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Summer Solstice and Lunar Nodal Alchemy

We enter the Summer Solstice season now, exact this Friday, with the thinning of the veils effect heightened as Neptune stations retrograde amplified by its square to Jupiter. This is a time for ceremony, whether simple or profound, to gather and amplify loving intent and Earth Sky magic, and to step into a larger field beyond our personal lives and ordinary reality.

By tonight the waning Full Moon in Capricorn will activate the Nodal Axis, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury meets Mars today with both planets out of bounds. We interrupt our routines and choose wildly original thoughts and actions. By tomorrow, both oppose Pluto. When we are aligned in mind, heart, body and spirit, we access great life force to catapult forward now.

Where we live from the ancestral wound, hiding out and pretending to be smaller than we are, we experience an internal implosion of energy, blowing up our state of complacency. Akin to Uranian energies, this can feel like shock waves rippling through us.

We’re being pushed by our loving souls out of comfort zones we’ve grown out of. Gestation is complete and our souls are impatient to be born anew.

Birth is messy and painful but staying in the womb is not an option. Remember that life is moving through us and for us, and it takes a lot of energy to live against the wishes of our soul. If our masks are being blown off right now we are right on track! Relief and a renewal of energy follows pain when we break free from our denial pattern.

Practices like Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, Qui Qong are very beneficial now. Engaging the whole body-feeling-mind now will open you to the greater work of clarifying your beliefs and thought patterns to guide your most fluent path forward.

Through the intensity inside outside we continue to nourish ourselves. Sometimes this means practicing deepest compassion and soothing of the raging wound inside until, like a weary child, it subsides and grants peace.

Sometimes this nourishment comes in the form of loving but painful truth-telling, being willing to liberate ourselves by facing the patterns of self harm or delusion we have been living under. This is Pluto’s territory and we are feeling that Kali Ma Love now.

The shallows cannot contain us any longer, we are meant for the depths and heights of life, steadied by our willingness to return again and again to the surface of the present moment and the joy of right action.

Summer Solstice Special Reading Rates

I know how essential it is to have an accurate, loving and empowering mirror when I am in the midst of big soul-birthing. I would love to support you in this now.

I am offering a special Summer Solstice special for 2 hour, 90 minute or 1 hour readings available through the Summer Solstice now, enroll HERE if you feel called!

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