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This Tilted Earth, This Radiant Star

December 21, 2011

Through the Weekend: Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice was exact this evening (Wednesday) at 9:30 pm, at the moment the Sun entered the sign of Capricorn. The Solstice Sun is near conjunction with Uranus, exact tomorrow (Thursday) at 2:14 pm. This Sun/Uranus meet-up is like a second download, after the Sun/Uranus conjunction last spring equinox, at 0 Aries.

Adding to this combination of Capricorn (Saturn) and Uranus (Aquarius) is Venus, which was square Saturn on Sunday and moved into the sign of Aquarius yesterday. Saturn and Capricorn represent the “bones,” or structure of our human culture at any given point in history. Aquarius/Uranus can awaken us to electrifying new possibilities for the “resetting” of the bones/humanity’s operating manual.

So over these next few days, tune in and ask to receive innovative, inspired guidance on how to better manage your personal time, energy, and physical space. Ask for expanded belief of what it is possible for you to create and manifest.

We are all too often unaware of how our limited beliefs and perceptions keep us trapped in lives that do not serve our full humanity and joy. This weekend is an excellent time to ask for guidance in designing a life that truly serves our joy and allows us to make our full contribution in the world.

It is good to be willing to be surprised, as what we believe we want often falls short of the extraordinary gifts the Universe can set up for us, if we are not too busy blocking the flow.

Thursday: Ursid Meteor Showers

Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday nights are the best for viewing the Ursid meteor shower, which is expected to feature 10 per hour at peak times. Because of our pre-New Moon dark skies, the chance of catching sight of a few shooting stars is pretty darn good!

Saturday: New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn is exact at 10:06 am, on Saturday December 24. By evening the Moon will be conjunct Pluto at 7 Capricorn. So we have the Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Pluto involved. Now we are getting a big dose of depth and intensity, so that we can bring greater vibrancy and life force into our transforming “middle world reality.”

This weekend we are truly navigating the Celestial, the Middle World, and the Underworld all at the same time. The Sun Uranus square and Venus in Aquarius both put us in touch with the celestial dimension, to trigger our awakening to higher states of consciousness, and an expanded perception of what is possible for us to create. Tap into this as you set your intentions.

The Capricorn Sun, strengthened by the Venus in Capricorn square to Saturn on Sunday, means that the heightened potential of Uranus/Aquarius can be channeled into the recalibration of our middle world reality. The addition of Pluto to the mix adds the element of depth and organic regeneration; helping us to tap into the wisdom of the Dark Goddess that we need at this time in order to actualize a new cultural paradigm from the ground up. Sunday: Jupiter Direct Station at 0 Taurus

Add to all of this Jupiter stationing direct at 0 Taurus at 2:09 pm on Sunday, and we experience a potent window of creation. We can extract ourselves from busyness and take time to focus our awareness and attention on Source.

Then we can easily receive the practical, expansive, and mind-blowing visions and energetic blueprints which can lead us into a New Year, ready and able to play our part in the restructuring of humanity’s operating manual (beginning with our own lives).

Over the next 6 months, Jupiter will move through all the degrees of Taurus and into Gemini. So humanity has until June to get into the Taurus dharma flow of savoring and fully receiving the deliciousness of the Earth experience.

What would happen if we in the wealthiest, most culpable nations approached the burning issues of climate change, dwindling resources and exploitation of our most vulnerable human and ecological communities with this answer, for ourselves: slow the hell down.

Work less, and spend your time doing what you enjoy. Grow a garden, love on your kids. Spend a long, relaxed day with your beloved, taking long walks in nature, lounging around. Connect with neighbors to exchange goods and services.

We consume the most mindlessly when have trapped ourselves into patterns that deny us the simple luxuries of time for dreaming, nurturance to relationships, and cultivation of our creativity and passions. If it is only possible to slow down the tiniest bit, then do that. The smallest changes can shift our lives in meaningful ways.

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