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Total Lunar Eclipse Magic

The Gemini Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 6:36 am MST, the Full Moon in Gemini is exact, and the Total Lunar Eclipse is well underway. The eclipse begins at about 4:45 am MST, with totality beginning at 7:05 am (right at sunrise here in ABQ), completing at 7:33 am. In North America, the full eclipse will only be observable in N. Canada and Alaska. The full eclipse should be visible as well in Asia, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

It is possible that viewers from as far E in N. America as Ontario, through the Ohio River Valley, and down to the Gulf (as well as everyone from the W of that) will be able to experience an unusual phenomenon: selenelion-where we can see the Sun and the eclipsed Moon at the same time. This is possible because of atmospheric refraction. Full article describing this here: Ancient Perspectives on Eclipses

It has been widely reported that many ancient (and quite a few modern) cultures saw eclipses as harbingers of natural disasters, and other challenging events. However, eclipses received a more positive reception by the Tahitians who saw eclipses as lovemaking between the Sun and Moon, and many Arctic people whose stories described the Sun and Moon leaving their stations in the sky so that they could check on the affairs of the Earth, as a kind of benevolent caretaking. How Do We Engage with the Eclipse Now?

For modern people, eclipses have become that rare event that gets us out of our houses and gazing up into the celestial sphere in wonder, stirring and reknitting our ancient relationship to the night sky. My teachers point out that a lunar eclipse recapitulates the entire month for the Moon from fullness to crescent and back again. For this reason, it can be understood as an intense compression of time that we can tune into, in order to gain profound insights.

I believe that the Universe responds to our enthusiastic appreciation of its wonders. It is especially powerful to be outside observing the Full Moon (and whatever dimension of the eclipse is visible from your area). However, the multitude of people across the globe aware of the eclipse shows cyber communications’ capacity to sometimes help us collectively engage with ancient, magical realities-whether we are all able to observe it literally for ourselves. Current Eclipse Circumstances–Tuning into the Highest Truth

This Lunar Eclipse and the time compression it represents, occurs with the North Node still aligned with the Great Attractor, and the Sun also within just 4 degrees. It also occurs just hours after Uranus has stationed retrograde, and at the tail end of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. The North Node represents humanity’s progressive destiny, the Sun represents Great Mystery, or Divine Revelation, and Mercury Retrograde taps us into our right brain intuitive knowing.

With Uranus and Sagittarius such prominent energies, we have access to Higher Truth and Vision. With Mercury Retrograde and Gemini activated, our minds can help to us access hidden knowledge that our more rational, logical brains cannot fathom. At the most basic level, this weekend can feel very expansive, liberating, and otherworldly.

Recalibration of Humanity’s Spirit and Mind

Yet it is much bigger than this. Over the next few days, I believe that we can all receive a download of vital information and understanding that can help lead us through the year to come, with greater clarity and intuitive accuracy. Humanity is in need of a complete recalibration of our collective Spirit and Mind (Sag and Gemini) in order to successfully move forward into the New Earth we are all longing for. This weekend, in my view, is a trigger point, for that recalibration.

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