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Spring Initiation: Meeting Death, Renewing Life

Tami Purple Hear
spring crocus

I see and feel spring aliveness at this moment as flocks of robins descend in the Ponderosa Pines and Junipers and a strange, humid breeze stirs the other birds into song.

Altar in the Woods

crystal altar

Spring Equinox Ceremony

For this past year, the land has been healing me, and Tom, strengthening us both for this next step.  I traveled a lot, but when I was home we rarely had visitors, outside of the squirrels, deer, turkeys, coyotes and other animal and bird neighbors.

In retrospect, Tom and I both needed to retreat over this period, and be steeped in the stillness of this mountain land.  I often felt resistance, thinking we “should” have more gatherings, but it just felt like a big push. The Spring Equinox ceremony felt all the richer because both of my beloved communities–human and “more than human” came together and I felt at last that I had completion.

Vulture Comes Calling: Death and Rebirth


The vulture’s appearance was a reminder to me that death is near, that my old life is dying. I felt blessed, though also deeply shaken, because I had known this already, but vulture showed me in a new way, a way I felt in my body–and could smell with the scent of the rotting squirrel the vulture had been feasting on.

Celebrating My Sweetheart of Ten Years

tami and tom2

I’ve seen his two little boys grow up, one now entering high school, the other college. Tom saw me through the death of my father, and played such a vital part in my Dad’s healing in his last moments–something I will always cherish.

I can’t imagine a partner who could have been more supportive of my work and growth as an astrologer, dreamer, and pioneer. My ascendant is in Aries and Tom’s is in Libra, exactly opposite–a beautiful balance, and through struggles and times of greater ease, we’ve both made our partnership a priority for nourishing, and it has, in turn, nourished many of our dreams.

Tom and Tami

Some days we question our decision to choose this time of sacred separation. Some days I am steeped in grief, and he is in a place of anticipation for the change. Other days I am thrilled for new possibilities, and he is in grief. We are stepping into the unknown, trusting we will find our way. Some days we feel hopeful that we will come back together stronger. Some days we can’t see how we can reconcile our different desires.

I ask for your prayers for both of us, that we be guided on our paths to the outcome best suited to our spirits, souls, and joyful living. Thank you so very much. Forging into the Unknown

Tami and Moon

In May and June I will be in Missouri with my extended family, then in Tucson working on a book with Cayelin Castell. From July forward, I have many options I am considering, and dreaming into. One is that I take a month to travel cross country, offering workshops and readings live from St. Louis to Seattle, to LA. If you would like me to come to your area, drop me a line to let me know!  Sending so much love, gratitude and light to all of us–that we may all bravely step into the unknown, centered in our hearts, guided to True North.

Help Me Grow My Wings!

From April through September and perhaps beyond, I will be in nomad mode, offering workshops from Costa Rica to Kansas City, to Seattle–and who knows where else! If you’d like to help me “grow my wings” during this exciting period of travel and expansion you can do so in several ways: Good Old Fashioned Donation THANK YOU!!!

Bring me to your community I am offering Intensive Active Dreaming and Shamanic Astrology Workshops and one-on-one sessions. Contact me at to learn more and set it up.

Join Robert Moss’s Latest Class Sign Up HERE for Robert Moss’s Latest Webinar Series: Quantum Dreaming and the Secrets of Time Travel. (I am, it’s going to be AMAZING!!) I am an affiliate so a good portion goes to support my travels.

Join Me In Costa Rica JOIN ME in Costa Rica for Rochelle Schiek’s incredible Qoya Co-Ed Embodiment Retreat April 16 to 23. I am also an affiliate of this course, so a portion also goes for my travels.

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