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Unmasking our True Voice

Check out my audio file below, with an overview of September 15 through 31

Dear Friends,

The full report today is especially long, as we are in a week-long window where a great deal is happening all at once. From last Wednesday through this coming Wednesday, the following aspects will have occurred:

The 3rd Venus Moon conjunction of this Venus cycle occurred this past Wednesday, September 12. Saturday night was the Virgo New Moon. Sunday (yesterday) night, Pluto stationed direct. Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Moon occults Spica and conjuncts Saturn. Wednesday, Pluto and Uranus are in an exact square, and the Moon occults Mars.

We are experiencing a great deal of Plutonic/Underworld energy at this time. We continue to learn how to dive into the Underworld for periods of time; then come up for air (represented by the Uranus half of the Pluto/Uranus square, as well as Jupiter and Venus in a Gemini cycle).

Our modern civilization has been built upon the separation between Masculine and Feminine, Heaven and Earth, Being and Doing, and many other such dualities.

We could say that our current Age Change is about learning to re-integrate and engaging with duality with greater freedom, playfulness, and aliveness. From the Shamanic viewpoint, we are participating in an integration of the Above and Below mysteries into Middle World reality.

We are learning in our daily, “mundane” moment-to-moment lives to dance with greater skillfulness between the extremes of dark and light, understanding and bewilderment, fullness and emptiness, joyfulness and sorrow, receptivity and dynamic action.

It is as though we are learning to move with the broader contractions of Life or the Universe itself, as it gives birth to the future, and a new morning for humanity itself. May we all experience the love that moves through these cycles of which we are part, and learn each day to stay more centered in our core essence, and in our hearts.

Much love, many blessings, Tami

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