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Super Scorpio New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse

The Partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse/Super New Moon occurs this afternoon (Thursday, October 23) and is visible in eastern Asia and throughout North America with the exception of Hawaii and parts of New England. It “closes” the eclipse window opened during on October 8 with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries.

Here in Albuquerque, the approximate time where the eclipse begins is 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, with the maximum eclipse approximately 4:30 pm. There are a million sites, like this one, where you can find out the time and details, or watch a live broadcast if it is not visible from your area.

A Solar Eclipse can be viewed as a “Super New Moon” amplifying the dynamic of the New Moon and energizing our New Moon Intentions with greater potency. So from today through Saturday, when the tiny crescent Moon appears, is a highly empowered time for “seed planting” of our thoughts, intentions, goals, for the coming month.

The eclipse occurs at 0 Scorpio, and we have the Sun and Moon lined up VERY close to Venus, which moved into Scorpio less than an hour before the eclipse! Mercury is still retrograde but preparing to station direct October 25. It is within 3 degrees of the North Node in Libra at the time of the eclipse. Also at this moment Mars, the Sacred Masculine principle, enters Galactic Center at 28 Sagittarius!

We have a rare opportunity to recover and seed anew the healthy essence of Scorpio into our lives, and culture. Scorpio has the greatest access to life force energy, passion, and aliveness. It is also the sign that has been the most suppressed and maligned over the past 5000 plus years.

Think witch-burnings, the Inquisition, suppression of indigenous spiritual traditions, the complete loss of sacred sexuality rites, traditions, and understanding in our modern cultural or dominant religions. Consider modern humanity’s great fear of death, and the loss of mystery teachings around what happens after. All these are realms where the loss of the full Scorpio expression has cost us and our modern human culture.

On this Super New Moon Scorpio’s emergence is informed deeply by the Venus/the Sacred Feminine, which happens to be in a larger process of cultural transformation and regeneration via its current Capricorn Synodic Cycle. Among other things this means we are held at this time in the support of the Circle of the Grandmothers.

The Sacred Masculine is in the sign of Sagittarius which among other things carries the collective Story or paradigm of what is spiritually True. It has now entered the region of the sky globally recognized as an “exit point.”

The Masculine happens to be in a larger Libra Synodic cycle. Its movement into Galactic Center is activating release of old accumulated religious paradigms, most specifically those that diminish the relational fabric of life—in other words the elements that promote wounding and separation between masculine/feminine, humanity/Earth, Spirit and Matter.

This occurs in a harmonious aspect to our Collective Mind, which is also tuned deeply, via the retrograde dynamic, into the relational aspect of life (Libra). We can now begin to consciously dream into the New Story in alignment with humanity’s original intent, which includes restoring Right Relationship—internally, with our loved ones and neighbors, within the Global Human family, and in fact with All Our Relations.

Finally, as we consider that today’s eclipse sets the tone for the month to come (and is excavating and activating powerful forces we can continue to work with for years into the future) I love looking at the physical shape of the Partial Solar Eclipse as a Yin Yang Symbol, bringing into magical and right balance the polarities between night and day, feminine and masculine, death and birth, spirit and matter.

With Scorpio and the Underworld mysteries currently at play with Venus in an Underworld cycle and the “thinning of the veils” during this season in the northern hemisphere, we are reminded again that life itself demands balance.

When we strive to live from one dimension only—life with no honoring of death, light with no acknowledgement of shadow, masculine valued above the feminine, spirit favored over matter—we dull life itself, we flatten our experience, we create a zombie culture of numbness, a kind of suspended purgatory sustained through our fear of sensation and change—both of which are the fundamental building blocks of life.

So as we excavate and bring into awareness our personal and collective intentions, and prepare ourselves for the coming month, consider what it is that is out of balance, what needs to die, what needs to fall away. This is a time to call on support—from the Circle of the Grandmothers, from the Ancestors who are so close this time of year, from the Dark Goddess herself, who communicates the mysteries of the Underworld if we ask.

Where are you in the Yin Yang of a full embodied and balanced life? Are you living in the dark, afraid of the light of day, afraid to take action in support of your most passionate life, your most vibrant dreams? Are you addicted to the light, terrified to drop down into your body and heart, to slow down enough to digest the grief or discomfort, or painful nothingness that haunts your dreams?

Wherever you are out of balance, fresh new Scorpio invites you to shake it up—dramatically if need be, to do what you normally would not, to move into the opposite direction of your patterns of ease and familiarity. This coming month offers us great access to our deepest passions, aliveness, and a feeling of ecstatic, erotic connection to our lives and All of Life.

Where is your wildness? Is it activated? Are you turned on by life? If not, what will it take for you to clear the decks in order to feel the energy, erotic or inspired passion fill you—your heart, your body, your mind, your entire energy system?

Scorpio, which exists within as our inner Shaman, Wild Woman/Man or Tantrika whispers in our ears over these next two days reminding us to always check into what makes our energy rise, what ideas and actions fill us with delight. Follow this path of passion that emerges organically and always in front of you—and see what miracles emerge from the shadows!

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