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Super Pisces Full Moon with Chiron: Dreaming for Collective Healing

This is a free offering of the in-depth report I send out 1-3 times per week to my paying subscribers, as this is such a potent Full Moon Window! Purchase my full subscription here to receive these in-depth reports in the future.

Tonight (Monday September 8), 15 minutes before sunset the final of three summer “Super Full Moons” rises in the east. What we cannot see is that the Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Chiron, also in Pisces. So it is that within the 3-day Full Moon window that extends through tomorrow (Tuesday) night, we access the mysteries of Chiron as well as Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun.

This Pisces Full Moon, also known as the “Harvest Moon” as it is closest to Fall Equinox, is a fertile Dream Ground where we can gather in circle or in solitude to visit our deeper dreams, and ask for guidance from the celestial realms of angels, higher guides, and the Divine in whatever form speaks intimately to us—Christ, Mary, Mother/Father God, Creator, Source. Gratitude for the Harvest: Praise Poems and Thank you Songs

Of course as a Full Moon this is also time for celebration of all we are harvesting now from our intentions set at the Regulus Virgo New Moon. We can ask—what has been flourishing in my life? What has been growing and sprouting that I wish to nourish and support? How can we create ceremony of gratitude to truly take in, receive and honor all that is coming into form and fruition in our lives? How can we share your abundance with others in ways that nourishes our feeling of connection and contribution?

Can we write praise poems, a thank you note to the Universe for all we have received? Last week., one morning, I was drawn to drum and sing my own little made up thank you song for my body and its different parts, for my liver, my eyes, my feet, etc., and this thank you prayer of course quickly extended to the hummingbirds that have visited me, the Circle of the Grandmothers, the animal guides that have blessed me with their strength and brilliance, all the people I love who enrich my life with their being. Surrendering and Releasing Ceremony—Pisces Mastery

The next layer for the Full Moon is of course the releasing ceremony. Once we have truly dug deep and witnessed and honored and received all we have been blessed with over the past two weeks it is time to examine the areas where we are out of balance. It is never too late to change. Remember this. Often we feel as though if we haven’t released or changed something yet, we never will. This is a distortion, it is untruth. Change is available in EVERY moment.

For example part of me has believed I could not enjoy my morning without coffee, and that I could not cut regular sugar from my diet. Yet in the past month, with ease and grace, I have transitioned into a cleanse with no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, no coffee, no corn—and because I did this in a supportive container of nurturing self-care, delicious foods I can still eat and drink (green tea with honey!!), this change has felt effortless.

Pisces Full Moon Ceremony for Tonight or Tomorrow Night

The Pisces Full Moon offers super magnified energy of surrender and release as these are the areas of mastery for this sign. Tonight or tomorrow, in your meditations, your prayers, or in circle with loved ones, write 20 or more things you are grateful for over the past two weeks. Really feel it. Speak it aloud with energy and praise! Next, write 5-10 things you are ready to release or shift on separate pieces of paper. Envision and feel in your body what those are and how it feels to be attached to them. Breathe that feeling into the piece of paper with the area you wish to release, and burn it in the fire or bury it in the soil.

Now be sure that you are praying and asking for help with this. We do not accomplish this on our own. We can call on whatever guides and allies we have available to us, including God, or Christ, or Mary, or the Buddha, Divine Source, our Angels (I love to work with Michael), our animals guides (I call in all of mine, and this is my very favorite part), and the Circle of the Grandmothers, who are a collective energy drawing on the heart and wisdom of the mothers and grandmothers of the past and future who are dedicated to healing human culture so that it is in balance with the living Earth. Dreaming a New Dream Together

Now consider this—Pisces and Virgo are NOT personal signs. They both have to do with the Whole Picture, the Whole Pattern, and Unified Consciousness. They are both bigger than the personal, so when we work with them we, too, get to tap into our bigger dreams, the places where we overlap and can create powerful healing vision together.

Pisces and Virgo are both “In Service to Spirit” signs. They remind us that we are connected always to the pervasive fabric of life, that when one string is pulled all parts vibrate. Neither are “personal” signs. They both operate from wholeness, the interconnectedness of all life. So we are invited to recognize the places where we can individually and collectively get lined up with spirit, and shift our own vibration so as to contribute to healing, peace, and uplifting for all around us.

So in our personal and collective ceremonies, meditations and prayers, recognize that these two days there is a great opening of possibility for us to Dream a New Dream Together. Humanity, like each of us as individuals, CAN change, evolve, grow our collective soul and do things differently. It is in fact changing all the time!

In our gratitude and releasing lists, let us be sure to include at least one if not more areas of gratitude for the possibilities we see emerging in human culture for positive, regenerative change. Energize these things! Focus your attention on them! Also consider, as you make your list of what you want to let go of and surrender—how does you surrendering old habits and patterns have a bigger ripple effect, impacting the issues “out there” about which you feel the greatest despair or hopelessness?

Surrender your apathy, your hopelessness, your belief that “things will never change” in the human experience. Yes it is true that with the Mars Saturn Scorpio Dynamic, the Pluto Uranus square, Venus in a Capricorn descent process—it is clear above as well as below that all hell is breaking loose and our old systems and structures are breaking apart at an even more accelerated rate.

Healing Dreams for a Friend

Last night I asked for a healing dream for a friend who has dedicated her life to the Earth and weaving a web of nourishing connection among global world-changers. She is undergoing surgery today. In the early hours I received my healing dream for her–an enormous, magnificent moose, drinking from a pristine lake in the mountains.

When I awoke, there was a cricket singing loudly outside my window. I felt so positive about this, feeling strongly that she is going to come through the surgery with strength to continue her work in the world, of global scale healing of the human relationship to the Earth—a Virgo/Pisces calling if ever there was one!

My meditation was a prayer invoking all my guides, Gaia (Virgo), Chiron the Wounded Healer and the Grace Field held within Pisces to be present for my friend through her surgery. I also called in Moose, who sacrificed his life force energy, giving it all to her for this process and her healing afterward. This entire process felt so enlivening, I felt so overjoyed and humbled to be able to do it. I can imagine no better way to have spent a Pisces Full Moon with Chiron morning.

Pisces and Virgo remind us that it feels SO good to be connected to others and to use our tools and gifts in service to the Earth and to our community. When we are connected to the magic and mystery of Spirit all around us, animating every moment and every space within our being and our lives, connection and service feels effortless, filled with joy, purpose, and ecstasy. We feel privileged to participate and be a support for those around us, and to use our spiritual tools and council of helpers in service to all those around us, and for the whole Earth.

Chiron as Agent for the Deeper Collective Healing Process

Chiron causes us to slow down enough to feel the wound that will not heal, or the “sacred fracture point.” Because Chiron in Pisces and the Full Pisces Moon invoke the Collective Dream, we are now fully in the waters of Humanity’s Fracture Point. What Chiron helps us to do is to accept the situation exactly how it is, to feel it, bear witness to it, grieve it without judgment or attempts to “fix it.”

It is easy today to feel overwhelmed by the level of suffering on our planet caused by widespread warfare, instability and disease, as well as racial and economic inequalities. Because we love this Earth, we also feel the suffering of the many creatures and living ecosystems that are threatened by climate change and the continued exploitation of oil and other resources that costs the waters, soils, and life on earth greatly.

When I was working with an organization that serves gang-involved Chicano and Native youth coming from many generations of historic trauma, I was afraid the youth could never relate to me, a blond haired, blue-eyed girl from somewhere else. My mentor and employer Albino Garcia, who had “been there, done that” offered me these words of wisdom that I never forgot: “pain knows pain.”

As any Buddhist can tell you, what we humans all have in common is that we suffer. Many of us have developed strategies to keep the lid on our personal pain, as it can be perceived of as a weakness. Yet each of us has experienced pain. It is true that some individuals and groups experience greater intensity and/or consistency of painful experiences, internal or external, but that does not mean that any person’s experience of pain or suffering is to be trivialized.

This is such a powerful time for Chiron to be activated, as it is this force that helps us to look at the pain and suffering around us, and within us, and simply bear witness with an open heart, allowing ourselves to be cracked open. Pain knows pain. We are all in this together. Our lives are knit together, like it or not.

I see first the people off Gaza and their suffering, it is true. I see first the long legacy of harassment, brutality and degradation experienced by people of color, the homeless and mentally ill, at the hands of our militarized police in the U.S.

Yet the truth is that everyone involved in these conflicts is suffering. The police officers whose tools and training make them the enemies, not the heroes to the communities they are supposed to serve. The Israeli military and members of the U.S. military, who are charged with missions that serve the power elite, not the communities they are purported to serve and protect. They are experiencing tremendous suffering also—PTSD, soul loss, a feeling of profound disconnect from life, from their hearts, from healing.

So I say to myself, knowing how easy it is for me to get fired up about injustice, to take a deep breath and look more deeply. Pain knows pain. We are all in this together. I grieve the suffering we as a human family are experiencing right now. I know I am above nothing, this is my family. I want change, fundamental change, for myself, for all people, and for the Earth.

So for today I am willing to feel the grief and move through it. I am willing to release the illusion of separation and better or less than, victim or perpetrator. How can I go deeper than this? How can I be an agent for deeper healing, change and empowerment for ALL people? How can I begin to believe a new Dream, a new Collective Awakening is happening right here, right now, and I am part of that?

In these days and through the week, let us surrender the part of us that wants to fix it and make it go away. Let us gentle the harder aspects of ourselves that lives in black and white and projects that on the world around us, afraid that the complexities of life will destroy our sense of sanity and cohesion.

Let us open instead to the deeper intelligence, knowing, and healing waters offered by this Pisces Full Moon with Chiron. Let us bathe in self and other forgiveness, let us Dream Deep each night, asking for guidance and support from our dreams, and receiving visions and spiritual revelation and support us, and that open us to new visions of possibility for our lives and for the collective of which we are an integral part.

Let us allow our hearts to be broken open to what is, so that we can become deeper vessels, more beautiful and true, as we venture forth in these weeks, months years as the heart-centered, Earth-grounded, spirit-filled agents of light, love and healing change that we were born to be.

And so it is.

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