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Venus Shines Her Love and Presence NOW

Venus, known as the planet of love to so many, is at her very brightest TONIGHT, just two days after Valentines Day. This in part is because she is preparing to station retrograde March 4 so she is at her closest to the Earth.

She will soon be passing in front of the Sun, completing a 19-month cycle in Leo and beginning a new Aries Cycle when she rises as Morning Star March 31.

I am SO Thrilled I will be joining Qoya Founder Rochelle Schieckk, Misfit Minister Lainie Love Dalby and Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg in Nosara, Costa Rica April 1-8 for the Fierce Feminine Qoya Retreat literal once in a lifetime event. Learn more and enroll HERE, space is limited to 20!

Whether you can join me live in Costa Rica or not you are invited to join Cayelin K Castell and I in our wildly popular “Through Innana’s Gate’s Teleclass Series, a life changing initiation where we take you through the entire 19-month Aries Venus Cycle as ceremony. This literally is the last time in our lifetime that we will experience this powerful cycle. ENROLL HERE!

Venus as Mirror to the Earth

Venus can be seen as a Mirror to the Earth and like the Sumerian, Babylonian and Mesoamerican Sky Mages, we can understand Age Changes and Earth Cycles by tracking Venus’s intricate patterns through the Sky.

Once in a half waking place I asked Venus why we need her as a way to understand the Feminine here on Earth? She has been seen as a mirror to the Earth–they share almost the exact same mass, radius and density, have an opposite spin, have very similar surface materials, and much more.

She told me that just as an individual cannot truly see or know themselves until they are mirrored by Other, by Beloved. So we on Earth need Venus as a Mirror to show us–through her movements, and the ways she speaks to us–what it means to Fully Inhabit the Feminine Earth.

In the Alchemy Between Cycles: From Leo to Aries

Venus is now completing a 19-month Leo cycle and preparing for a new 19-month Aries Cycle when she rises as Morning Star March 31. This Aries Venus Cycle is a once in a lifetime event. After over 100 years of Aries Venus Cycles occurring every 8 years, the cycle will be shifting into Pisces where it will remain for over 100 more years.

What is the Divine Feminine and Why Does This Matter?

Venus is at her closest to the Earth right now, and from my perspective as a Shamanic Astrologer (and to many cultures across space and time) I see her as Divine Feminine, transmitting her Love and Wisdom in a very powerful and healing way at this time. The Much-Talked About “Return of the Divine Feminine” is not some abstract, heady or heavenly concept.

The Feminine Divine currently shining down on us is about Deep Presence here on Earth. She is about the path of embodiment, of feeling, of choosing to be HERE NOW. She asks us: Is your Spirit in your Body? Are You at Home? I have come to see her as Love because Love is what happens when God/dess Returns to Earth Through Each of Us.

It is no coincidence that Morning Star Venus, or Dawn Boy are two ways to describe Christ. Venus’s Cycles can also be understood as initiating the Return of Christ as ever greater numbers of us remember our Divine Nature, and bring that compassionate, empowered, love-filled awareness fully to our lives here on Earth

Shekinah as the Divine Feminine Return

Within the Hebraic traditions Shekinah refers to the Spirit of God dwelling within the material creation. The “Indwelling or Eminent Divine.” Welcoming Her Home means we are no longer trying to go somewhere else, we are no longer trying to Ascend and be “better than” this human experience.

Welcoming Her Home means waking up to the exquisite beauty of Earth Herself, and the precious gift it is to be alive at this time of Great Awakening. She Comes Home when we express gratitude. She Comes Home when we are willing to face the great devastation of her waters, her soil, her air. She Comes Home Through Us when when we drop to our knees weeping, overcome by the violation and brutality currently enacted upon her Divine Body.

She Comes Home when we face the deep trauma that lives in our bodies–the cries of our mothers and grandmothers, the fathers and grandfathers inside us–and we dedicate ourselves to healing this trauma on the inside as well as the trauma on the outside.

She Comes Home when we of the dominant race, gender, or religion (which are absent the Feminine!) are finally willing to lean into our discomfort and love enough to listen to the voices of those individuals and communities who for generations have been violated, brutalized, and marginalized by a system that favors us and our well being.

She Comes Home when we are finally willing to lend a hand to raise up the voices and dedicate our time and resources to dismantling this system and re-imagining and creating a system that empowers those whose societal power has been stripped from them.

She is Coming Home through the Womb Healing work currently being initiated across the globe–which is powerful for both women and men. She is Coming Home every time a man is honored for being a nurturer and caring for relationship. She is Coming Home every time a woman chooses Self-Love over Self-Harm.

She is Coming Home every time an LGBTQ individual is welcomed, loved, celebrated and honored in their full gendered expression–and knows they are safe to be who they are.

We Know Her By Her Absence

I think to understand the Feminine best, we must look at the pain that has resulted from her absence, from the absence of fully loving presence in the physical, in the body, in this earthly experience. Jungian Marion Woodman describes this in an almost ordinary, but universal, human way here:

“I tell you the number of people who sit in my office sobbing—men and women–saying nobody ever saw me. Nobody ever had time to listen to me. So I am unlovable – the saddest word in the language. I am–don’t touch me. Sometimes I’ve had a real flood of feeling about somebody, and I think they have had one for me. And I put out my hand and they say, “Don’t touch me. I’m unlovable.”

And they mean it. There’s a child that was brought up by a mother, probably a father as well, where the feminine was not present. And when I use the word feminine, I’m not talking about gender. I’m talking about an energy.” Full Marion Woodman Speech HERE.

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