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March 5 to March 20 FREE Report

The Virgo Full Moon is exact today at 11:05 am MST and at its brightest tonight, within the window for ceremony through tomorrow (Friday) night. It follows Venus’s meet-up with Uranus yesterday (Wednesday) in the closest planet-to-planet conjunction of the year! If you felt antsy or anxious yesterday, it’s no surprise.

Venus is currently activating the Solar Plexus for all of us and Uranus is a very explosive energy so yesterday featured serious fireworks, ups and downs, extremities in mood for many of us, all serving our accelerated evolution and empowerment.

However, this is not necessarily a comfortable process, especially if we are clinging to old habits and control programs! And good luck maintaining an illusion of control!–this final Uranus Pluto Smack-Down is designed to help us surrender to change, trusting we are EXACTLY where we need to be at this time.


We are in the window of what may be the most extreme period of 2015–the much-acclaimed final exact Uranus Pluto Square, on March 16. This is the seventh square, completing a series that began in June of 2012.

The square occurs just four days before we enter the eclipse window with the Pisces Total Lunar Eclipse, followed just 9 MINUTES later by the exact Spring Equinox on March 20!

We are feeling the massive “Breakdown = Breakthrough” dynamic of the Uranus Pluto square right now, as they are extremely close and Venus just triggered both (emphasis Uranus) yesterday. We will continue to feel the intensity through April.

Mars and Venus and We are all Equal

Mars and Venus play a major role in the Uranus Pluto Square Activation at this time. They were conjunct February 21 at 1 Aries, and since that time Mars has been dropping steadily down toward the horizon where it will fade into the glare of the Sun by the middle of April until early August.

In other words, the Sacred Masculine is on its way to the Underworld to die and be reborn.Along the way, both Venus and Mars are triggering the Uranus Pluto square this week, just prior to the exact Uranus Pluto activation, and they will have both just triggered the South Node in Aries as well. Mars activates the South Node tomorrow, Venus activated it last week.

Daniel Giamario, originator of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, explored the idea in our recent joint Teleclass Series on the Venus Mars Cycle that from now until April, Mars’ journey to the Underworld is a kind of unraveling of the past 4000 years of Patriarchy.

It will pass across the constellation of the Ram (Patriarchal Era) and then the Bull (previous Matriarchal era) in the night sky.

Mars’ activation of the South Node during this journey re-iterates this point for me, as the South Node often has to do with a “release point” from the past.

In my dreams and interactions as well as those of friends and clients I’ve seen a pattern emerge where we see clearly the part of ourselves that feels inferior, or unworthy because it doesn’t please the patriarchal Aries God perspective in each of us which values above all else physical strength, external success based on competition and comparison, active, tireless, doing-addicted, value based on accomplishment “out there.”

In our current era I believe both men AND women are wounded by an over-identification with this ideal.  I have seen MANY women embody active doing-addiction at great cost to their health and well being and wellspring of creativity and joy.  It is a patriarchal armoring they’ve taken on which wounds them–as it does so many men across our globe.

We are beginning to see and feel how costly it is to deem ourselves, or the parts of ourselves unworthy that do not subscribe to that limited view of strength and value.

A friend told me she has begun practicing the mantra-I am equal to  everyone, and everyone is equal to me.

It is time for us to reclaim our personal power from all those areas where we compare ourselves to a false ideal. It is time for us to stop buying into the illusion that true power is reflected primarily in the size of our bank account, or the number of our degrees, or the extent to which we can pretend to control and manage everything in our world.

It is time for us to stop glorifying the imaginary person who does it all on her or his own.  They do not exist.  We need each other, and we need to activate and ignite our inner ally, rather than constantly strengthening the inner bully and pusher that never allows us to savor our lives and our being as we are.

North Node is currently in Libra, paving the way for us to claim a new path forward. One where I get to be powerful and beautiful-and so do you! Where vulnerability is perceived as courage and breakdown is understood to be a sacred process of death and rebirth and precursor to wholeness and soulfulness.

Where we fully embrace our inner complexity and make space for ALL of it, without choosing sides and making one bad so the other can be good. It’s time to surrender polarity thinking and create space for both and. Imagine what we can create together in a world that has moved beyond black and white, and into full color!!!

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