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The Heart of Initiation

January 9, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer was exact a little after midnight (MST) early this morning. Through the morning hours it passed through the poles of duality represented by Castor and Pollux, the two brightest stars in the Twins constellation.

So much of the Night Sky Story at this time speaks to the Birth process. Cancer is the sign most concerned with gestation and birth. On Solstice our Sun was “reborn” at Galactic Center, where souls are believed to exit, as well as new souls are believed to come forward. Mercury has crossed Galactic Center as well, and is still within about a degree.

Tonight is a wonderful time for Full Moon ceremony, celebrating what has been birthed in our lives from the time of the last New Moon in Capricorn (Christmas Eve, December 24) until now. It is also a time to look back and see clearly what blocks and old baggage are most obviously ready to be discarded at this time.

This release allows us to build even stronger foundations over the next two weeks leading up to the Aquarius New Moon on Monday, January 23rd. We can even visualize physically “giving away” all that no longer serves into the center of our galaxy, for “recycling, or composting” into the New that wants to be born.

Mercury activates Pluto Uranus Square

This Full Moon was preceded by Mercury squaring Uranus yesterday (Sunday) late afternoon. Early Friday (January 13) morning, Mercury is conjunct Pluto. Over the course of 2012 Pluto and Uranus will be exactly square in June and September, the first of 7 squares that will occur from now through 2015.

2011 Global Uprisings

This Mercury transit to Uranus and Pluto follows the Sun conjunction to Pluto and square to Uranus over the holidays. We are receiving “waves” of information about what this transit feels like, looks like, tastes like. Mercury acts as the messenger, transmitting a deeper comprehension of Great Mystery for us.

We began to feel and see the impacts of the Pluto Uranus Square in early 2011, building throughout the year and expressed through popular uprisings across the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, the US, and many other areas across the globe.

The Second Movement after the ’60’s and ’70’s

The 60’s and early 70’s were the high points of the Pluto Uranus conjunction that planted the seeds now erupting with this current Pluto Uranus square. This is the second movement, where the driving issues and questions that emerged into our collective consciousness during the 60’s and 70’s have come to a crisis point.

The environmental movement and first recognition of global warming, civil rights, women’s equality, the antiwar and antinuclear movements, indigenous people’s rights, environmental and economic justice, sexual liberation, economic crises sparked by our fossil fuels addiction. These were the issues emerging on the world stage at that time. Lessening of T-Square Structure

Now we see that the issues underlying these movements have reached a critical stage; signaling the unraveling of the modern institutions and paradigms that have contributed to our current eco-cide. Over the past couple of years, the approach of the Pluto Uranus square has been part of a T-Square, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus, and Saturn creating holding the 3rd space.

This T-square is still in effect, with Saturn still moving through the sign of Libra until the fall. However, as Saturn moves further from the early to mid-degrees of Libra, its impact is felt less and less. Saturn has been acting to hold back the transformative, liberating energies of Pluto square Uranus, permitting us a bit more time to “get our house in order” before we see the old paradigms and societal institutions truly break apart.

It also represents the lessening ability of those “in power” to hold back the tide of economic chaos, and popular uprisings. We are truly on the verge of a breakthrough, and we all feel it. For this reason, this is the time to get grounded and to build our internal foundation of spiritual practice, as well as practical affairs in order including creating structures of support to have our basic needs met, while contributing to the well being of your neighbors as well as the waters, soil, and air in our immediate environment Venus and the Neptune/Chiron Download Friday at about 8:00 am, Venus is conjunct Neptune in the late degrees of Aquarius. At almost 11:00 pm, she moves into the sign of Pisces. Early Sunday morning (Jan 15), Venus is conjunct Chiron in the sign of Pisces. The Goddess in Scorpio (Venus in her Scorpio cycle) has been claiming her personal power, and will, since passing through the 3rd Gate (activating the 3rd Chakra) on December 26th.

She is approaching the 4th Gate, where she reclaims the Power of the Heart, at the 4th Chakra. In preparation for this passage, it makes sense that she is receiving the most profound transmissions of Neptune/Pisces and Chironic energy. We are all feeling the rising presence of the Scorpio Sacred Feminine into our middle world reality. She is present in the disruptive cycles of cleansing and upheaval, holding the Pluto side of the Uranus/Pluto Transit.

Her intent is to bring Spirit (consciousness) INTO the realm of earthly experience, in order to transform it. She is the midwife of the Death Rebirth process we now find ourselves in. She is the Female Shaman, orchestrating this initiation for the Earth herself, and all life upon it including humanity as the self-conscious dimension of Gaia.

She is currently downloading the greatest compassion, empathy, and capacity as a healer, as she absorbs the healing and light-filled energy of the Neptune/Pisces/Chiron archetypes. This is a powerful time to look within and access the greatest transpersonal love, compassion, and acceptance of humanity and our Earth, precisely where we find ourselves.

If we are to engage with our current initiation and emerge on the other side, it helps to cultivate humility, a deeper love and compassion for humanity, and a deeper sense of trust in the unfolding evolution of our species and our universe.

This does not diminish our impulse to “Occupy” and transform every aspect of middle world reality. It simply centers us in our personal and collective hearts, as we move forward into the future with courage, love, and strength, willingly playing our part in the birthing of a new human culture in balance with the Earth, and honoring of the future generations.

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