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Super Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury Direct

Dear Friends,

Today at about 4:00 pm MST, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle. For several hours before and after the direct Station it can feel like time is slowing down, productivity is STILL slow, as we experience the “time out of time” effect of the planet slowing down.

It takes a few days for life to seem to return to “normal,” and it is not until Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow that we shift fully to a more left brain, productive mode where we externalize the growth in consciousness we’ve accomplished during this cycle.

Today (Monday), as we reluctantly move back into our work, is a day for healing, with Chiron on the forefront square the Sun.

With Mercury stationing direct just an hour following the Chiron trigger, we have an opportunity to breathe into and witness those areas of our awareness, our life patterns; that we have seen ourselves as victims of in the past.

It is time to accept ourselves and our lives precisely as they are, so as to approach more profound healing from a point of accurate perception and surrender to What Is.

What can happen we see our lives and our circumstances more clearly is that we begin to open to the areas of our lives or personalities that we had believed to be broken, wrong, or irreparable. We begin to step into them to discover that they are doorways into our true soul medicine, our core gifts and essence.

Tuesday and Wednesday also feature big events in their own right, making this a week where we truly plumb the deeps, seeking our soul’s healing and restoration, so that we can meet our lives with more of our senses and animal spirit intact.

When we visit the Underworld–as we do with Mars conjunct Pluto tomorrow, and Chiron square the Sun yesterday, we come into contact with aspects of our life essence that have gone missing.

We have an opportunity to re-awaken hidden areas of passion and potential that we can bring back to the surface, helping us to reclaim our inner fire, inner purpose, and full vitality. Super Full Moon in Gemini Wednesday

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Gemini can be observed in full if you life in East Asia, Hawaii, Australia, and Alaska. It will be missed entirely by anyone living in the Eastern US, but in the midwest through the west, we can see at least part of it, about an hour before sunrise (5:14 MST).

More details on this extraordinary event in my full report.

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