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Super Aries Full Moon Eclipse


Tonight’s Aries Full Moon & Eclipse opens a two-week Eclipse window closing with the Scorpio New Moon/Hybrid Solar Eclipse on Sunday, November 3rd. The Moon was exactly full at 5:38 pm MDT, and the peak of the eclipse was at 5:51 pm MDT. Those in the Eastern U.S., Europe, Africa, and most of Asia may have been able to see it–though it was a very minor visual event.

It is still a “Super Full Moon” which invites a complete release of all the ways we have relinquished our “right to be” our whole, empowered, impassioned selves–in exchange for the illusion of security, love, safety, or sacrifice. True giving comes from our core, from our wholeness, from our dedication to using all of ourselves in service to life.

This Eclipse peaks as Mercury is slowing down, preparing to station retrograde, and we are beginning to feel the effects already. The Eclipse Window will occur during the 3 week Mercury Retrograde cycle, so get your roots down into the Earth, get deliberate, slow, and tuned into your intuitive guidance system. Ask and keep asking–what makes me feel alive, grounded, and energized? Follow that thread…

Excerpt from Full Report

Can you feel the intensity building? This Aries Super Full Moon peaks tonight, opening a window to a “time out of time” experience which is amplified by Mars’ extremely close conjunction with Comet ISON this morning (Friday, October 19) at 11:00 am MDT, and opposition to Neptune tomorrow (Saturday) near 8:00 pm MDT. Also, we are very much feeling Mercury slowing as it approaches retrograde.

Close relationships and partnerships continue to feel the impact of this Aries (Moon) opposite Libra (Sun) dynamic, which was activated two weeks ago, October 4, when the Libra New Moon opposed Uranus in Aries.

We feel a kind of crescendo in the tension and power struggles that emerged at that time. It can feel like we’re about to blow up–either internally, or within interpersonal dynamics.

Tonight in the midst of this great energetic surge our most potent action may be to find or create “peaceful ground” a space of neutrality where we can get quiet and look deeper into our hearts to discover what we are truly wanting.

If the conflict is between us and a partner we might meditate together, spend an evening in connected silence, or take a quiet walk together. If the tension is within, a long bath, meditation, or whatever other practice soothes your spirit is in order.

I am aware that some of us might need to move toward the source of energy and conflict and invite it to break us open. That might be creating a safe container within which to rage, cry, scream, pound on pillows, or take a long hard run.

And though sex can be used by couples as a panacea to avoid the pain beneath; it is possible that the alchemy of tonight could be abetted by channeling the energy of conflict into sexual connection that opens the whole heart and body.

May we each use the energy and even the conflict within and without as a catalyst to break us open into greater aliveness, a greater sense of inner peace and wholeness, and a claiming of ALL our energy, as it is freed from its fixation on either exacerbating or suppressing inner and outer chaos and disharmony.

Neptune’s opposition to Mars tomorrow helps us to release, to dissolve the tension and edges of our inner fracture points, opening and softening us even further. Can we look anew at the areas in our lives, our inner being, our relationships–that have been locked in conflict?

Can we hold them in love, in compassion, can we surrender our attachment to specific outcomes, and give it away for the highest good for us and all involved?

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