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Venus in Capricorn Brightest Week of February 9-15

Sun Saturn Square and Venus Greatest Illumination

This week the T-Square Trigger occurs on Monday night and Tuesday morning, followed by the Sun squaring Saturn near noon on Tuesday.  By the middle of the week Venus is at her brightest magnitude—4.6 in the morning sky, and remains at her brightest through the end of the month.

Sun square Saturn supports us in bringing some structure and grounding into our lives at a time when it may feel as though we are moving at warp speed in every direction at once, with the Year of the Horse moving forward at rapid speed.  Sun square Saturn asks us to examine whether we are managing our energy and physical health in a good way.  If not, the cracks will show.  Put on the brakes just a bit and know we can’t do everything at once; step by step will do it.

Venus is truly on stage this week in the morning sky, at her brightest and most glorious.  The Divine Feminine presence is truly awakening and infusing all of humanity with her wisdom and knowing.  She is the force of love and light that empowers us to care for the children and the most vulnerable.  In her present form as the Capricorn Goddess approaching her descent and dismemberment in the Underworld, she is our guide into a new human culture with new rules of operation.

First and foremost she is an Earth sign and so as we see her shine in the Morning Sky we can remember that our inner brightness shines ever more powerfully as we stand on this Earth and claim our place as her children, so long as our souls remain anchored in our own physical earth bodies—and perhaps through many, many lifetimes.

Both the Root Chakra and the lesser-known Chakra located beneath our feet connect us deeply to the Earth and each day it is good to remember to root powerfully to Earth, so as to walk in a beautiful and powerful way with our souls and spirits strongly anchored here in the present moment, in our present lives.

It helps to spend time every day outside, to lie on the ground when we are able, to hug trees regularly, and to maintain a steady and slow pace in our lives for most of the time.  It also helps to be awake and alert to ways we can practice greater sustainable action in our daily lives.  It helps to identify friends, groups, neighbors we can play with, to create gardens together, or carpool, or seed swap, or otherwise create the new connected, on-the-ground culture of resiliency.

It helps to support with dollars, time or both, one or more organization that advocates for wildlife, or wild places, or renewable energy, or local communities, or whatever topics move you most greatly.  Even for those of us who have focused our energies on “being the change” and largely avoid the resistance movements, we may be called to the streets in the months or years ahead in larger and larger numbers for the issues that are breaking our hearts like fracking and the Keystone Pipeline, and economic justice.

We know that many of the old rules of change-making are shifting and so we are in an extremely creative phase where we can craft our own rules, our own ways of impacting the world around us.  Yet the renewal of Capricorn also means extracting the very best practices from the past, and I believe we do well to study the movements and individuals of the 30’s (Pluto Uranus Square) as well as the 60’s and 70’s (Pluto conjunct Uranus) to see the resilient threads of culture transformation emerging there, and find ways to best build on that deep change.

What is essential is to stay centered on the Earth and in our hearts, and to remember that small actions, emerging from our wiser selves, informed by our ancestors and guides, maintained in a daily way, builds great and powerful foundations for fundamental culture change, and for the future generations.

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