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The Star of David and Restoring the Garden of Eden

The Star of David or Star Tetrahedron is powerfully activated by the Moon throughout the day today (Monday, July 29). The Star of David has been activated for the past few days, continuing through this week, but the Moon is really bringing it “down to Earth” for us today. From this morning through late this evening, we can engage powerfully with this event which, according to Cayelin Castell, co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, opens a portal between Heaven and Earth.

The Moon activation of the Star Tetrahedron/Star of David occurs just two days after Mars opposed Pluto and the Sun squared Saturn (Saturday, July 27), and two days prior to Mars square Uranus (Wednesday, July 31). This Star Tetrahedron is comprised of an Earth Trine and a Water Trine—two triangles creating a perfect, six-sided star. The Water Trine is comprised of Saturn/North Node in Scorpio, Mars/Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces; the Earth Trine is comprised of Venus in Virgo, South Node/Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn.

Interestingly, the number 6 is ruled by Venus, and with both trines expressed in the feminine signs of Water and Earth, we have a supportive, flowing, grace-filled day to help us integrate the Mars trigger of the Uranus Pluto Square, and the still-lingering Sun Saturn square—both of which on their own are very growth-oriented aspects that can feel quite challenging.

So it is that the Feminine Principal is holding supportive space as the Masculine Principle activates the Pluto Uranus square. Mars is putting the gas pedal, as it were, onto the breakdown/breakthrough process that is the signature of our times. Today is a good day to take action toward our goals, in a steady yet inspired way. I can imagine no more powerfully supportive energy than this Star of David, to help us balance action with great presence of being.

Beyond gender, the return of the Divine Feminine has to with ever greater numbers of us falling in love with our Earth, our life, our body, our community, the landscape we inhabit, embracing this incarnated experiences as holy, and worthy of our devoted attention. The Sacred Feminine brings Spirit into Matter in order to consecrate it.

And there can be no new creation without the Masculine, as well, coming in to spark new life, within the receptive womb-space created by the Feminine. We have all these elements present at this time, all the energies needed to bring Heaven down to Earth. Right now, in this moment. And it is not insignificant that Mars is in the sign of Cancer (which is about giving birth) and Venus in the sign of Virgo (which is about Gaia, the living, conscious, breathing Earth).

Restoring the Garden of Eden–the Time is Now

My prayer, my vision for this moment is to envision all the lands across this Earth, all the biomes, the ecosystems, from the oceans to the rivers to the deserts to the old growth forests and the baby second growth forests. From the wetlands to the rainforests to the streams to the Great Lakes, to the grasslands and savannas and prairies—that across all these lands we feel and see a stirring of new life.

For all these organs in the body of the Earth to feel the stirring of new life. That all the cleansing fires, and floods and Earth Changes have been accomplishing their aim: to make space, to create room—both in the physical landscape and in the collective psyche of the human species, for the regeneration of life, the reweaving of the matrix of life systems—from the microorganisms in the soil, intertwined with the roots of plants and trees, to those species who most require the complex and deep layers of life supporting them—including the tigers, lions, great whales and we ourselves, whose alive spirits actually require this great diversity of relations on our living Earth, in order to reach our full diversity and potential.

I have been dreaming of large bodies of water, filled with vibrant communities of fish and other aquatic life. There is this powerful sense of abundance, of mystery, of complexity of relationships. That the deep pools of water contain mysteries beyond our imagining. This dream was followed by another

my partner found a salamander in a field of grasses. To me finding a salamander is a symbol of hope, as they are the first to disappear when an ecosystem is overburdened by toxins and pollutants.

I awaken feeling joy at the possibility of reversing the trend of eco-cide, that perhaps it is possible to restore the health and vibrancy of our Earth. I remember a female farmer I knew, who restored a wetland on her farm and was amazed to see strange plants, orchids, springing up from soil that had not been immersed in water for decades. The seeds had been waiting.

I consider Brazilian documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado, who spent years documenting the devastation of the environment across the globe, before returning to his parent’s farm in Brazil, where he and his wife restored their sense of hope by restoring the lands there. Following that he began the Genesis project, where he has made 32 trips since 2004, documenting still intact, healthy ecosystems. He claims that despite widespread human impact, 45% of our planet is “still what it was at the beginning.”

I consider projects that have been growing, to restore bison herds to the Great Plains. Against so much opposition, steady progress has been made. I consider the return of the gray wolves to Idaho, and across the West, where they have regained a strong foothold, and proven they can coexist with humans. These steps forward are not guaranteed, there are many individuals and institutions hard at work, trying to push them back.

To me they remain a testament to what is possible if humanity allows ourselves to feel what we have lost and understand we can play a part in supporting and nourishing the seeds that remain from a deeper, more vibrant biological era, so as to truly, literally, experience Heaven on Earth.

I imagine the possibility of each of us dreaming into the deeper potential of health and wholeness of the lands each of us inhabit. Whether we live in a rural context, or a great city, what ecosystems existed before, what species roamed these areas, what were the native trees and plants, and soil types, and birds? What were the stories about this place? How might be begin to restore what has been lost, or better yet create the conditions where it can restore itself?

And as we awaken to the possibilities of what we can do to restore health and well being to the natural systems around us, what actions will we take to anchor these dreams? Let us fall so in love with what is possible for this planet that we will accept no less than the fulfillment of our potential as stewards, restoring the Garden of Eden. It is time.

Deep ecologist Paul Shepard introduced me to the life-altering idea that the diversity of species on Earth is linked to the creative potential within the human psyche, and that the loss of one diminishes the other. So here’s a beautiful quote from him, to remember our interconnectedness, and celebrate the possibilities for Heaven on Earth, opened through the activation of this Water/Earth Star Tetrahedron: “Ecological thinking…requires a kind of vision across boundaries. The epidermis of the skin is ecologically like a pond surface or a forest soil, not a shell so much as a delicate interpenetration. It reveals the self—ennobled and extended rather than threatened as part of the landscape and the ecosystem, because the beauty and complexity of nature are continuous with ourselves.” –from “Ecology and Man–A Viewpoint.”

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