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Super Charged Scorpio Full Moon

October 26, 2011

Today (Wednesday) at about 1:00 pm MST is the New Moon in Scorpio, followed by a Venus Mars square. The ceremonial window for a New Moon is 3 days, so it is beneficial to take time from now through tomorrow evening to get still and grounded and allow ourselves to regenerate from the inside out. With Scorpio involved, we can set New Moon intentions based on the ideas that cause our energy to rise, and help us feel more alive.

When Scorpio is involved it can also be good to become aware of the fears/shadow stuff that may be running our lives from the background. When we bring them into the light and into our conscious awareness, they can become allies, and no longer exert control over us. In other words, we take our own power back. Scorpio is, ultimately, all about empowerment, and this is part of how it works.

For example, I had a dream several months ago where I could see clearly the recurring dismissive, and negative thoughts a part of me held toward my mystical, magical side, as well as the work I had been doing with the Sacred Feminine. It was as though these thoughts had been behind my head where I could not see them. In my dream, they were in front of my eyes, and I was shocked to discover how powerful they were, and how effectively they were shutting me down, behind the scenes.

Once these thoughts were in full view, a balancing voice woke up in me, vigorously defending and honoring the vital work I was doing, and reminding me of how it mattered-to others as well as to me personally, enriching my life with a sense of wonder and gratitude for existence. Recently a friend has introduced me to the work of Sidra and Hal Stone, the originators of a therapeutic methodology called “Voice Dialogue.” They provide wonderful tools and insight into the exact kind of process I encountered in my dream. Venus Mars Square

Following the New Moon today, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo square each other. Their last major aspect together was in June, when they were conjunct-just before Venus moved into the Underworld, and just after Mars had emerged from the Underworld. Now Venus has newly emerged, and Mars is nearing the end of its cycle in Leo. Both planets are in “self-interest” signs, meaning that they are coming from a place of strong personal will, desire, and fully activated life force energy.

Both planets also happen to be moving through the signs that they began their individual cycles in-Venus began her Scorpio cycle November of last year, while Mars began its Leo cycle in December of 2009. So this is their first true encounter as the empowered Scorpio Sacred Feminine and empowered Leo Sacred Masculine.

A square is a dynamic aspect that can certainly feel abrupt and shocking, but can also lead to powerful breakthroughs. On a very immediate personal level, we might experience some tension or flare up of energy between ourselves and partners or close friends of the opposite gender, or even between the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. We may also feel a release of energy that frees us up, because we have new, empowered access to two dynamic aspects of ourselves.

In any sense, I think it is fair to say that this masculine/feminine encounter is one between equals. Imagine how our worlds-personal and collective-might look and feel different if men and women learned how to fully show up, and be empowered together? What if it were no longer about one needing to suppress or limit the other, in order to flourish?

To me it seems as though a very powerful, energizing creative force would be unleashed, where we learn to wake up and claim our identity as co-creators and Shamans, capable, together, of healing the Earth and human communities. Unafraid to release our attachments to limitations. Unafraid to die to our old selves. Unafraid to be connected to, and energized by the power of the Earth herself. Unafraid to create from that place.

She Who Dwells in All Things

Thursday (tomorrow) night features an extraordinary alignment between Venus, the new crescent Moon, and Mercury, visible with a low horizon, just after sunset. The Venus/Mercury conjunction is linked to the “Shekinah”–the Sacred Feminine hidden within Judeo Christian texts. Literally Shekinah is a grammatically feminine Hebrew word meaning–the dwelling or settling presence, of God.

This is the second Venus Moon conjunction (and the first that is fully visible) since Venus rose from the Underworld in late September and began her journey of reclaiming her full strength and power as the Scorpio Goddess.

This can be understood as the first gate, or chakra, where the Goddess reclaims the robe that she removed prior to her entrance into the Underworld, and her initiatory death. She is reclaiming her “skin,” which enables her to move through the world with protection and strength. I am reminded as I write this of a story Clarissa Pinkola Estes captured beautifully in Women Who Run with the Wolves called Sealskin, Soulskin.

This story is about a Selkie woman: half seal, half human. She removes her sealskin one night and is captured by a fisherman, who steals her sealskin. She comes to love her captor and has a child with him, but mourns for her sealskin, which holds her wild animal self, her animal soul.

Could it be that the Goddess is also reclaiming her wild skin, which enables her to be fully in her aliveness even as she emerges fully into the daylight of our current Middle World reality?

In any case, the Sacred Feminine is gathering her strength so she can accomplish what she is here for-to reinvigorate our modern reality with her felt presence. She is helping us re-inhabit our bodies as sacred vessels, and to reconnect with the Earth Soul. Jupiter Opposition and Mercury square Mars

On Friday, retrograde Jupiter opposes the Sun. It is at its brightest and at its closest point to the Earth this year, just slightly less so than last year, when it was at its closest/brightest within its 11 .5 year cycle. Interestingly, Jupiter is also in the self-interest sign of Taurus. It is holding the other pole of the Scorpio/Taurus Shamanic/Tantrik dynamic-where Scorpio is about activating the Kundalini rise of energy, and pursuing what it wants, Taurus is fully in its “being” energy, naturally attracting and receiving what it desires and needs.

I cannot overstate the power of the field of energy we are in the midst of here, particularly on Thursday night, or even Friday-incredible times to set our New Moon intentions by the light of the crescent Moon in the East and Jupiter in the West. Mars in Leo also assists us in embodying our full potential as Creators. What do we wish to energize in our lives and in the world? What do we still need to release?

Venus square Neptune and Saturn Conjunct Spica

On Monday, Halloween, Venus is square Neptune. The Goddess is provided with a dose of insight from the Celestial realm, where Grace lives. She (and we) receives a vision for how it is that the lost connection between Heaven and Earth can be restored.

Also today, Saturn is near conjunction with Spica, visible in the early morning sky. From this fall through next fall, Saturn remains within about 6 degrees of this royal star, with is the brightest in the Virgin Constellation. Saturn has to do with the operating manual for humanity, our rules, norms, institutions; our orientation in relation to Universal reality.

Spica has, for millennia, represented women’s mysteries. She is also connected with Gaia, the living Earth. So we can imagine this as a re-orientation of humanities’ consciousness toward Earth wisdom, yet another reminder that this Turning of the Ages has everything to do with the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine, and a profound restructuring of humanities priorities.

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