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The Venus Regulus Effect

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Yet again, we are living in a moment of accelerated evolution and growth, with so many extremely significant aspects it is challenging to address each one.

The most important to note is that on Friday Saturn moved into Scorpio, after spending 2 ½ years in that sign, signaling a very big shift in humanities current area of maturation and growth.

Venus’s conjunction to Regulus was one of the most important events of the year, and we will feel the effects for months to come.

In addition to its conjunction with Regulus, between September 17 and today, Venus will have squared Mars and opposed Chiron and Neptune while Mars squared Venus and squared Chiron and Neptune as well.

This Friday, Venus is conjunct the crescent Moon at the 4th gate, and we are all invited to release the ways we protect our hearts from love, and from a life fully lived.

This report dives deeply into the significance of all this as regards to the dramatically shifting dynamics between men and women, the activation of our Heart Chakra, and the fast path to spiritual evolution suggested by the Venus Regulus conjunction.


Venus Dances with Regulus

Venus has just been infused with a dose of pure magic, as it conjoined with Regulus late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning last week, within 1/8 of a degree. A friend and I camped out under the stars that night, and awoke at 4:00 am to see just rising, luminous, enormous in the Eastern sky. Confused at first, as I saw Regulus nowhere nearby, the binoculars revealed Venus and Regulus, so close I had mistaken them for one planet.

Venus has just crossed the threshold from Leo to 0 Virgo, where Regulus resides, after moving from 29’59 to 0 Virgo on November 28 of last year. Within many mystery and magical traditions there is the understanding that if one is to fully know God/Goddess, and to live in the Heart of the Divine, one must have a well-developed ego that can be surrendered.

It is like the way author Martin Prechtel describes the Tzutujul Mayan perspective on right relationship with the gods and goddesses. Human beings are to create beauty-beautiful language, poetry, stories, art, ceremonies, clothing, ways of being with one another-so as to feed the gods and bring balance to the world.

There’s this wonderful idea that it is right and true to develop and express our unique beauty and gift in the world, so as to please Spirit. Some layers of Judeo Christian teachings tend to cause us to believe that we are supposed to dull our inner light and stay small, so that God won’t be offended by our hubris and self-importance.

Of course, we are also afraid that if we shine too brightly, others will become jealous and harm us, or withdraw their love. But an underlying belief is that if we are to follow a spiritual path, the highest path is always to transcend the ego, and the personality, in order to surrender to/merge with the will of God.

I have seen how individuals who come into this world with a large, well developed ego and sense of self can really thrive in a religious or spiritual tradition that challenges them to become more humble, to surrender their ego, and move ever more into a role of deep and profound service to others.

Yet there are many others for whom the path looks quite different. For many of us the most strenuous and growth-oriented path is to develop a strong sense of self, and of ego.

This means learning to really take the time and effort to trust our own intuition, to heed our own “still small voice,” and actively release an over identification with external authority-whether embodied in a priest, a boss, a parent, a holy text, you name it.

It means learning to hold our own inner truth and experience as a holy (and evolving) flame, to be willing to appear wrong in the eyes of others so that we can become intimate with our own ever expanding experience of morality, truth, selfhood, and knowing of Divine nature. It means being willing to make mistakes as we explore life as the captains of our own soul.

FOR THE FULL REPORT, SIGN UP HERE and email me immediately at so that I can send you this full report ASAP.

Thank you!

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