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Hello Friends,

I’m feeling very blessed right now to live in Albuquerque, where I’m in one of the best locations in the US to see Sunday’s Eclipse in its annular phase (like the image to the left).


At least part of the eclipse should be generally visible close to the horizon at sunset for those of you within the central time zone. However, even if you can’t see it, you can still engage ceremonially with it as a very special Super New Moon in Gemini conjunct the Pleiades, as I describe below.

These last few weeks have continued to carry a lot of erratic energy for many of us, again requiring that we stay at the top of our game–caring for our bodies, spending lots of time grounding with the Earth, doing “real things”–spending time with our loved ones, gardening, taking walks in nature, lying on the ground, touching plants and trees, appreciating the creatures in your life–wild and family.

I’ve been appreciating birds very much lately. I feel that their profound presence right now has a great deal to do with the Gemini cycles we are on the threshold of right now… they help us learn how to fly through this world witha greater sense of levity and magic, yet also not too far from Earth–tuned into Her pulses.

Much love, many blessings,


Why This Eclipse Is Extraordinary

The image above is by no means precise (and this eclipse is NOT conjunct Galactic Center–but is within 30 degrees of Galactic Edge). Yet it’s a nice visual to help us understand how extraordinary it is that we have the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Pleiades all lined up at one time.

Within less than 10 degrees of the eclipse we also have Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury all falling in the signs of Gemini and Taurus, and within the Constellation of the Bull. So if you panned out from this very imaginary picture, you could see these planets as well (check it out on your I-phone app day of–really incredible!)

Another Reason 2012 is Significant

There are several major events in 2012 that point to it as a pivotal moment of transformation and change. One is that December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

Another is the alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun at Galactic Center, very close also at the end of this year. We have 3 exact hits of the Pluto Uranus square, and the extraordinary Venus Transit across the face of the Sun on June 5 and 6.

This eclipse is another of those markers, particularly would have been for the ancient Maya that built the great pyramids at Chichen Itza. because it occurs conjunct the Pleiades on the Solar Zenith or “Day of No Shadows” when the Sun is at the top of the sky in this part of the world.

It is significant enough that we live within a 36 year time frame that can only occur every 26,000 years, where the Sun is conjunct the Pleiades at the top of the sky on this day–but to add a total solar eclipse on this exact day makes it an extremely rare event.

We Can Co-Create With Great Mystery

So how can we work most powerfully with this event? My teachers have taught me that at these moments of great transition and change, we can all empower ourselves to work with the celestial mysteries to consciously co-create our future.

During very special moments like this, our conscious, joyful, and creative participation sends a signal to the Universe that we are ready to play our part as fully empowered human beings and masterful co-creators of reality.

If we understand the underlying dynamics that we are working with, we can set our focus deliberately on empowering the outcomes that are for the greatest good for the planet as a whole and our global family, both human and more than human.

Threshold Between Taurus and Gemini

The Eclipse occurs at the intersection between 29 Taurus (the Pleiades) and 0 Gemini. What is the alchemical magic of this intersection of very different energies?

Since June of last year, when Jupiter moved into Taurus, humanity’s dharmic leading edge has been Taurus. Often sparked through our experiences of challenge, upheaval, and trauma as our world rapidly changes, we have been learning the value in taking life one step at a time, being fully present in the moment.

Many of us who are sensitive to energetic shifts and changes have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, cannot sleep well, feel overly charged up and at risk of shorting our fuses. Too much time spent in front of computers, TV, exacerbates that problem, and leads to exhaustion.

We are finding that we must spend time in our bodies, tending to our sensory, physical being, as Taurus helps us to do. I have been spending several hours outside every day in nature, often barefoot, frequently lying on the ground, putting my hands on the earth on trees, putting myself out there in different kinds of weather–rain, high winds, feeling the body of the Earth as an extension of myself and a source of healing, grounding energy. A Special Note on the Pleiades

The Pleiades, interestingly, has been associated very much with the “Star Beings,” higher vibrational energies that have an interest in caring for our Earth and waking us up to love and higher principles so that humanity can come into a harmonious relationship with our home planet.

They have also been associated with groups or “circles” of women or men, and I like to consider that meaning and empower it. I have seen that another fundamental need for all of us at this time is to have regular circles of intimate friends and loved ones, where we can experience simple gratitude, sharing of our stories, love, and sacred ceremony–prayer, silence, and communion.

Embodying Taurus to Prepare for Gemini

Even as today’s Super New Moon is in Gemini, and we have a lunar eclipse in Gemini in June, followed by a Venus Transit to the Sun in Gemini on June 5/6, and we are beginning a new Venus in Gemini Cycle on June 12, Jupiter moves into this sign as well on June 12–signalling that Gemini is the new dharmic path for humanity.

Meditations for Sunday

I believe that this eclipse represents the moment where we fully embrace and digest the Taurean mastery of living in the moment, honoring our bodies, feeling our intimate connection with the Earth, and the circles of community we have gathered. We can meditate on what it means to create Heaven on Earth–bringing consciousness into this earthly experience so as to celebrate it, savor it, feel it in our bodies as life force, as gift, as ecstasy.

It is when we claim this wisdom and embodied knowing fully, setting the clear intention to carry this way of being into our future, into our transforming culture and world, that we are ready to enter Gemini’s terrain. We are grounded enough to enter the realm of the Magical Human, dancing through the chaos, and finding the game, the playfulness, and the True Story in it. Gemini Mysteries to Come

I will write more later about this, but in the meantime, check out my article on the upcoming Gemini Venus cycle. I have found that Gemini is the most challenging of all the archetypes to “capture!”–and this is the wrong approach! As a Gemini Moon woman myself, I will court the experience and knowing of the Wise Fool/Eternal Youth with fun, and enjoyment of the journey itself… and so may we all.

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