair, or grief, loneliness or exhaustion as we see the seemingly unsurmountable blocks that remain in the way of fundamentally changing our lives.  We might look at the old patterns of behavior that remain rigid and locked in fear and repetition, and we might be terrified that we will never change–or terrified of what we must give up in order to do so.

We might feel in our bones that our very physical survival is threatened as the collapse of modern empire feels more and more eminent. This fear is something to face into and acknowledge, not hide from, especially for those of us in the U.S. We have been seeing an exodus out of the country, which is quite possibly good instincts on the part of those who leave.

We are In This Together

What I have been coming to realize is that when it comes to the breakdown of modern, consumer culture, which we can now truly sense at every level, there is no way for us to be adequately prepared.  We might live off grid with gardens, and stores of water and fuel and food for months or years to come.  We might have left the country. Yet we all have people in our lives (maybe they are us!) who we love dearly who are not prepared in a physical way.

Not because they (or we) are less moral or evolved or intelligent but because most of us are here on the planet at this time for far more than survival. We are here to act as agents of transformation and change. We really are in this big mess together.  We are here, as my teacher Cayelin Castell recently said to me, to “be an anchor of light” on the planet, in our places at this time.

I’ve been getting clear messages about physical preparedness-have plenty of water on hand as well as a means of water purification, plenty of nonperishable foods, fix your bike.  Know your neighbors, not only the ones who might be able to support you in times of crisis, but also those who might be the most vulnerable to being forgotten. Befriend and support your local farmers with your money or time, and if you can, grow more of your own food.

We are Where We Need to Be

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness – Carolyn Myss

Capricorn is such a powerful presence for us at this time, with Venus in a Capricorn Cycle. The shadow of Capricorn is that we never feel adequately prepared. We might believe we screwed up irrevocably, and can never “get it right.”

So if you fret that you have not found your true home yet, or your true partner, or the exact right work, or the exact right relationship to family, or the exact right skill set, take a deep breath and practice seeing all that IS right in your world, and all the ways you can be the change in every moment.

Our power comes from the present moment, and our willingness to step into it with an open heart. Our power comes from a sense of trust in ourselves and in our lives, and in our capacity to be guided in our actions toward the best possible outcome. Our power comes from our willingness to embrace change on its own terms and extract the greatest wisdom from it.

As Venus in Aquarius sextiles Uranus this week and Mercury moves back into Pisces and is conjunct Neptune, this is a week to acknowledge the power of our unified consciousness, the power of prayer, of focused meditation, and visualization.

More and more of us are becoming crystal clear in what we wish to be released in our modern culture, and what we wish to embrace.  For example, growing numbers of us do not accept fracking, Keystone Pipeline, nuclear power, and other methods to extend our Earth-draining economy of fossil fuels and poisons.

So many of us are buying local, and organic, and do not accept GMO’s and the corporations that push them. So many of us do not accept that war is the answer, we know it is a means to maintain access to fossil fuels and natural resources.  So many of us know that we want communities that are safe for the children, and elders, and each of us in our diversity.

We want fresh, local food for everyone. We want preventative and holistic health care as an option for everyone. We want all those resources poured into endless wars to be poured into the regeneration of the Earth and human communities.

We know what we want. So let’s focus our attention on how it feels when we get there and operate from this place of possibility. And let us also remember that as soon as we set an intention for something we wish to create, we call forth all the obstacles that stand in the way–for healing and clearing.

Healing the Spiritual Destiny of the U.S.A.

WE, THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF THIRTEEN INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS, represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come. We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth and the destruction of indigenous ways of life. We believe the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future. We look to further our vision through the realization of projects that protect our diverse cultures: lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer and through projects that educate and nurture our children.  –The Council of the 13 Grandmothers

Here is the visualization I have been seeing and feeling, which I will soon create as a guided meditation. Cayelin Castell and I have created a circle where now have gathered 70 + individuals from across the globe, women and men who are actively working with this Capricorn Venus Synodic Cycle.

Part of what we are animating in our meditations, through use of altars, and in our dialogue with each other is the Circle of the Grandmothers. By this circle we refer to Grandmother wisdom, and the wisdom of indigenous traditions that honor the Earth and next seven generations.

In Shamanic Astrology it is understood that authentic Capricorn recognizes that it is the Circle of the Grandmothers whom we serve at this time of transition, the Turning of the Ages.

One of the ways to understand them is to recognize that the founders of the U.S. were inspired by the Iroquois Confederation’s governing structure, which influenced the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We could imagine that the Iroquois Confederation’s governing structure represented the spiritual DNA for our nation, and that our founders sensed into that and so integrated some of its potential into the U.S. governing structure.

Yet today we can clearly see that something has gone awry. We have become a nation addicted to war and over-consumption, we are one of the most feared nations in the world, our leaders are the most adamantly opposed to forward movement on climate change-we are in far too many ways standing opposed to the transformation of modern culture, and holding back the tide of positive, responsive change.

What the founders did NOT adopt within our governing structure was to acknowledge the power of the mothers and grandmothers within the Confederacy.

It was they who had the power to veto or approve major decisions that would influence the entire community because they had the deepest roots in the ancestral wisdom, cared for the children, and understood that every action had a consequence for the next seven generations.

With all this potent energy focused on remembering and honoring Grandmother wisdom, imagine that we choose in our meditations and prayers to actively animate and energize the healing of our nation by inviting the grandmothers to take their place at the head of the U.S. governing bodies.

We might envision them stepping into the halls of power, into DC, and influencing the minds and consciousness of every individual there.  We might see them whispering into the ears of every legislator–remember the children, the grandchildren. Consider the legacy you leave for the Earth.

How would their wisdom influence the decisions our leaders make? What would change?  I invite you, in this time of gravity and possibility to embrace this vision, this meditation, this prayer.  It also means asking for their wisdom in our own lives.

Even if just for a moment, let your broken heart open to the possibility that our leaders can change, that the destiny of the U.S. and of our global community can be healed and brought into balance with our true potential.

Imagine that suddenly renewable energy, widespread, locally appropriate efforts to regenerate the Earth, care for women and men, and all the other many things that point to a healthy future is activated and brought into being.  How does this feel?  Where are you in this paradigm, how does your life shift into greater joy and contribution?  How are you ALREADY lined up with this future?

Imagine it, believe it, and act “As if.” The “powers that be” benefit the most from our hopelessness, the way we behave as if destruction of our planet, of our future is inevitable. The Grandmothers might tell us–this apathy, this despair is a cop-out. It is not an option in our time.

Weekly Calendar of Transits

March 16, Sunday. The Virgo Full Moon (26 Virgo 02) is exact at 10:08 am and moves into Libra at 5:46 pm March 17, Monday. St. Patrick’s Day. Mercury returns to Pisces at 3:24 pm. March 18, Tuesday. Venus (11 Aquarius 38) is sextile Uranus (11 Aries 38)  at 12 pm. The Moon passes 1.6° NNE of Spica and an hour or so later passes 3.1° SSW of Mars (25 Libra 45) at 6:07 pm. March 19, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Scorpio at 2:13 am. March 20, Thursday. The Sun moves into Aries at 9:57 am. The Moon occults Saturn (23 Scorpio) at 8:11 pm. March 21, Friday. The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 8:39 am and is visible very near Antares (10 Sagittarius) tonight. March 22, Saturday. Venus (15 Aquarius 15) reaches greatest elongation in the morning sky at 46.6°. Mercury conjunct Neptune 05Pisces 36 at 1:16 pm. Both Mercury and Neptune are very close to formal code the Royal star of the South.

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