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Taurus New Moon Report: Life as Embodied Prayer

The Taurus New Moon was exact this morning, (Wednesday, April 26) at 5:16 am PDT.  From now through tomorrow (Thursday) night is powerful time for ceremony.

When we source Taurus our lives become embodied prayer. When we drop into the pleasure inherent in our physical bodies our breath, the sensation of touch, the fragrance of a flower, the beauty of our beloved friend’s smile, the sound of morning birdsong, the caress of a soft breeze, our receptivity and delight is in itself a gift, a prayer, a healing for the Earth and for ourselves.  We fall in love with the Earth and She falls in love with us in return.

Our Taurus New Moon intentions are going to be manifested much more powerfully if we engage them with all of our senses.  So light a candle, use essential oils, put flowers on your altar, sing songs to invoke your deepest held desire for the month to come.  Whether you invoke your intentions in private ceremony or alone, come to it dressed in something that makes you feel radiant, sensual, at ease in your body.

Be sure to bring your complete attention to how it feels in your body to fully manifest your intentions, focusing on that sensation as if you are living that experience NOW.  Taurus is a powerful manifestor, and my dear friend and gifted intuitive Taurus Moon,taught me that if you want to generate abundance for yourself, you have to slow down long enough for it to come to you!

Slow Down to Attune to Earth Consciousness

In my recent visit to Costa Rica, when Mercury was in Taurus, stationing retrograde, I was walking through the Cloud Forest in Monteverde on the suspension bridges taking me over the tops of the trees.  I walked slowly, savoring every step. I felt as if my entire being was lit up in an enormous, blossoming smile.

My full presence was a celebration of the sensual, gorgeous, generous Mother Earth, so filled to the brim with life.  I felt as if she was breathing under my feet and all around me, and my breath matched her breath.  I felt this same sensation back in Missouri, where spring is in full bloom.

The Taurus New Moon invites us to deepen our connection to the Earth this month and experience the deep pleasure of slowing down enough to be in communion with her.  I once received clear guidance that I was to spend time every day outside without any agenda… not exercise, or any form of doing except enjoying her.

I was also instructed to learn from snake and lie on her her body belly to belly to restore my energy centers.  The third instruction was to spend as much time outside as I spent on my computer.  I did not often succeed at that!! But it was–and is–something to aim for and keeps me more aware of that ratio of time, and how much I am inside vs. outside.

Inspired, Pleasurable Action to Strengthen Our Bodies

Guided by the Taurus New Moon and ignited by Venus moving into Aries tomorrow, this month is a powerful time to tune into what makes our body feel strong, good, nourished, awake and receptive to pleasure–and to do those things.

Venus in Aries invites us to ignite our inner Wild Woman, our Badass Warrior Goddess (within both men and women!) and to take bold action to build core strength (physical and otherwise) so we can be capable of meeting opportunities and challenges between us and our goals and dreams in the most empowered manner.

Start by focusing on what you can do MORE of that feels good–for example what foods do you love that nourish your body, what kinds of movement bring you deep joy and delight, and dedicate yourself to taking the time for self care to do these things.

Let this be the foundation to support you as you make the tougher changes–meeting and transforming addictive patterns, or rising the occasion of building a habit that requires focused intention and commitment.

Aries Goddesses Rising Up!

These brilliant Goddesses and I facilitated an incredible journey April 1-8 seeding this new Venus in Aries Cycle in Nosara, Costa Rica in a circle of 16 powerful women invoking the Fierce Feminine. I was so thrilled to share the Venus Mysteries in this circle, and within such a powerful initiatory window of time, in such a magical corner of the planet with this incredible circle of Goddesses.

I’m still blown away beyond words by the powerful healing we did over the course of the week as we met our Ancient and Future Goddesses, explored our persona path of initiation through the Inanna Descent Story, and met and transformed the Inner Wound and Gift in the Inanna Labyrinth Initiation. Aries Arise Venus Circle Gathering and New Insights on the Rise of the Warrior Wild Woman

Soon after returning Cayelin and I facilitated our first class for our Aries Arise Teleclass Series and were so energized by the momentum building in the circle already with so many women diving more deeply than ever before into this powerful initiation for personal and planetary transformation.

Part of our inquiry over the course of the next 18-months of the cycle is to ask:What is Out of Balance Within and Without and How Can I Take Inspired Action to Come Back into Balance?

I invite you to enroll with us–we are just getting started and it is the perfect time to join!

Restoring the Balance Between Feminine and Masculine

A clear message has been coming through that the Earth and Feminine Womb are filled with power and are a limitless source of healing.  When we connect regularly with the earth through prayer, gratitude and deep presence we become resilient and open to live in more flow of miracles and magic.

Another leading insight I’ve been exploring is the idea that it’s time to look clearly at the ways the Feminine–in all of us–has been at the effect of the Masculine and to shift the balance so that the Masculine is in service to the Feminine, and thus the Whole.

I think Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s research on the right and left hemispheres of the brain speak to the imbalance we currently see in the world around us.

In this interview where he explores the theme of his new book “The Master and His Emissary,” he speaks to the right hemisphere as the aspect that understands the big picture, and the relationship between things, and the left brain as the part that dissects, takes things apart, locates information, becomes hyper focused, etc.

The left brain is very smart in its way–but because it can only see part of the picture, it does not know what it doesn’t know, and in a sense can have an enlarged and distorted view of itself–believing it SHOULD be in charge.

So if the left hemisphere is in charge, as it is in western culture, trouble ensues.  In Dr. McGilchrist’s view the correct relationship between the two is that the right hemisphere is the guiding force, with the left brain serving it’s larger comprehensive purposes, in service to the whole organism.

So we might ask–do I value and actively cultivate my “larger awareness” the part of me that is deeply attuned to and connected with the whole?  Do I value the information I access, for example through dreams, intuition, slowing down enough to listen to the body?

Do I allow the wisdom and insight gained through this awareness to direct my more focused left brain intelligence, rather than the other way around?

As I consider these questions for myself I feel a sense of relief, of homecoming, an awareness that the balance is already beginning to shift inside of me.  I have a feeling of awakening to greater self love and appreciation, as I begin to cherish the feminine/right brain sensibility within me more, and understand it’s proper role as leading guide in my life at an even deeper level.

We are Here to See Each Other Through: The Power of Active Dreaming

Years ago I noticed a sign on my acupuncturists door that read: “we are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through.”  For some reason it always stayed with me.  It is a guiding principle for me, and I see my role as an Active Dreaming Ambassador as one where I’m asked to allow my deeper intelligence to come through in service to healing others in often surprising ways.

On my recent travels to Costa Rica, I ended up on the same flight as my seatmate from my flight two weeks earlier.  He was a gentleman in his mid 60’s who had grown up very poor in the south, overcoming tremendous odds to become a very powerful, well connected and resourced lobbyists for both good and bad actors and whose work–some of which he couldn’t tell me about–took him regularly to China and the Soviet Union.

We had a lively discussion over drinks about politics and U.S. culture, and He Who Shall Not Be Named, and Standing Rock.  It felt clear to me that despite his very much enjoying the power and prestige and wealth his work afforded him, that it had created in him a kind of cynicism and world-weariness.

On the flight back I felt compelled sit next to him once again and noticed his energy seemed very low, he seemed to be struggling.  He confided in me that he has a mysterious illness that made it nearly impossible to sleep or even eat.  He also experienced frequent “night terrors” that deepened his debilitating insomnia, and were so severe he would wake up literally punching the walls.

I asked if he could remember any positive dreams.  He searched for a moment and suddenly lit up–“yes! he exclaimed, I have had a recurrent dream where I am floating up in the sky n a mattress, and I can control it–I can go down and visit with people or I can soar up into the sky at will.  It’s an extraordinarily good feeling!” It was obvious he could FEEL this dream with all his senses.

He titled it for me:  Escape From the Real World.”  Over the course of our conversation he said, “this is so strange, why are we talking about this? I can’t believe it.”

I shared the concept of Dream Re-entry with him and asked if he’d like to try it. Now he was excited, as an idea dawned on him.  He said–“maybe I can go back to that place where I can’t sleep and it will help me fall asleep!”

He hit a block the first time and I was struck by a strange impulse.  The whole encounter felt very surreal and guided.  I said, look, this is a bit strange for me too but I feel like I am supposed to hold your hand.  There’s nothing weird about this, but it feels like part of what you need is connection.

He didn’t hesitate, he held my hand and tried again.

As he was in the dream re-entry, I closed my eyes and saw him surrounded by his ancestors, including his beloved Grandmother who, he had told me, had raised him. I felt their love move through my hand and into his hand.

This time he succeeded in visiting the dream again and spent a bit of time there before his rational mind jumped in and shut down the process. He felt some hopefulness that he could practice again and perhaps it could ease some of his symptoms.

Before we parted I told him what had come into my mind repeatedly from the beginning but I wanted to broach it gently.  I said, “if I was the one having these night terrors I might think a part of me was fighting another part of me, and there is something I need to reconcile in myself and in my life.  He thanked me and promised to stay in touch.

I don’t know what the long term impact of our conversation will be on him but I did feel as if I was assigned to be a “dream angel” for him on that flight.  I looked up the condition he described and it can point to potentially life-threatening health issues.  I was very grateful to have the tools and awareness to reach out in this small way and share what I have learned through the art of Active Dreaming, and the underlying premise that we are here to support one another through  the healing power of our dreams.

I am deepening more and more into my Active Dreaming Practice, and provide one on one consultations in person, through skype or phone, helping clients address core issues through dreams and daytime synchronicities, informed by astrological cycles and the birth chart.

Learn more and schedule a reading with me if you’d like to work with me in this way!

Also, Robert Moss will be soon offering an exciting new online course (I just finished my first online course with him–it was very powerful!) The theme of this course is: Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition, and you can learn more and sign up HERE! Full Disclosure–I am an Affiliate so a third of all proceeds goes to me.  And I highly highly recommend Robert’s work to anyone and everyone!

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