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Super Scorpio Full Moon and Eclipse

We are now feeling the fullest effects of today’s Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, which was exact at about 2:00 pm MDT. We will continue to feel and work most powerfully in ceremony with this event through tomorrow night.

This partial Lunar Eclipse opens a 4-week eclipse window, which will be followed by an Annular Solar Eclipse/Taurus New Moon on May 9 and a second Lunar Eclipse/Sagittarius Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 24.

An Eclipse Window is a “time out of time” event, where it feels as though we are in a portal where time is accelerated, and all that we have been learning and bringing into consciousness comes into full view.

We get powerful downloads and transmissions, and can feel as though we have one foot in ordinary consciousness and the rest of us immersed in the more expansive multidimensional reality that exists simultaneously, alongside the “horizontal” reality we normally inhabit.

Take advantage of this time to tune into your dreams, assess and look back on what has been shifting at the deepest levels for you since the last Eclipse Window closed in November, 2012. What new insights and coherent patterns are coming through in fullness and clarity for you at this time?

There is a great deal of energy and aliveness available for us at this time, if we are willing to let go of our old attachments and fears, and step into the unknown with courage and trust.

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