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South Node Conjunct Pluto: Clearing the Karmic Pattern

The Moon transited Chiron last night after moving from Pisces into Aries, preparing for its conjunction with the Sun tomorrow at the exact Aries New Moon at 15 Aries 17 at 1:50 am Pacific Friday, April 5.

Today at 11:30 am Pacific, Pluto and the (True) South Node meet for the first time since December 31, 1776. This conjunction is a major feature of 2019 as they’ve been within 5 degrees of one another since early February and will remain within 5 degrees until mid September.

We have been feeling the full weight of the ancestral wound and collective Karma because it is time to let it die a good death and compost in a good way.

It is time to ask yourself honestly… what must I die to in my life right now? Where have i been living in distortion and denial? Where have I carrying the burden of the past so dutifully that I have lost my way and my own personal direction of truth?

Have you been waking in the middle of the night unable to sleep? Have you been feeling a profound heaviness and lethargy that’s difficult to pin down?

Did you begin to feel that lifting this morning?

The Moon was moving through Pisces and conjunct Chiron as it moved into the Dark Phase, so that combined with South Node Pluto Capricorn adds up to some heavy duty death energies. With the movement of the Moon into Aries we begin to feel some light emerging.

Tomorrow’s Aries New Moon will bring more of that brightening and lightening and support for decisive movement forward.

I loved seeing this stunning sculpture, “Karma,” at the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park, New Orleans. It is a descending line of humans, growing in size and holding the eyes of the next human shut, creating the form of a human spine.

Look at the final figure and ask yourself:

What happens next?

Make this a personal question.

Do you choose to feel the weight of ancestral wounding and collective unconsciousness and remove the hands that blind you?

This is not a passive act. It is an act of will, perhaps fueled by the fire of Aries, to see clearly, to wake up, to remember.

This requires going against the grain and your cultural programming. It requires courage and decisiveness. Part of this is asking–what are you willing to release and die to in your life today?

Are you ready to be conscious, to be awake?

Your Move. Now.

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