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Uranus & Pluto Exact Today

Are you feeling the intensity yet? Have you experienced anything unusual in the past few days or week? Thank Uranus and Pluto—they have been rapidly approaching a square, which will be exact today (Monday, May 20) at 3:02 pm MDT. This is big news, very big. It is one of those massive cycles that we can look back on in a decade and say yes—this was the period that initiated the most revolutionary, transformational changes in our world.

The cycle began with the first exact square between Pluto and Uranus on June 24, 2012. It will officially end with the final exact square in March of 2015. Yet the dynamic is felt several years prior and after, much as the Pluto Uranus conjunctions of 1965-1966 marked the center of one of the tumultuous and transformative eras in modern history.

This Uranus Pluto square is, in fact, the second movement of that ’65-66 cycle. We look back and the 60’s now and see an era of widespread awakening and upheaval—as well as great polarization between those who were waking up to the breakdown of our modern civilization and claiming a new path forward—and those who feared change and upheaval, favoring security and the status quo.

We live in a similar moment, after 50 years wrestling with the deeper questions that emerged at that time. Pluto asserts that we must face what we have most deeply feared, that we must collectively continue this process of death and rebirth, a composting of modern humanity’s assemblage point. Pluto is in Capricorn and so we are all having to “die to” our old ways of using time, energy, resources (yes—money!) so that new ways can emerge within us—like new plants sprouting from composted soil.

Uranus wakes us up in a big way, breaking apart the old beliefs, the old consciousness, the old limitations that would otherwise stunt our growth and evolution. It opens our minds, it stirs our desire for freedom and new possibility. It raises the vibration, raises the stakes, helps us in seeing that we are powerful creators of a new reality, that we are the pioneers and world changers we have been seeking for so long.

It is significant that this Pluto Uranus square is joined by a Venus Chiron square (today) and will be followed by Mercury square Chiron tomorrow. We have been feeling Pluto Uranus in the background for some time now, like the rumbling of thunder at a distance signaling a storm, shaking the earth beneath our feet. At this moment, when the energy is at a peak, we are in Chiron’s realm. We are acutely aware of how far our own lives and actions fall short of the possibilities our spirits long for.

We might feel how far humanity is from where we need to be, in order to shift our economy and culture from consumerist and extractive, to creative and regenerative. It’s okay to feel what we are feeling. It’s okay to acknowledge that under the surface our hearts have been breaking. See and accept what is real and true in your consciousness at this time, even if it hurts. Stand on the firmest foundation you can, which is the capacity to accept life, to accept yourself, to accept humanity and Earth itself, as it is right now, in this moment.

Understand also that the pain you feel comes in part from the limitation in your understanding of how change and transformation actually take place. Recognize what the original people always knew—that we must act deliberately, slowly, and with reverence for life, if we wish to live in balance with it. It is natural, and part of the deeper healing to feel pain and sorrow, as we see all the ways we have separated ourselves from our hearts, from those we love, from a full receiving of the beauty of our Earth and the others who inhabit it.

When we allow ourselves to sorrow, and to be broken open, we are made humble and clear, so that we can move forward from the center of our being, from the heart. We come to feel lighter because we acknowledge the burdens we’ve been carrying all along.

I will write much more of this Pluto Uranus square, as it will continue to be triggered in the months to come. For now, take a deep breath, and ask yourself—am I afraid to be awake? If so, why? Is there a hidden fear that rules my life and sucks out all of my life force energy, that I must face and embrace so that I claim my full personal power? Am I willing to be shaken out of my old, stuck and painful places, so that I can live a life of greater freedom, passion, and color?

Ready or not, we are waking up. We are facing the fears that have kept us immobilized. Bless all that you do that elevates you, and those you love. Bless the fact that you feel things, that you care. Bless the reality that you can change and grow. And bless the reality that we are in this together, that we have so many tools we have gathered to help us ground, and move forward with love in our hearts, and courage in our spirit.


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