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Venus Magic and Two Week Cancer New-ish Moon Report

Night Sky Magic The biggest event to look out for in the next two weeks occurs tonight (Saturday, July 18) when the crescent Moon meets up with Venus which is at near maximum brightness, right at Regulus, the heart star in the Lion Constellation. The conjunction is exact at 6:49 pm MDT, so looking out just after sunset is the best time to see the Moon and Venus at their closest. TWO WEEK REPORT OVERVIEW Below, learn about the Cancer New Moon’s impact on our month to come, the Venus Retrograde Cycle with Regulus, a powerful Venus Retrograde Exercise you can use to your benefit, and about the underlying relationship dynamics currently stirred up by Venus and Mars individuation journeys over the past few months.

Newish Cancer Moon Report: Claiming the New Family

The Cancer New Moon, exact Wednesday night July 15, sets the tone for the month. This is a period to remember to nurture ourselves, to protect our new, vulnerable sprouting wings rather than risk their stunting through overexposure.

This is a time to ask if we have the safe relationships and contexts within which we can share ALL of ourselves—our greatest vulnerability, fear, anger, resentment, tender, seemingly impossible hopes and dreams.

If we feel that we have to shut off parts of ourselves all of the time, we either end up becoming ill, or experiencing misfires—explosive episodes where we blow up on someone or leak toxic energy in a sideways way. Much better to accept our “imperfect” feelings and personality traits and see what they can teach us about ourselves.

This is a time for us to look around and ask—who is showing up in my life as family at this time? We may be in a rhythm (short term or for some a lifetime) where our birth family clearly does not show up for us, cannot be that firm, stable foundation of unconditional love we each need as human beings to thrive.

Whether we have cobbled together for ourselves soul family near and far or some combination of these and birth kin, it is time to nourish those who source our well being, to actively cherish reach out to, and gather together those with whom we feel mutual enrichment. It might be time for some of us to emerge from our inner isolation to ask for support and companionship.

I’ve been considering the varied types of close relationship that are essential to me. One includes those new fresh spirits I encounter as I take trails in life, discover new creative passions. Like the Dream Teachers I encounter in Robert Moss’s Dream Teacher Training Workshops. I feel magically enlivened in their presence and stretched in new ways!

Another, which I think of as family, are those blood and soul (and many mingled!) with whom I feel such naturalness and comfort that we can easily be in the same space, doing different things, or we can launch into conversation and not have to cover so much initial ground to get to the good stuff.

I’ve come to see at this Cancer New Moon that what I long for yet lack currently is the natural flow into and out of my house of people I love and care for, including children, women, men, elders of all ages. I am rich in one-on-one focused connecting as well as ceremonial circles and for this I am supremely grateful.

Yet my strong boundaries of privacy have created a structure of home that does not allow as much surprise as I would like. I was recently explaining to Tom that there’s a little part of me who feels squished who’s like this caricature of a grandmother who says “come in, come in!!” to anyone who wants to drop by or stay the night, or a week or two.

This inner me conflicts greatly with my inner renunciate who needs great swathes of time alone for creative projects, work, and time in nature. It also conflicts with my renunciate partner! Finding the balance between a door fully open to surprises and clear boundaries around interruptions to my commitments and sacred work—that is a worthy endeavor!

Venus Moon Spectacle TONIGHT at the Heart of the Lion

Tonight look out after sunset to see brilliant Venus and the crescent Moon VERY close to one another in the western sky. They are activating (very close to) Regulus, the heart of the Lion Constellation. Venus has reached a fascinating point in her Evening Star Cycle, where she is preparing to station retrograde on July 25.

For this reason she appears to remain close to the same point in the sky near Regulus over the next couple of weeks (with the Moon sailing past) and is at her closest point to the Earth, transmitting her mature Capricorn Feminine wisdom to us, as well as wisdom from the Regulus, one of the most important stars in our sky during our current Turning of the Ages.

Regulus moved into the zodiacal sign of Virgo just prior to the beginning of 2012. Only once in about 2,000 years with a star along the ecliptic shift into a different zodiac sign and it will only make this transition into Virgo once about every 26,000 years. It was one of the events famed astrologer Dane Rudhyar believed signified the Turning of the Ages around the time of 2012.

Regulus has many layers of deep meaning. It was one of the 15 royal Behenian stars that within medieval Arabic and European stars was believed to have magical properties triggered when the Moon or a planet aspected it. Regulus was also one of the 4 Royal Stars of the four directions in Persian (modern day Iran) lore, referred to as the “Watcher of the North,” and associated with the Archangel Rafael, the angel of Healing.

So this is all to say that for Venus to be stationing retrograde so close to Regulus is a big deal, signifying great changes at a big level. To me, though it is much bigger than any one “this is what it means,” story. There is something significant about the “Heart of the Lion,” clearly—the activation and healing of our Great Heart collectively, what is noble and generous, and divinely inspired.

There is also the significance of this threshold in the sky where the zodiacal sign of Virgo and the zodiacal sign of Leo meet. What is it that Leo and Virgo have in common? Sovereignty. The Sacred Feminine, the Divine Masculine, whole until themselves, complete. Maintaining with ease and grace their innate divinity and spiritual nature.

Where do they differ? Leo is about development of Selfhood, self-actualization. Virgo is the sign most deeply of service to something outside of herself. Primarily she is of service to bringing balance and integration back to life on Gaia, our beloved planet, igniting in each of us a sense of devotion to caring for and treating as holy this precious Earth.

What do you feel when you see these three beautiful celestial bodies near one another over the next several nights?

Venus’s Retrograde Journey—Integration of the Full Capricorn Cycle

Venus will remain retrograde until about September 5. In that period of time she will make an interior conjunction to the Sun, meaning that she will pass between us and the Sun. She will not be visible on the face of the Sun as she was in 2004 and 2012. That will not happen for about another 100 years.

So Venus will disappear from the Evening Sky around August 9, cross the Sun. She will rise as Morning Star in the east around August 22nd in the sign of Leo, initiating a new Leo Venus Synodic Cycle. This means, from the Shamanic Astrology viewpoint that for the next 1 ½ years of this Leo Venus Cycle, Leo is the Feminine Archetype let loose upon the world stage. In other words, it is time to see feminine leadership emerge in our world, through both powerful, heart-centered women, and men in service to the feminine and a vibrant healthy Earth.

Cayelin Castell and I are now initiating a new Leo Venus Teleclass Series where we will take participants through the entire Venus Cycle as ceremony, and we will ignite our Inner Queen for women, and inner beloved for men. We invite you to join us, to activate more radiant, radical self-love in your life, and to become initiated into the mysteries of Venus. This course is LIFE CHANGING, as we and our students have discovered over the past year and a half! We invite you to learn more and enroll here. 8th Chakra Gate, Activation and Integrating Timelines

We’re in the last stage of the 1 ½ year Capricorn Venus Synodic Cycle, and this Venus Moon “Chakra Gate” can be seen as activating the 8th Chakra, and initiating a period of deep integration of our journey since this Capricorn Venus cycle began January 18, 2014.

It can also be seen as the “Ascent Gate,” as it marks the moment in the Sumerian Inanna Descent Mythology based after the Venus Cycle where Inanna emerges from the Underworld, “ascends” from her death and rebirth initiation with her Dark Sister, Ereshikigal.

The 8th Chakra is a fascinating Chakra, located about 1 ½ inches above the head. It can be seen as the “”Soul Star” Chakra, the place where we receive our deepest downloads around our true soul path in this lifetime. My favorite aspect of this chakra is described by intuitive and author Cyndi Dale who describes it as the “portal into the time, space continuum.”

It is from this point of power, she says, that we can access the Akashic Records, which records, in a factual, left brain way, all the events that have ever occurred in any timeline of our lives. It also provides us with access to the Shadow Records—regrets, missed opportunities, the “one who got away,” etc.—the layer of our lives where we hold shadow and have not released the past.

Finally, the 8th Chakra provides us with access to the “Book of Life,” the dimension where we can review all events in our lives through rose-colored glasses. In the Capricorn Morning and Evening Star Teleclass Series Cayelin Castell and I are just completing, at each Chakra Gate we provide assignments for the coming month.

I want to share with you our exercise because I think it can be EXTREMELY beneficial for anyone at this time. Venus in Capricorn Integration Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to gain the maximum benefit from the 1 ½ year Capricorn Venus Cycle, which will complete over the coming month. With Venus stationing retrograde, we are asked to integrate our experiences over the time period from when she began the cycle in January 2014.

Consider that this Venus in Capricorn Cycle can be seen as the Master Venus Synodic Cycle, so it impacts all of us and our entire culture in a massive way. As you review your life since January 2014 it is good to look for the ways the Capricorn Divine Feminine, or the Circle of the Grandmothers, have guided your path.

You might consider the following as you go through the exercise:

How have I cleared and released old patterns around self-criticism, doing addiction, or an addition to perfection? It is possible that RIGHT NOW you are really seeing how these patterns block you. It’s time to see where you are making progress and feed THAT.

How masterful have I become at my “life design?” Do I feel as though my time, energy, resources are out of my control and they “control me” rather than me controlling them? How have I become more clear on how I wish to manage and spend my precious time, energy, resources so as to get the most juice and to tend to my highest priorities?

How am I taking my place as wise one in my community? How are my actions now contributing to the wellbeing of the Earth and the next seven generations? How is my contribution now directly related to nourishing a human community that is in balance with the Earth community?

1. Capricorn Venus Recap Exercise (Left Brain/Factual Akashic Records) Using your Venus Journal other journals or memory, revisit the timeline of this Venus in Capricorn Cycle. You might divide it according to Chakra Gates Descending, Underworld, and Chakra Gates Ascending. Journal on each period and create a little summary for yourself of what happened there.

2. Shadow Records/Meeting Your Demons: Journal honestly on what you regret, what you wish you had done, missed opportunities

3. “Book of Life” Positive Review: Journal on these events from just the positive perspective, wearing “rose colored glasses.” Especially as regards your regrets (above) what were positive outcomes from your choices or lack of action?

4. Soul Star Chakra Integration/Right Brain: Revisiting each period of this Venus Cycle, create a Mantra and/or choose images for each Chakra and create a) A vision board or b) an oracle deck for each gate and the underworld c) choose an object for each chakra to place on your Venus Altar.

Venus and Mars Individuation Journey: Inner and Outer Relationship Dynamics

Currently Venus is at her brightest in the Evening Sky and closest to Earth, completing with honors her latest initiatory death and rebirth cycle. Mars is in a very different place—he remains still in the glare of the Sun where he has been since April 17.

The courageous Sacred Masculine has been undergoing his own death and rebirth initiation, or as we sometimes see it in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, his Sun Dance, where he sacrifices his old identity, faces pain and dismemberment so as to become fully initiated as a man in service to his community and to life here on Earth.

He will rise as Morning Star around August 5, just 4 days before Venus disappears into the light of the Sun for just 13 days. Mars is currently in a 2 + year Libra Synodic Cycle, exploring and bringing in the new expression of the relational masculine.

Venus and Mars happen to be in a cycle where they come together visibly 3 times in the Evening and Morning Sky in 2015, a shared cycle referred to in Shamanic Astrology as the Great Saga. This amplifies the Mars in Libra focus on relationship, making it clear that the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine is undergoing a massive shift.

As I see it, for reasons too complex to go into here, the Masculine and Feminine principles are currently on an individuation track, and for this reason we are all feeling a bit confused and jumpy inside as we try to develop two very different aspects of self at one time.

I have also seen this play out literally as conflict between partners, where both are on very different journeys, yet trying to honor the bond. There can be a feeling of—I’m doing big work here, don’t get in my way!!!

In some cases men literally are feeling the underworld dynamic very acutely as women are claiming their personal power at a level never experienced before. This will all change. I will write more of this to come but for now know the following:

If you are a woman, let the guys off the hook a bit—they are doing their work too. If you are a man, honor yourself for the courage you have shown in facing your fears, your inner demons. From now through August 5 is a very potent time to continue your inner work.

Be patient with yourself in this integration process. Change is often uncomfortable at first but the benefits of all that is occurring in the depths for us now could be truly miraculous—the coming together of the Sovereign, Whole, Mutually Synergistic Masculine and Feminine—within and without. Meditate on that for a while!

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