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Summer Solstice and Venus & Mercury TONIGHT

Summer Solstice

Tonight at 11:04 pm MDT the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, marking the exact Summer Solstice Point in the northern hemisphere.

Sunrise tomorrow is the most precise moment to greet the Solstice Sun in ceremony.  However, because the Sun moves so slowly at this time (literally solstice means–sun stands still), the whole weekend is a potent ceremonial window to celebrate the solstice.

 For me, as I wrote in my most recent Gemini New Moon report, the Summer Solstice, through the completion of June, is a very powerful time to review our year so far, to see how we might best feed, water, and weed our cherished creations, and set our intentions for the next six months to come.

Venus, Mercury and the Divine Mother

Also tonight, Venus and Mercury are conjunct in the sign of Cancer just after sunset, at 8:57 pm MDT.  You’ll want binoculars, as Mercury is hard to see. The Venus/Mercury conjunction, which in ancient Hebrew understanding signified the presence of the “Shekinah”–the feminine presence of God.

This follows yesterday evening’s occultation of Spica by the Moon.  Spica, the brightest star in the Virgin Constellation, has deep ties across time and cultures to women’s mysteries and the Divine Feminine.

So it is that we are provided with a deep and profound transmission of love, nurturance, and support from the Holy Feminine–most especially the Divine Mother, tonight and through the days to come.  Many of us have been feeling her presence profoundly since Venus moved into the sign of Cancer on June 2nd.

Full Capricorn Moon–Brightest Full Moon of the Year Saturday Night

I’ll be sending a complete Capricorn Full Moon Report this coming Sunday, June 23rd.  The Full Moon is exact early Sunday morning.  However, the BEST time to see the Full Moon, which happens to be the brightest of the year, is this Saturday night, rising immediately after sunset.



I am now offering an hour long, monthly audio report with special details you will not find in my written reports for $15 for paying subscribers and $25 for non-subscribers.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing the monthly readings. I’ve listened to June twice and each time I hear something that reverberates a deep chord in my soul. I feel more sure that we are definitely not alone and more capable and confident to work with the natural cycles to tune in more intimately to the magic that life whispers to us in every moment. Thank you so much! I am receiving so much from your well spoken perspective of the movement of the stars.

–Kate Short-Lindsay

Sign up for a subscription or the audio file now–and send me an email to let me know if you’d like to be provided a link to download the audio file. Thank you!

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