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Solstice Capricorn New Moon & Uranus: Say Yes to Light and Life

Winter Solstice, Capricorn New Moon & Uranus Station: Say Yes to Light and Life

With the Solstice Capricorn New Moon at Galactic Center EXACT today (Sunday, December 21) but felt through the week, we are emerging from the Life/Death portal of the Darkest Night, and beginning to sense the Return of the Light.

And do we ever need it.

The Solstice was exact today at 3:11 pm PST and it is truly a mega-event, with Uranus stationing direct just 18 minutes prior, and the Capricorn New Moon exact just 2 ½ hours later. Venus and soon Mercury are both re-activating last Monday’s Pluto Uranus Square, so there’s still great depth and transformation in the works, but we are coming to the up side.

The amplified presence of Uranus, which we feel through the week, helps us connect to detached, witness perspective on dramas unfolding around and within us, an opportunity to cultivate stillness and visionary oversight. When we become overly immersed in the heaviness of the soul, it is helpful to rise to the level of the spirit, where Uranus resides, and see that all is well, from this higher perspective.

All is as it should be.

Uranus also opens the possibility for events of extreme novelty and surprise to occur, events beyond our control, to which we must surrender. We can trust that when and if we experience these kinds of happenings the intent is to produce change and movement to support us in aligning with the purpose of our higher selves, our greater spiritual and soulful awareness.

As if that weren’t enough, tomorrow (Monday) night Venus and the tiny crescent Moon come together just after sunset signifying a month of reclaiming our power at the Root Chakra, or the moment in the Venus/Inanna saga where the Goddess reclaims her robes on her way up and out of the Underworld.

We are moving more and more steadily into the light and gaining greater clarity and inner strength through these passages. It is very good to take time for self-care even if-no, especially if you feel pulled in a million directions to care for others. We truly cannot nourish others if our well is empty.

So whatever it takes to rejuvenate ourselves, we must do those essential things-eating nourishing food, drinking plenty of water, taking some time alone and outdoors when we can, talking to friends who love and support us, remembering to breathe-these are all simple things we can try and return to when we are out of sync.

And to be kind to ourselves when we see we continue extreme patterns, even as we gently correct course from a place of self-love, not self-punishment.

New Moon in Capricorn Ceremony

This week, in the window of the Capricorn, New Moon, Uranus Station and Venus First Chakra Moon Gate is the PERFECT time to set intentions or “plant the seeds” for the shifts and new life design we are wanting to experience in 2015. The New Moon Window extends through Tuesday night.

Take a cue from Uranus and create a container of stillness and

meditation, perhaps shamanic journeying if you are familiar with this practice within which to visualize, at first from a detached (Uranian) perspective, as if from above, the way you would like 2015 to unfold for you.

You might enter a meditation and envision the end of 2015, and imagine how your life looks different than it does today. What are you doing? Where are you spending your time? How does the flow of community and interpersonal connection look and feel? As if from the Eagle’s distant perspective see yourself in this life you are stepping into.

Invite in novelty, innovation, thinking outside the box, ask Uranus to bring into your field of awareness possibilities and imaginings that were not within your conscious perception before. Ask that your field of awareness and inquiry be expanded so you have the widest possibilities for 2015.

Once you have the bigger picture in mind, the bigger brushstrokes, tune into the Earthy Capricorn, Root Chakra, Feminine, Soul-Body level of awareness and ask that in meditations, dreams, journeys you experience in your body and all five senses how this new unfolding life and these changes look and feel at the sensory level.

How does it feel in your body to have this kind of flow, balance, authentic connection in your community life? How does it feel in your body to have cultivated habits of spiritual and physical wellness that are now a strong foundation for you? How does it feel to have invited in brightness, joy, laughter and a light spirit to buoy you through the passages of change in this year to come?

Notice the ways you go unconscious as you try and imagine and then bring into sensory awareness your Bigger Dream of 2015. Catch yourself, and try and capture any negative thoughts or hopeless stories that block the process. A part of you might need to be seen and heard that does not believe change is possible.

It can be helpful to truly listen to our negative comebacks when we try to envision change for our lives. We can then bring our analytical and imaginal skills into play to help our fearful thinking expand into possibilities rather than constricting so as not to be disappointed.

Dancing with a Death Wish and Saying Yes to Life

In talks with a sister recently we spoke of the realization that in these dark months we are all again being asked at the level of our deepest soul intent, whether we are saying YES to life through our focus and intentions, or whether we are dancing with a death wish in our daily habits of thought and self-care, or lack thereof.

My brother has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, on the two year anniversary to my Dad’s death after a long struggle with mesothelioma. This follows on the heels of a friend of 20 years in a horrific accident with his wife now battling for his life, where his complete will and energy will be needed to heal.

I dream of a Spider Woman who has caught my brother and will eat him, and I barely escape. I wake thinking of the ways I abuse my body, of the sugar addiction, the pattern of seriousness and workaholism in my family that puts me at risk. I consider the strength of will my brother will need to fight this battle, and ask would I have that strength?

I look at the part of me that feels hopeless to change certain longstanding patterns of isolation and recurring depression, and I ask, am I living as though from my deepest Yes? What does it take in times of darkness to find a clear strong yes, and live from that ground of presence and a willing heart?

I drummed up the Sun this morning and was graced by Sandhill Cranes flying low overhead, as the sky began to brighten, a flock of geese crying out as they flew above me, and three hens and a raucous rooster rambling outside my patio. When the Sun finally emerged from the horizon it sparkled and pulsed like a gem, red and orange at the center radiating rainbow rays.

I could feel the whole expanse of sky surrounding me like an embrace, Jupiter in Leo behind me, helping me come from a place of self-love, something that has felt hard to access in these past days, yet nourishing. I felt Uranus beneath my feet bringing potent stillness and electrical awakening to every dimension of my being, filling me with new awareness, blasting away my old perceptions of self.

I felt Venus in Capricorn just below the Sun with Pluto, helping all of us to transform at a level deeper than mind and will, and suddenly I feel it. I feel my “Yes.” It is here, and all it needs is my quiet attention, a few acts of courage and magic, to rekindle my belief in possibility, that the Sun has risen, and the light is returning. All is well.

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