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Uranus Pluto & More

We have just passed through 48-hour period packed with astrological events that we will continue to feel intensely through next week. The biggest took place early Sunday morning–the first of 3 exact Pluto Uranus squares in 2012. This followed right on the heels of a Venus Pleiades conjunction. About two hours later, the crescent Moon was conjunct Regulus.

Yesterday morning, just after midnight, Neptune and Jupiter were square, followed two hours later by the third big event-Saturn stationing direct after traveling retrograde since February. Tonight (and tomorrow night) after local midnight, look to the SW for the Bootes meteor showers, which should be especially visible this year.

As if this weren’t enough, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning Venus stations direct at 9:00 am MST, after traveling retrograde since May 15. Friday, the Sun triggers the Pluto Uranus square, illuminating the intense energies of the square through next week. Very strange and intense events are occurring at an accelerated rate, and there is a whole lot we cannot control.

Though few of us at this time are managing “perfect” equilibrium, it is vital that we really use the tools we have available to us, to get still and into our core. Whether that is meditation, prayer, time in nature, or simple connection with those we love, our moments of stillness and calm will nourish us through these days of intensity and awakening.

Much love, many blessings,



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