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Taurus Full Moon: the Power of Pleasure November 6-22

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I am sure you have seen the Taurus Full Moon, at its brightest tonight, as it was exactly full at 3:23 PST today, Thursday, November 6. Last night and tomorrow night are also extremely bright, as this marks the 3-day Full Moon window most potent for ceremony.

We’ve been all been on such a path of powerful transformation over the past two months, the Taurus Full Moon window is a time to take a deep breath, slow down, and truly “smell the roses.” Many of us have been extremely busy-hopefully doing what we love! Our bodies need rest, our energy systems are demanding integration.

It’s also been an energetically intense last week with continued massive solar flare activations, the 4th consecutive Moon occultation to Uranus earlier this week, and all of the heavy energy around elections in the U.S., with so much money and shadow surrounding all the proceedings, triggering hopelessness and disillusionment for many.

Taurus Full Moon window invites us–Hallelujah!–to take some time out for nourishing pleasure–whatever that might look like for each of us. It’s a time to drop deep into receiving the abundance that surrounds us, for reveling in all that is right in our lives and relationships. In any case, the key is to SLOW DOWN. Be exactly where you are.

You don’t need to be anywhere else. You don’t need to be ANYONE else. You don’t need a different life. It’s okay to be feeling what you’re feeling. If you’ve been doing your deeper work, facing your shadow, your fears-all that we have been invited to focus on in the past 2 months since Venus entered the Underworld-it may come very easily for you to open into pleasure and gratitude.

For the Taurus Full Moon is a natural time for us to experience and express radical gratitude-if we are in balance. Yet in the bigger picture, any Full Moon is a time to seek out where we are in balance or out of balance. For some of us, the process of slowing down might first create the space to feel some of the pain or discomfort that has been pushed aside in our busy, busy days.

If, as I experienced in this past week, you have been too busy to feel your darker feelings, slowing down might force you to confront them, like it or not. I assure you-this too shall pass!!! I have dedicated the past few days to slowing down and allowing in WHATEVER experience–frustration, anger, grief, sorrow, an experience of “it’s not fair!”–and not trying to make it all better, not trying to pretty it up, as I, and many others–especially those of us who see ourselves as spiritual, tend to do.

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