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Super Triple Scorpio New Moon

Dear Friends,

I write within the hour after the New Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio, exact today at about 3:00 pm MST. This was a total Solar Eclipse which could be seen by those living in northeastern Australia and the extreme tip of South America.

For those of us living outside of those areas, we still feel the impact big and wide, because at the moment of the New Moon, the Moon just hours away from exact perigee–it’s closest approach to the Earth.

The effects of the eclipse can be felt through tomorrow, with the peak of intensity continuing through this evening and tomorrow morning, with the perigee at 6:00 am.

Combine this “Triple” New Moon with the impact of Mercury Retrograde square Neptune at about 5:00 pm this evening and you get the maximum right brain, intuitive, deep and encompassing “feeling” experience.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by emotions today and tomorrow, to lose perspective and go into a downward spiral. If you are feeling blue, or off key, or anxious, know that once again, our bodies are absorbing an enormous amount of new energy and information right now.

It is perfectly natural to have emotional swings, as you integrate the deep level of shifting and changes occurring within your body, and the body of our Earth.

Trying to run fast and hard from our fears, our pain, and our inner demons at this time is sure to magnify them. There is a space of fertile potential that lives between Sagittarius and Scorpio-the realm Mercury Retrograde is traversing in its current cycle, and the one that is activated over the next 24 hours.

It is the space of absolute surrender to the Earth’s gravitational pull on our souls, the embrace of those things we “cannot change” as agents of our transformation–all in vibrational alignment with the excitement that emerges when we’ve descended as far as we can go and bounced back up with a sense of buoyancy, freedom, passion, and lightheartedness.

Scorpio/Sagittarius Mercury Retrograde is pushing us to a deeper, more penetrating level of honesty, first within ourselves, then expressed outwardly. The little white lies and half-truths we tell ourselves to help us get by have begun to feel hollow and deadening to us, unbearably so.

Those areas of our lives that are in need of refreshing, cleansing, death and rebirth, are speaking to us loudly now. We simply cannot drown them out with our usual tactics of suppression, diversion, or denial.

I’ve noticed that many people with Scorpio prominent in their charts, especially those who have been really exploring and embracing their life force, passion, and intensity; are feeling very free, excited, and energized at this time.

What they know intuitively-and we are all in the process of learning through the maximum Scorpio energies today and tomorrow-is that the fears and shadow material we face today lead to our liberation, animation, and ecstatic openings tomorrow.

Night Sky Magic

Special note: the Leonid Meteor showers are peaking Friday night/Saturday morning. Look to the East after midnight, enjoy!

If you would like support working with the intensive energies this week and beyond, know that I would love to provide a reading for you. May these words and the support of your own guides and angels bless you on your journey.

Much love, many blessings,


In today’s full report I share more vital information on this Super New Moon, and best ways to magnify its positive potential in your life. I also share information about a very rare Mars alignment and its impact on our world.

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