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Taurus Full Moon: Can Simple Pleasure Save Our World?

The Taurus Full Moon is exact tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 9:16 am MST, so tonight (Saturday) it will be at its brightest in the evening sky.   Tomorrow morning before sunrise it will be at its fullest, setting in the west as the Sun is rising in the east. If you wake early to see it, look for Comet ISON near the horizon in the east as well–very close to where the Sun will rise and it has become visible to the naked eye.

So this past couple of months through the next few weeks, we’ve been invited by Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, (repeatedly transited by messenger Mercury) to explore where our desires lie, what turns us on, what lights us up, what really gets our engines revving. In an open, broad daylight, daily kind of way-not the furtive, secretive, back alley kind of realm Scorpio is often relegated to.

Now with the Taurus Full Moon, we’re invited to take the question deeper, asking-what feels DELICIOUS to me?

What aspects of life do I savor so much I’d love to go more and more deeply into them, devoting my time because it  feels good?

Last Wednesday night, I attended Sophia Rose, of Abeja’s Herb’s workshop on Aphrodisiacs. I happen to know that Sophia’s Moon is in Taurus, and am always amazed by how beautifully she exudes an “eternal springtime” kind of Taurean sensuality, openness, and beauty-really authentic, inside and out.

Over the next 1 ½ hours, after a brief but potent heart-opening exercise, Sophia and her assistant plied us with tantalizing elixirs, infusions, and stories. I was drawn to the workshop because I’d recently encountered a guide in my meditations who called herself Damiana–and through I might find her at the workshop.  I did, and I loved her!

Cocao elixirs with coconut milk, honey, vanilla, and sea salt, Damiana infused wine, Maca, Marshmallow, Rose essential oils and many others… the combined effect made us all feel warm, open, slowed down, and centered in our bodies and hearts.  We left that little circle feeling like the world was blessed, and we were lucky to be part of it.

This reflected the joy I’ve felt recently, contemplating the many DIY gifts I can make this year for my far-flung family. We have honey in comb from the bees in our topbar hives.  I am going to make oregano infused oregano oil with the abundant oregano still thriving on our patio.

Tom and I have been making tinctures and tea from the leaves and roots of a local super-herb that can kick pretty much any bug if you catch it early. I’ve been planning a trip to the Jemez Mountains to harvest dandelion roots for tea that nourishes the body at every level.

Perhaps the experience of true abundance from what grows plentifully around us, and what we can easily grow and generate on our own and collectively is at the root of what can save us as a modern culture–if anything can.

If we got ourselves into our current mess via rampant consumerism, is it possible that modern consumer culture’s hedonist bent can be used for good and not evil?

It’s a long shot, I know. Yet when I consider the growth of farmers markets, DIY fermented foods, raw, etc. I think reclaiming our relationship with earthy, simple pleasure is a revolution that’s stirring right now.

If you don’t believe me, read this gorgeous story  about how a shared love of home brew brought an entire neighborhood together, creating a miraculous sense of community connection and ultimately, a resilient culture.

As we approach 2014, we can look around and see very clearly that we’re in an enormous mess. I find myself getting discouraged, and feeling bleak, when I try to concoct linear strategies with my  puny mind in how in this world we can pull ourselves from the brink of climate change, impending nuclear fallout from Fukoshima and a multitude of other growing, peaking crises.

I believe voicing a strong and hearty NO MORE is part of our collective solution–to GMO’s, fracking, corporate personhood, etc.,

Yet more and more I believe we will and ARE transforming our lives, our relationships, our neighborhoods, via joy, creativity, reconnection with the Earth, reconnection with our hearts, and what brings us deep down, lasting pleasure. As we learn to look clearly at where we are at and choose our battles, the way we forge ahead is by following our inner thread of what brings energy, aliveness, and gratitude for a life well lived.

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