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Transforming Libra Shadow: Reconciling Me and We


Yesterday morning upon waking I received these words, clear as a bell, in my mind:

Be Who You Are.  That Is Enough.  You Don’t Have to Prove Yourself

These words came to me in the window of the Libra New Moon, which continues through tonight, when the crescent Moon approaches Venus in the western sky after sunset.

This Libra New Moon initiates a month of working withe the Libra Mysteries and is powerful because it carries with it the seed energies of the Jupiter in Libra cycle that began September 9 of this year and completes October 26, 2017.

With this New Moon/Jupiter Libra activation We are planting the seeds now for an absolutely revolutionary, fresh new beginning in the areas of love, relationship, inter-dependence, and community.

For some of us this New Moon has felt absolutely thrilling and delightful and heart- opening and amazing. Yet many others are feeling the shadow of the old Libra patterns of co-dependency and love and relationship addiction show up for healing and release.

And wow—can we ever heal and release a lot now!

The Shadow material is coming up now because as the Libra New Moon began it was within the window of the Pluto retrograde station.  It is also because this current Jupiter in Libra Cycle began with Jupiter diving down into the “Underworld” with the Sun, and when the Moon met the Sun at the New Moon it also joined up with Jupiter, carrying the medicine of Jupiter into our own awareness.

Tonight’s Crescent Moon with Venus

When we see the crescent Moon tonight, we are seeing the Moon’s rapid renewal and rebirth of the Libra mysteries, and also a foreshadowing of Jupiter’s rebirth into the Morning Sky beginning October 10 when it becomes visible as a Morning Star.

The Moon is approaching Venus and will meet her tomorrow at 1:57 pm PDT, activating the Solar Plexus Chakra Gate, amplifying the dimension of personal power and autonomy within this Libra New Moon/Jupiter month long initiation.

Dancing with the Libra Shadow

So if you are having a hard time experiencing all the love, light and connection promised by so many in this Libra New Moon period, don’t despair.  You simply at a different point on the spectrum  leading to inevitable breakthrough in these areas.  You are dancing with the Libra Shadow.

So… how does Libra Shadow Show Up? It might show up as love addiction, or any of the myriad of ways we are in the habit of leaving our own center and landing into someone else’s energy body and putting all of our power and light there.

You are in the awareness phase.  You are becoming aware, at a level so much deeper than you’ve ever been before, of the places where you sacrifice your truth, your autonomy, your integrity, in order to be loved, to feel safe, and to be in perceived connection with others.

You are seeing how you give your power away, your clarity, your sovereignty, when you behave as if another human being can save you, or make you whole, or tell you what you need in your own life. This is all good information!!!  Learning about this means you are poised to reclaim your full experience of self so as to finally have the ability to come into authentic, healthy, intimate and co-creative partnership with others.

When we do our inner work and face our shadow around relationships and love, we are doing a powerful service for the collective, for the ancestors who live in our bones and the descendants whose voices whisper in our ears.

New Moon/Jupiter in Libra Initiating a Year of Revolutionary Change

Jupiter in Libra this year, which also will trigger the Pluto Uranus square and thus has is about revolutionary transformation of culture, holds the potential for us to collectively heal and transform the widespread polarization, isolation, injustice and inequity we see so clearly now in the world around us.

We see the Libra drive for justice most powerfully now in the indigenous movements to protect water and land as demonstrated at Standing Rock and in so many other areas where indigenous people and allies are coming together in solidarity and inter-dependence to protect the Earth for future generations.

For some of us the works is more externally focused at this time—to be actively facing the shadow of our extractive modern culture and standing strong for the Libran principals of equality, justice, community, and connection.

And for many others of us the work is occurring at an internal level. Libra to me is always an invitation to see where we are passively allowing our energy and power to be extracted from us—or where we are actively giving away our power. If we did not allow this to happen to us personally, we would not allow it to happen to the Mother, to Gaia through our fossil fuels based economy.

Cleaning Up Our Etheric Cords

Libra invites us to see where we leave our own center of gravity, our own truth, our own ground of being, in order to meet the perceived needs of others.  Libra invites us to see where we abandon ourselves, where we practice self-loathing, toxic comparison, and otherwise become so other-focused that our own life force and direction are compromised.

For many of us, we are beginning to see and feel clearly how unhealthy cords of energy attach us to others and cause illness, disease, and a weakening of our connection to our authenticity and truth.  It is important to understand that in most cases these cords are not created consciously, they are an old and outmoded way of experiencing security and bonding.

If we have a cord to a family relative, for example, that is draining us of our life force, most likely this individual is not aware of their influence.  It may also be that we ourselves unconsciously create and maintain cords that extract energy from others in a way that is not a healthy exchange.

Again, it is most helpful to look at these things in a detached way, without blame but with gratitude for understanding better how energy works and an understanding that each of us is capable of unconsciously creating cords that drain us or the other.  Now we are being called on to act on our awareness so as to clean this up and take responsibility for relationships formed not from fear and need but authentic love, connection, and joyful co-creativity.

I Do It Too and Probably So Do You

It’s painful to see and feel but I have begun to pay attention to the sometimes subtle sensation I get when I feel this ache in my belly when I think of someone, because I really long to be with them, or to be seen by them, or acknowledged, and if I don’t receive that then I feel panicky or sad, or grief stricken.  Often this is the moment where I may be unconsciously creating or feeding a cord with someone.

I see that I have that sensation on a subtle level with many people. Feelings like guilt, sadness, regret, shame, or “I can never do enough” show up in this relationship cord as well. When I have these feelings about someone I can be pretty sure I am feeding a toxic etheric cord between us.

It might show up as comparing myself or my path to another and automatically making the assumption that their path is superior to mine–or the opposite—believing my way is superior–or veering between these two extremes. Ultimately, and paradoxically, this hierarchical thinking creates separation between our spirits, even as it creates toxic etheric cords between our dense energy bodies!

So what happens when we bring our loving, conscious attention to the places where we need to “clean up” our connections with others?  We might experience fear at first, because we are so accustomed to associating love and connection with need-based cords.  So it is essential to be gentle, to practice self-care and forgiveness as we choose a way forward.

Here’s How I Do It

Here is how it looks and feels to me when I clear cords with my Mom for example.  It is ongoing work but I am getting more adept at it!!  First I feel and see how I experience guilt because I feel I am not calling or visiting Mom enough.  That feeds the toxic cord.  Then I am aware so I can choose to call on help from Archangel Michael to clear the cords between us, filling them with light and love.

This process in conjunction with some inner work to reframe my inner narrative about my relationship with Mom is very empowering.  So instead of approaching her in conversation or at the spirit level with the feeling, “it’s been 3 weeks since we talked, I’ve abandoned her,” I shift to—I’m so excited we get to connect when I call tonight, for all the ways we can share what’s been going on in our lives!

Or, “I’m really feeling a lot here and I am looking forward to connecting in a really authentic and vulnerable way, and sharing my inner process so we can become authentically closer.”

And I realize this might not be possible with your mother, but for me, these are the strengths between us that I turn to so as to shift from the old paradigm of guilt and not enough.  The question might be—what are the areas in our relationship where we can mutually support and empower one another?–and to focus on that.

I also want to acknowledge that some etheric cords have a very deep, embedded nature and we need help clearing or potentially unplugging them. I have a cord like this with a relative that I have been working with all year and I have required a great deal of help with it. I know it has affected my health so I am taking it very seriously.

I am also aware that the health symptoms are a gift, helping me increase my skill at working in these areas of energetic healing.

There are many theories on the best way to work with etheric cords.  I love Doreen Virtue’s thorough, loving, and careful article here about how to approach the issue:

When we heal our own addiction to giving away our power we are one step closer to transforming our culture, and healing Mother Earth. When we recognize the etheric cords we have created with others out of a false sense of need and fear, we can begin to see how modern humanity has created toxic etheric cords with Mother Earth which extract her life force and vitality.

Reconciliation Totem Pole under creation by Haida Master Carver Jim Hart, showing the healing and transformation underway for the Haida people after trauma of residential schools and the holocaust of the Smallpox epidemic of 1867.

Reconciliation: Facing the Shadow and Beginning Anew

In my recent magical trip to Haida Gwaii in northwestern British Columbia, I was moved deeply to see the healing power of reconciliation efforts now underway across Canada addressing the grievances of First Nations’ with the deliberate destruction of lives and cultural lifeways enacted by the Canadian government since the 1700’s.

In speaking with Haida elders, healers, and leaders, I could see clearly how facing the shadow of their own wounds and history, finally, with the public acknowledgment of what has happened, is activating accelerated healing and a feeling of powerful renewal and new growth.

When I and my circle of 4 dreamers went to the North Beach on Haida Gwaii to do ceremony and journey together at the Fall Equinox, I believed we were there in part to bring healing to the land.  Yet what I felt, to my surprise, was that the land is absolutely clear, healthy, healed and friendly.

Ocean at the Beginning of Time: Where the Hiellen River Meets the Pacific Ocean and where we first dreamed ourselves to Haida Gwaii in 2015, then visited in reality–I cried when I got there! I remembered it!

It seemed to me like a miracle. The ocean there felt timeless and beautiful, as if it was continually rebirthing a new world—in me, and the other dreamers, and everyone who visits there.  I felt that part of the fresh new energy was related to the way the Haida people have embedded within their awareness, within their totem pole art, within their stories and poems a theme of continual metamorphosis, transformation and renewal.

The Haida have beautiful tools built within their culture to help them navigate and embrace both shadow and light, and the death and rebirth that is continually occurring around them.  Totem poles often have an animal or human eating another or coming out of the mouth of another.  There is a fluidity of form and an ease with death and transformation that our modern culture is lacking.

I feel that in this year where we are called to heal and transform the mysteries of Libra—our way of connecting with others while respecting each’s autonomy and sovereignty—we do well to embrace as well the reality that each of us is continually changing, transforming, dying and being reborn.

Let’s surrender our belief of Other and self as fixed and reconcile our past wounding and trauma through masterful self-love and acceptance, extended outward into the world, creating a culture of synergy, true equity, and inner and outer peace.

Be Who You Are.  That Is Enough.  You Don’t Have to Prove Yourself.

These words I received yesterday morning might sound more Aries than Libra—they feel so focused on self-awareness, right? Yet for me, they sound like the perfect medicine to initiate the new, healthy, Libra paradigm. And they also honor the reality that tomorrow the Moon joins Venus at the Solar Plexus Chakra, emphasizing the need to focus on the Me in the We of Libra.

When we can show up authentically as ourselves, knowing we are complete, and without an agenda to prove ourselves, we are ready to be in relationship with another.  We honor ourselves and our truth so we become capable of being in community in a way that is healing, empowering, and transformational to all.

This strength of self-knowing can allow us to be fully vulnerable, to fully show up for the joyful work we have ahead of us this month and this year, to connect, to collaborate, and to co-create with joy and delight, beginning anew, being reborn, and rebirthing our world together.

With Such Gratitude for All Beings, Expressing Who You Are, With Such Brilliance and Love. I Bow To You, My Family!!

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