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The Power of Prayer

April 3 to April 19

Venus Rising–Full Emergence of the Female Shaman

Venus is the superstar (super planet!) in the night sky these days. She has been growing brighter, and rising higher since she first appeared in the evening sky near the Fall Equinox last September. She is the Scorpio Divine Feminine who like a powerful flame has been rising up into our world, where we can finally see and welcome her strength and sacred wisdom.

On April 24th, as she joins the crescent Moon, she will be passing the 7th and final gate where she reclaims her crown and thus her full empowerment as Queen of Heaven and Earth. We can all feel her energy rising, and growing from now through then, and in the month to follow, as she “ascends into the upper world”, and fully claims empowerment at every chakra, and every dimension of Earth experience.

Venus has just enacted, over the past 1 ½ years, the descent journey and death and rebirth cycle of the Goddess. We’ve felt this cycle in miniature, but we can also feel that it represents a much larger cycle of death and rebirth for the Female Shaman. She has been repressed, burned at the stake, reviled, and feared throughout the past 6,000 years of the Patriarchy. Now she is re-emerging, to restore balance between masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, heaven and earth.

We are all receiving greater access to her unique expression of the Sacred Feminine. Our innate wildness, and soulfulness. Our shamanic perception, connected to the pulse of our Earth, which helps us to see and physically experience the life force energy that flows through our physical world. She helps us to heal the schism that has separated us from the living Earth and all her creatures.

She is the one who “plugs us in,” so that we have full access to our creative, sexual, regenerative energy. As we each claim our unique soul contribution, to assist in the birthing of a new era, we have need of all our life force energy, and a deep connection to Earth wisdom that she represents.

Venus in Gemini Conjunct the Pleiades–Circles of Women

This morning (Tuesday) Venus moved into the sign of Gemini. Though she is still in the Scorpio Overtone cycle, we are beginning to feel a shift in energy as she prepares for her metamorphosis in early June, into the Gemini Goddess. The new Gemini Venus cycle begins on June 12, when she rises as a morning star, still in the sign of Gemini. We are beginning to feel the influx of a lighter, more playful, more magical element of the Sacred Feminine, to balance the Scorpio intensity.

Venus is also bringing in a first wave of the energy we will experience on May 20, one of the biggest astrological events of the year. On May 20, the Sun is conjunct the Pleiades at the moment of a total lunar eclipse, visible through much of the Northern hemisphere, and especially dramatic at 19 degrees latitude, along the line where the great Mayan pyramids were built. Here the Sun will be at the “top of the sky” (solar zenith) on the day the event occurs.

This afternoon, Venus is conjunct the Pleiades. It is extremely close, within .40 degrees of Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster-a very unusual event. The Pleiades has always held spiritual significance for the time keepers and sky watchers. When a planet passes close by, we know that something significant is happening in the realm of spirit.

For many modern spiritual seekers coming from a new age perspective, the Pleiades is one of the most powerful access point to the Star Beings, or extraterrestrial intelligence. Across multiple cultures, the Pleiades represents a gathering or group of sisters. I see it as a reminder of the vital role played by circles of women at this time. We become empowered and connected to the divine feminine when we gather together in a sacred, supportive, and celebratory way.

Mercury Stations Direct-Accessing the Vision

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 4:11 pm, Mercury stations direct at 24 Pisces. Tomorrow morning promises to be a dreamy time, with a feeling of suspension or time-out-of-time. If possible, take extra time out for meditation, sunrise ceremony, or otherwise creating sacred space to receive insight, and guidance.

I have seen with others (and personally experienced) the very literal effects of Mercury Retrograde during this cycle, with miscommunications, technological issues, car problems, computer glitches, time mix-ups, etc.

Yet I have also seen the way that personally, and even in groups, we can shift our energy from stress and overwhelm to gentle humor, as we see that this is an opportunity to lighten up, and live life from a place of greater magic and surprise, rather than control.

We can expect a more subdued undercurrent of Mercury Retrograde from the direct station through the time where Mercury leaves its “retrograde shadow” on April 24. This window is also a powerful time to revisit the learning and growth of awareness we’ve experienced over the past 3 weeks and integrate it more deeply and fully in the months to come.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle has crisscrossed the threshold from Pisces and Aries, so it has a lot to do with finding the magical point between accessing our higher visions, and then bringing those visions into inspired action, through Aries. Over the past three weeks, what have you been releasing, discovering, uncovering, that helps you to come from this place of inspired, fresh, visionary action?

Venus square Neptune–The Power of Prayer

This Thursday evening, Venus squares Neptune in the early degrees of Pisces. Yet another download of Piscean/Neptunian mysteries, a reminder that though we are not as immersed as we were in early spring, we are still able to quickly and effortlessly access guidance and support from the higher, angelic realms when we need it.

I have found in the past couple of weeks a renewed ability to pray, with heart and with open humbleness. This has felt like such a gift, as I (like all of us, I suspect), go through periods where it feels difficult to connect to Spirit. Lately, I have been remembering how easy it is, before I give a reading for example, or encounter a situation that I know will be challenging, to connect with my guides and allies, and ask that the process be for the greatest benefit of my client, myself, all others involved.

To me it feels that the gift of prayer is that it reminds me that the world we live in is filled with Spirit, in so many forms, and that I am surrounded by love and friendliness. This sense of being surrounded by love on all sides is, I believe, a form of protection, and one I’ve been blessed to experience repeatedly in my life. I do not think it is naïve, but rather a clear perception of truth.

It does not mean that we pretend there is no such thing as negative energy, or pain, sadness, hate, or malice. It is true that these energies exist. But when we immerse ourselves in an internal environment of prayer, we gain tremendous inner strength so that we can effortlessly brush off the darker energy that does not belong to us, and directly face the shadow material that is ours to work with at any given moment-with love, courage, and gentle faith.

Praying that the process or outcome we are engaging in with another, or others, be of greatest benefit for ourselves and them is a practice that deeply reminds us of our connectedness with others and the ways that we can be of mutual service and upliftment for each other. It also helps us to recognize that others have their own higher selves, and spiritual allies, so that we can align ourselves with that aspect of their being, as well as their middle world persona.

Full Moon in Libra near Spica

Friday the Full Moon in Libra is exact at about noon. At about 6:30 pm, Venus and Mars are square. At about 11:00 pm, the Moon is conjunct Spica, and at about 4:00 am, it is conjunct Saturn. For the three days surrounding the Full Moon, we do well to assess the way we have been “doing” relationship.

Are we balancing our needs with those of others in a healthy way? Are we learning to work synergistically? How are we approaching moments of conflict, where it appears that our own needs and those we are collaborating with do not match up? The Full Moon is the moment the Aries Sun and the Libra Moon are in polar resonance with each other (opposition).

We can clearly see and feel the tension and growth potential in our closest relationships, and often, what we can do to bring them into greater balance. There is also the element of unexpected, potentially cathartic conflict and release, represented by the square of Mars and Venus. This more explosive or dynamic energy is likely to show up in our spiritual connections with ourselves and others. We can consciously channel this energy into healing, growth, and forward movement.

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