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The Awakened Masculine

Dear Friends,

I wanted to send a special quick note in addition to my New Moon and Full Moon reports, because the next few days feature some BIG events!

We’re already feeling the big shift from Pisces to Aries, since the Sun moved into Aries Wednesday at the Equniox, and yesterday (Thursday) Venus moved into Aries as well. Uranus Mars Conjunction–Aries Breakthrough!

This morning (Friday) at about 11:17 am MST, Mars and Uranus (in Aries!) meet up in the closest planet to planet conjunction since at least 1990, possibly 1942.

At the most immediate level this means–big bursts of energy, unpredictable events, an accelerated feeling of movement and evolution.

On a practical level–slow down, drive defensively, and consciously choose to radiate calm in the midst of this energetic firestorm. If we can somehow manage to channel the wild, impulsive energy “for good and not for evil(!) we can get a lot accomplished.

In the bigger picture, this is a moment where the Sacred Masculine gets a big wake up call–is literally provided a transformational download from the Master R-Evolutionary Change Agent.

Our will, our capacity to penetrate and influence our world, our “outward” aspect is undergoing a very radical shift. We are learning to raise the vibration of our more masculine willfulness so that it is in harmony with the Big Picture, Divine Will, Higher Consciousness.

We could see this literally as a seed point where the new Masculine consciousness is awakened, and liberated. What would it mean to live in a world where men feel free to express their uniqueness, their wholeness, to be all of who they are?

What would it mean to live in a world where healthy, life-affirming masculine qualities are honored, treasured and nurtured within both men and women?

What would it mean to align and surrender the willful aspects of ourselves to something bigger, to Spirit?

I see tomorrow’s Mars Uranus moment as an opportunity for profound breakthrough into trust, into radical change, into accelerated evolution of Human Will in concert with Divine Will.

Pluto and Chiron Activation Tuesday

Next Tuesday (March 26) is also a big day, with Mars completing its activation of the Uranus/Pluto square by squaring Pluto. Later in the day Jupiter will square Chiron. In other words, Tuesday is a day to expect the emotional waters to be stirred deeply.

We may simply feel off our game, or may be triggered by old feelings of hurt, or pain, or unworthiness. Depending on what our unique core wound may be, it is likely to be activated. So be tender with yourself and those you love. Create a space to feel what you are feeling so that it can move through you, creating new space for life and growth; fertilizing new soil.

My sister, Toni Rahman, posted some wonderful excerpts on her blog from a book by Melody Beattie on how to “catch and release” our emotions.

One of my favorite books that helps readers use their moments of greatest emotional rawness as an opening into profound intimacy with ourselves and others is Undefended Love. This is a book for Warrior’s of the Heart. And we are all on this journey together, learning to use life’s pain and change as catalysts to become ever more open, ever more whole, ever more intimate with our world, our beloveds, and ourselves.


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Much love, many blessings!


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