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Super Full Moon & Eclipse in Sagittarius

Today the Sagittarius Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is exact at 10

:25 pm MDT, at 4 Sagittarius, closing the month-long Eclipse Window we have all been steeped in, beginning with the April 24 Scorpio Full Moon. This is a minor eclipse, meaning that the shadow cast upon the Moon by the Earth is hardly visible, though you can see it here on live stream. This eclipse is Today’s eclipse helps to magnify, focus, and release the energies initiated by the Uranus Pluto Transit on Monday. We can do ceremony with this Full Moon through the weekend, to extract the greatest benefit.

4 Sagittarius is exactly the same degree as last year’s Lunar Eclipse on June 4th, the day before the much acclaimed Venus Transit to the Sun. I remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement on June 4 and 5th last summer, as we prepared for the Venus Sun Transit and the emergence of the Solar, or empowered Divine Feminine Presence on so many levels. There is a similar kind of exhilaration and opening today as we prepare for this evening’s Super Full Moon in Sagittarius/Lunar Eclipse.

We are stepping into a greater level of energy, possibility, of divine support as we move forward in our grand plans for the remainder of 2013. We are stepping out of the cauldron of the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipse Window, and into the expansive and positive energy of Sagittarius, leaving a chapter behind and moving with faith and optimism toward the future, knowing we do not have all the answers, but certain we are supported by Spirit as we follow our inner guidance to the best of our ability-and that ability is growing.

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